Wooden Sword Display Plaque

Wooden Sword Display Plaque

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15.25" long by 9" wide Wall mounted stock designed primary for medieval swords with a cross guard.

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There are many ways to display a medieval sword. But if you want to add an extra touch of elegance, a wall mount is the perfect accessory. The cross guard and blade pinch together at a location of your choosing (the wood is soft, so easy to start a hole - just double and even triple check and measure before you begin) and the plaque then attached to the wall using screws. (all necessary components provided). Swords can be displayed in our out of their scabbards. If displayed outside of their scabbard, a coating of car wax or other protectorant is advised to prevent rusting. Additionally, if the blade is displayed naked, because the blade and plaque are held in place by gravity, please ensure they are not positioned in a place where children play or in a place where if they were to fall down they would cause grievous injury.

How to Use

Screw blade holders to desired location at a distance so they will safely hold the blade in position. Affix the plaque to the wall using the provided hooks or other standard plaque attachment method. If the blades are sharp, keep them well clear of children and where children may contact them by accident..
15.25" long by 9" wide Wall mounted

Materials and Construction

Lacquered Hardwood with brass mounting knobs and all other necessary mounting components
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