New from the Scorpion Swords Doomsday Line: the Daywalker

The fourth sword in the Doomsday line has just been released – a fully functional replica of the sword used by ‘Blade’ (Wesley Snipes) in his Daywalker franchise, with an amended design by Jason Woodard.

Here are a few pictures that Jason took of the sword with a suitable ‘Doomsday’ background..

Like all Scorpion Swords, the blade is cut to shape from a sheet of 1095 carbon steel.

It is then ground to shape, heat treated and holes cut out for the multitude of minor pins that give it such a good overall durability rating.

The end result?

One extremely durable, hand made in the US version of the Daywalker. Check out Jasons’ testing results below:

Price is only $279.99 plus shipping, click the button below for all the details

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