The "Krom Killer" Two Handed Sword

The "Krom Killer" Two Handed Sword
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During a visit to the forge in Longquan for Project X Paul Southren (SBG) and Chris Scoggin (Ronin Katana) stumbled upon the prototype of this massive 15th Century Scandinavian sword, we joked that it looked big and bad enough to kill a 'Krom' - and we knew we had to have some of these monsters made!

Hand forged from 1060 carbon steel and tempered to perfection, this sword is powerfully build and designed to leverage the full power of the extra long handle to deliver full body force blows and thrusts to defeat HEAVILY ARMORMED OPPONENTS ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

Weighing in at 6.7lbs, it is a tad heavier and more barbaric than the historical originals - this sword is pretty much as SOLID and BIG as they come (you should see the box it comes in!) - reinforced wire wrapped full tang 20" handle, PEENED for maximum durability and kitted out with all steel fittings to create the ULTIMATE BEATER!

In short, if you want a MASSIVE sword that will just keep on going (and going, and going), the Krom Killer is most definitely for you! Heed the call!!

Includes bonus leather, wood core scabbard! Due to its massive length and weight we can ONLY ship to US Addresses.



Blade 43 inches
Total 63 inches
In sheath 65 inches
Weight 6.7 pounds


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The "Krom Killer" Two Handed Sword
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The "Krom Killer" Two Handed Sword
It's BIG!
So this is the second product I receive from the SBG store (First one being a Ronin Katana) and I have to say that I am not disappointed.

I'll keep it short. This sword is MASSIVE. Forget Krom, I feel like I can take on a T-Rex and other extinct reptiles with this baby.

I have to say, the box it came in was huge, my roommate was confused as to what was really inside. As soon as I took it out he gave me a look that was both excitement and confusion. Mostly as to what I planned on doing with a sword this big. "Take over the world" is what I replied.

It looks amazing, just like the pictures. Simple, surprisingly light considering the size. Don't even feel the weight which goes to show how well balanced it is.

Love how it actually comes with a scabbard which is a huge plus. I wouldn't have bought it without one since keeping a something this big with an exposed blade was going to be too much of a hassle. It's nothing special, something simple but it does the work just fine and in my opinion it works with how the blade looks.

I haven't cut anything with it, nor do I plan to do so anytime soon. I would never recommend swinging a sword inside a house let alone this beast and is too cold right now to go outside, but from what I've seen it's very sturdy, easy to grip (Really feels great in the hands) and did I mention big?

The handle is long. Like really long. I feel that if it was anything else it would be too long but it really works with this blade.

The only issue I would have is how hard it is to unsheathe it and re-sheathe it. Definitely not used to doing so with a blade this big.

-Very well balanced (Wouldn't think of it being over 6lbs when holding on to it)
-Comes with scabbard
-Can probably kill some dinosaurs with it (Experiences may vary, try at your own risk)

-Might be too big for some people
-A little problem with unsheathing and re-sheathing the blade (but that's mostly my lack of experience)
-Might scare neighbors and friends.

Overall it's a great buy. Specially for this price, it's just a steal. Kind of a shame that they're not making any more of these. I can't wait to see what else they have planned for the future.

Featured negative reviews:

The "Krom Killer" Two Handed Sword
Great Movie Prop
I am 6'2" and yet the sword is still HUGE for me.

At $330, I don't feel that it was a completely bad purchase since it will always be a great conversation piece in my home.

I don't believe the quality is such that it could be utilized for anything other than a stage/movie "prop".

As delivered, it can barely cut hot butter. The tip needs to be re-ground so at least it has an appreciable point to it. The wire wrap on the handle is OK. It's made in China and lives up to that expectation.

It is what it is. This is a VERY large piece that is good for conversation. I don't see it useful for anything further.

If you're looking for the biggest sword on the block, this is it. If you're looking for a useful sword? Keep looking...this isn't it.