Ronin Katana Euro Line – New Version of the Model # 008 Beowulf

As most of you will know, Ronin Katana’s European line of swords has been well received by sword collectors, HEMA groups and sword community in general. All our barely sold above cost price, truly amazing bang for your buck.

But now many of the old classics are getting an upgrade, and for $15 more you get a sword that looks considerably more attractive, handles better, and has a genuine leather handle wrap.

Here’s a look at them side by side.

Better leather grip, greatly improved distal taper
No MAJOR differences in the scabbards, but there are subtle improvements.

And some pics of the handles – the original first, which was criticized for being too long and uncomfortable and then the new improved version.

First Generation Design
More ergonomic grip with improved leather wrap

Now let’s take a look at the raw stats.

The original version had the following basic statistics:

  • Blade length: 29.92 inches
  • Handle length:4.33 inches
  • Width: 1.97 inches
  • Thickness .028 inches
  • Weight 2 pounds 9.5 oz

The new version, in addition to a genuine leather wrapped handle, has some distal taper, from 5.8mm at the base to 3mm by the time the tip is reached lightening the blade from 2lbs 9.5oz to 2lbs 8.9 oz and shortening the grip slightly so it is more in line with historical examples.

Great to see this line go from strength to strength..

SIDE NOTE and PSA: Cheap and nasty copies using what appear to be the same fittings, scabbards and blades are staring to appear online priced somewhere near the $164 price point with what look like the EXACT same fittings, blades, everything..

Problem is, they are made by a company that I will not list here by name but in the past has been caught out selling swords made in China with faked certificates and even engravings ‘made in Seki City, Japan’ and are essentially copies of the first generation of Ronin Katana Euro swords that went horribly, horribly wrong (welded tangs, soft 1045 carbon steel blades, mild steel cast fittings, really cheap ‘pleather’ etc) and were liqutated and have become the reliable, respectable sword brand that they are today.

I strongly suggest if you stumble upon these knockoff versions made by a company that clearly has NO ethics whatseover you avoid them like the plague.

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