Forge Direct Optional Extra - Premium Folded Steel Option

Forge Direct Optional Extra - Premium Folded Steel Option

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June 23, 2020 - Unable to Order due to backlog caused by Covid-19 and on temporary but indefinite hold.


Literally the best commercially available folded steel T10 blade option with Choji Midare Hamon to take your sword to a whole new level..

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can ONLY be applied to Forge Direct Japanese Swords and not sold separately

$345.00 $399.00 You Save $54.00
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When it comes to a genuinely folded high quality blade with prominent 'hada' - there aren't really all that many good ones out there. The cheap ones are either faked or done in such a way that they actually weaken the sword. And even the folded steel option for our very best Japanese Swords from Project X have a very subtle hada to concentrate and emphasize the interplay between the hamon and lamination.

But at Forge Direct, we have access to what is easily the most attractive and prominent genuine Master Smith folded steel blades (starting with two billets of T10 tool steel and folding them to create thousands of layers). While folding does not add any extra functionality to the sword, when forged by a Master Smith like these are, neither is it weakened. It becomes, quite simply, a work of art..

Expensive? Yes, it is. But it is worth every penny if you want a sword that is both 100% functional but exceptionally beautiful. Every pattern will be unique, and you can lose yourself for hours on end in the beautiful, complex patterning..

PLEASE NOTE: Only available with Choji Midare Hamon as pictured - adding this option will extend the time it takes to make the sword by several weeks.

Two billets of T10 tool steel folded multiple times with Choji Hamon pattern.