Ryujin T10 Custom Daisho Samurai Sword Set
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Ryujin T10 Custom Daisho Samurai Sword Set (2 Swords)

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IT's BAAACK! Katana, Wakizashi and Sword stand special offer - select your custom color combination and theme. Special Promotional Offer, huge discount - offer ends February 12th, 2019.


$274.99 $589.97 You Save $314.98
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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Special Promotional Offer - HUGE discount on a traditional Swords of the Samurai Blade set with Katana, Wakizashi and Double Sword Stand.


The Daisho (literally meaning 'big and small') was for many hundreds of years the badge of honor that separated and elevated the Samurai warriors from the ordinary folk of feudal Japan. On pain of death only the Samurai class were permitted to carry this distinctive set of swords - the 'longsword' (Katana) and the companion sword (Wakizashi) - and these two blades were never far from the Samurai's side.

Click here for more information on the history of the Wakizashi and the Daisho over at SBG

In this special offer from Ryujin, you can create your own custom Samuari Daisho set - assembled and shipped out to you within a week (often much faster). To get started, simply select the color scheme and theme you would like and we will take care of the rest..!

This offer is only available until midnight EST the 12th of February 2019 and while stocks last.


This is one of the most exciting developments in the sword industry for YEARS - the option to customize your own high quality, solid performing out of the box T10 tool steel differentially hardened Samurai swords with real hamon WITHOUT waiting for weeks, months or even years - at an incredibly low price and assembled and shipped from WITHIN the United States..

The concept was developed by Mr. Sam Sung, one of the co-founders of Musashi Swords and with the modular assembly system he has developed, keeping a large variety of parts in stock and YOU select what design best suits your unique style WITHOUT breaking the bank..!

Our version of this sword, developed working closely with Mr. Sung and his team, utilizes only the BEST available options to ensure you get the best looking, best performing cutting Katana possible - fully guaranteed to not only meet but EXCEED your expectations. With only the best options available, it is practically impossible to design a bad looking sword. Just pick the components that you like the look of best and let us make it real for you!

But don't make the mistake of thinking these swords are just pretty ornaments - these are serious, practical blades that are surprisingly robust yet traditionally constructed and at our special introductory price, are some of the best cutting swords available anywhere near this price point. The ability to customize them is indeed just a very special free bonus!!


1) Select if you would like both swords to have a bo-hi or solid bodied blade. A bo-hi looks more attractive and lightens the sword slightly. Solid bodied blades are a little stronger and deliver more forceful cuts.

2) Select the core tsuba design - both Wakizashi and Katana will be outfitted with this same theme. Fittings are made from solid iron, most are also inlaid with real gold leaf.

2) Select the overall color scheme. Black is the most traditional and was the prescribed 'Banzashi' Edo style. Red sets were usually for maverick Samurai, Ronin and Kabukimono (the crazy ones). Blue, green and brown tended to be used by high ranking officials, Samurai in the provinces, nobles and the Daimyo Samurai Lords. (in Japanese, green is a shade of blue, so both are considered to be 'blue'). White is rare and is the color of death and tends to suggest a suicide mission. All fittings will be decked out in the same color and theme to create a perfectly matched set.

How to Use

Suitable for frequent backyard or dojo cutting. Also great to display as functional sword art.
KATANA: 27.5" blade with 11" handle. Weight 2.3lbs (with bo-hi) or 2.5lbs (solid bodied blade). WAKIZASHI: Blade length: 17 3/4", Handle length: 7 1/2", Weight (with bo-hi): 1.8 lbs or 1.9 lbs (solid bodied blade)

Materials and Construction

Differentially hardened fully sharpened T10 Tool Steel blade with real hamon and bo-hi (fuller). Solid iron fittings. Rayon wrapped ito in your selected color over authentic rayskin. Wooden lacquered saya in color and style to match the handle fittings.
Your sword design is assembled and shipped from the Ryujin Los Angeles based workshop within 1 week. $15 flat rate USA shipping for up to 2 swords via UPS or USPS, FREE shipping if 3 or more swords ordered at the same time. International shipping via USPS, $30 to Canada and $60 to other international destinations. Click here for more shipping information

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We proudly stand behind every product we sell. However, as these swords are customized to your request, as to be expected, we cannot process refunds or cancellations as easily as we can with off the shelf if you simply change your mind or wish to try a different product. Instead, if for some reason you are not happy with the final product or process we will work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Click here for more info on our guarantees