SBG Black Dragon Wakizashi

SBG Black Dragon Wakizashi

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Very rare item - only 5pcs ever to be made! Matching Wakizashi to the Black Dragon Katana.

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The original SBG Black Dragon Katana is based on a popular configuration of our original SGG custom Katana that, despite having thousands of possible component combinations, would be selected by at least 3-4 customers every time we made a custom Katana batch...

So just for the sake of experiment - we decided to have a few made as a stocked item, but they were so popular that they sold like hotcakes and - like with this small shipment - are only available for a few short weeks at a time...

You can see one of the original customer created Black Dragons listed at the top of the SBG Custom Katana Gallery - from the Gallery:

TEXT FROM GALLERY: "First up we have one of our custom Katana with a very dark theme; black rayskin, black cotton ito wrap (A5) a P2 Dragon themed tsuba and the matching C10 Dragon fittings as well as black textured saya (S11).

SBG Dragon

"You might think it's a little too dark, but the "all black" look is very unique and popular and personally I think this particular design came together extremely well".

SBG Dragon

An affordable, stylish and extremely popular design - this is a unique chance to own one of our forges famous differentially hardened blades without the wait and additional cost.

Brass Dragon themed fittings with all black cotton ito over real blackened rayskin, its a mean, lean cutting machine.


How to Use

Designed for frequent martial arts cutting practice and display.
Blade length: 22 from Muromachi/Habaki Handle length: 6" Weight: 2lbs

Materials and Construction

Differentially Hardened T10 Tool Steel Sharpened Blades with Real Hamon. Cotton wrapped ito with real black dyed rayskin. Brass fittings. Textured Black Saya.
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information