FD Hudiedao Butterfly Swords (Pair - discontinued)

FD Hudiedao Butterfly Swords (Pair - discontinued)

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No Longer Available


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Made famous by Wing Chun, but also used by several other Southern Chinese styles of Gongfu such as Choy Li Fut, Hung Gar, White Crane and many others, these fast and powerful chopping shortswords are part cleaver, part knucke-duster and incredibily effective in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

The origin of these exotic swords is hard to trace, but is relatively recent, appearing in earnest in the 19th century but going back at least 100 years before. Designed to be paired together in such a way that they fit into a single sheathe and can be rapidly drawn and arm each hand, each style uses them in a different way but the basic principle is to defend with alternative hands and attack at the same time in a flurry of strikes and chops until the opponent is overwhelmed.

This particular set is of the highest quality, and features thick, hatchet like blades capable of stabbing but primarily used for chopping and cutting.

Do not be fooled by cheap and nasty imitations, these swords are the real deal. Almost never seen out of China due to the uncertain market demand and high expense of production. However, with Forge Direct, you have a rare opportunity to order one of your own with FREE worldwide shipping right here at the SBG Sword Store!

How to Use

Designed for frequent cutting practice and/or Gongfu practice. Highest Quality.
Blade length: 13.7" (35CM), Blade width: 3.1" (8CM) Handle: 5" (13CM) Weight without sheath: 2.64lbs (1.2KG)

Materials and Construction

Master Smith Hand Forged, Sharpened 1060 monotempered carbon steel blades (paired set). Brass Fittings with ornate engraving. Bonus psuedo leather sheathe.
FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping direct from the forge in Longquan, China via EMS (please allow 4-6 weeks for sword production and shipping)

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information