Custom Katana Batch 44 is closed..

Apologies for the lack of updates, I actually had to move house in the last few days and the timing is less than ideal as of course every day I miss a day of work, it piles up into a mountain of stuff to get through – and from today my goal is to chip that mountain back into a manageable molehill..

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – we just closed off on the last batch of custom swords for 2018. Normally I would have said ‘custom katana’ but this time around for some reason about 50% of our orders for this batch are actually Wakizashi Daisho sets..! Not sure why, but its interesting to note..

So yes, over the next few days I will be confirming all the customization choices and making sure that all the details are correct before we send the order through as a batch to the forge. And trying to find which bag of stuff I put my socks in (ah, the joys of moving house.. Argh)..

Update you all again soon.

– Paul

Change to the Forge Direct ‘Boar Killing Spear’

The original Forge Direct TIGER Boar Killing Spear had always been a popular and unique blade. With its versatile, unscrewable handle so it can be used in either dagger or spear configuration and stunning Master Smith forged Damascus steel blade – it was no wonder it was popular.

The Original Tiger Boar Killing Spear

So it came as a bit of a surprise that the Forge decided to change it up, but then again after seeing how it turned out, I think I like it.. The new – DRAGON spear version..

The blade is identical – here is a close up of the stunning Damascus pattern..

And here is the new engraved Dragon themed pole.

To hit the ground running, this new version is available with an 20% discount until midnight the 13th of October, bringing the price down for $750 to just $599.99 SHIPPED.

This special price is only available for the next few days, so if you like, get it at the discounted introductory price while you can.

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY – 20% off all Swords from 3 major brands

They didn’t give me much of a heads up on this one..

But this weekend is the weekend the official master distributor for Paul Chen Hanwei Swords, Dragon King AND Kingston Arms – CAS Iberia – are offering a steep discounts on their entire range of swords from these three premium sword brands to their wholesalers so they can stock up for Christmas and maximize their profits..

Normally this is a quiet event and you guys never even really know much about it. But as we ship direct, instead of stocking up, we just pass the discount to YOU, making it an ideal opportunity for those who plan ahead to get their Christmas deals secured ahead of the mad rush!

So here it is, 20% off the entire range of Hanwei’s, Dragon Kings and Kingston Arms BEST swords – but only from Friday to midnight Sunday the 7th of October, EST.




Whatever you do, don’t miss this out on this amazing chance to save.. Save even more with $15 flat rate shipping for up to two swords, and free shipping for 3 or more.

Forge Direct Closeout Specials

It is going to be a busy 24 hours for sales – starting off with a follow up sale from Forge Direct..

There are a few swords within the Forge Direct MasterSmith forged collection that for some reason, just don’t seem to generate much interest. So to determine why – we have teamed up with the forge to give these three swords one last chance by removing the price barrier and selling them for 50% of the usual price!

This is the steepest discount on these swords you will ever see – and may well be the last chance to pick them up at all..

So have a quick look at the following three swords and decide for yourself if they are worth having or not.

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