Project X – Custom Options

Our goal with creating limited custom options for each sword in the Project X series is only a guideline to create a themetically and aesthetically pleasing design. But you are not limited to the custom options for each sword – you can mix and match components and options as you like to create your own unique design if so desired.

To assist those of you who wish to go completely ‘freestyle’ here are ALL the available options for Project X Japanese, starting with the tsubas.


Model @ 001 Tsuba Selection
Model # 002 Tsuba Selection
Model # 003 Tsuba Selection


Model # 006 Sets

Click here to see a gallery with large resolution pics of the above designs


Most of the swords come with a Dragon as default Menuki, but you can swap them out with any of the others as so desired.


All the Saya in the series are double lacquered with buffalo horn accents – basically the best money can buy. There is some overlap here, but they are presented in the format they appear on the product page for each design.

Saya from Model #001
Saya from Model #002
Saya from Model # 003


We only use black or brown ito wraps as other colors are not as in demand and so the quality is not up to our standard. This is the best silk ito available, and when combined with hishigami triangles, alternating wrap and full rayskin samagawa underlay, creates the firmest and most hard wearing itomaki possible.

Both are available with white or black rayskin

Bo-hi or No-hi

A bo-hi can be selected to lighten the blade and subtly shift the balance back towards the users hand while a sword without bo-hi is somewhat stronger and delivers more forceful cuts. The bo-hi is hand carved into th eblade and terminates in the correct manner, unlike most other swords which are simply machined into place.

To apply any of these customization options to a given sword design, simply select ‘other’ in the drop down menu and describe what you want in the ‘Additional Requests’ field.

Happy Customizing!

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