And Batch 43 of the SBG Custom Katana is closed..

It is official – batch 43 of the SBG Custom Katana just closed a few minutes ago – and new orders are locked down until at least July 2018 while we concentrate on making this most recent batch.

As usual, we have a brief grace period where we double check each order with everyone who ordered to make sure there are no errors or last minute changes before we send all the instructions to the forge. And as always, once the order details are sent to the forge – that’ it, no more changes are possible and the order is set in stone until it is made.

So for everyone who managed to beat the deadline and get an order in – please stand by, if you have not already received your confirmation email please bear with us until Monday evening as each confirmation and mock up of the sword does take a fair amount of time to process. From there, we will be in email contact with you and send you your first update – so stay tuned folks.

For everyone else, next opportunity to order is scheduled for late July when this completed batch comes in.

Talk to you all again soon.

– Paul

Coming Soon – the Forge Direct Spring Collection!

What do you get the sword collector who has everything? Something from the coming release of the Spring Collection by Forge Direct may just be what the doctor ordered..

Forge Direct already has a solid reputation for bringing to the table rare, high quality traditional Chinese sword designs almost never seen outside of China. But with the Spring Collection, not only do we offer a wide range of Jian – from the practical to the ornate – but with this release, also some very unique Fantasy Sword designs with a distinct Asian flavor.

Take for example one of my favorites from the series, BRIGHT CLAW – a Tiger and Dragon themed blade that is a real ‘East Meets West’ style design with strong fantasy elements.

Or how about the Nattbakka Vampire Sword – a sinister bat themed blade fit for, well, fit for the sophisticated undead about town..

And for those who prefer more traditional designs, it doesn’t get much better than the ‘Longevity Feathersteel Sword’ – with its amazing and rare feathersteel/windsteel blade..

I mean, just take a close up look at that amazing feathersteel patterning..

Naturally a rare design like this is one of our most exclusive and expensive blades in the selection – but we even have some budget options, such as some long daggers/short shortswords like the Red Ebony Shortsword below – available for well under $500..

It is all very exciting and I cannot wait until the official release.

But until then, I hope this sneak preview whet your appetite a little – stay tuned for the official release and introductory sale – we are just preparing all the listings and double checking the details with the forge, so not long to go before this new selection hits..

New from Scorpion Swords – the Dusk Wind’s Goad

The forth sword in our Legendary Swords fantasy swords exclusively available at SBG is the Dusk Winds Goad, a single handed, multi-faceted chopping and hacking sword similar to the blades pictured carried by infantrymen in the Maciejowski/Morgan family bible.

But in our case, this fantasy sword belongs to the mysterious and nomadic lizard people of Eletreus..

The Lizard People with their Giant Mounts

Like the Maciejowski chopper – this sword is built for ease of use, intimidation and the brutality of the battlefield, devoid of any notion of chivalry.

Unique and affordable and part of a rich backstory we are developing for the Eletreus Project – it is exclusively available to order here at the SBG Sword Store for just $274,99

Get Ready for Summer with the Summer Lotus Katana by Dragon King

Summer is just around the corner, so it is appropriate to offer an early bird special with the Summer Lotus Katana by Dragon King.

One of the 4 swords from their ‘seasonally themed’ series – this exceptionally durable blade is made from monotempered 5160 Spring Steel and features premium fittings with cotton ito wrap, buffalo horn rimmed koiguchi and the high standards everyone has come to expect from Frenchie Jin’s talented team of artisans.

Nornally selling from between $379 up to the MSRP of $499 – from now until the end of the month and while stocks last you can pick it up for a crazy $274.99 – PLUS you also get FREE SHIPPING!

So if you are in the market for a rugged, no-nonsense dojo cutter or backyard beater – well, grab a bargain with this one – at this price, nothing else even comes close to the value for money you get..

Batch 43 of the SBG Custom Katana NOW Taking Orders!

Since the last time we offered the SBG Custom Katana back in October of 2017, there were a lot of changes to the industry that threatened the continuation of the Custom Katana project as we know it.

The biggest issue was a forced shut down of almost ALL the major sword component makers due to pollution concerns – but while this release is somewhat delayed – the good news is that, at least for this current batch, it is business as usual.

Of course, how long it will remain business is usual is unknown – the forge confirmed that they have enough of all the components we have used in the past to make version 3.0 of the SBG Custom Katana – but how many more batches they will be available for, and how long we will be able to resist severe financial pressure to keep the price where it is – is anyone’s guess..

So with this batch, with future batches still somewhat uncertain – we STRONGLY recommend that if you have ever considered getting a SBG Custom Katana in its current configuration – well, NOW IS THE TIME TO LOCK IT IN!

This batch will only be available to order from for the next 2 weeks – with the batch scheduled to close off midnight EST on the 14th of April.

So don’t miss out – Order TODAY and lock in the current pricing and component options whole you still can…