Imagine you could get a high quality, well made cutting Katana that won’t cut into your wallet, but sails through standard targets like a knife through butter.

A good, traditional cutting Katana with a real hamon is normally around something like $300 to $500 or so and goes way up from there. But the thing is, in most cases a lot of the money you are paying goes into the appearance of the fittings and the extras.

And that kinda wastes money if all you want is something affordable for the backyard or dojo. Such as the Yanone Katana by Dragon King – normally priced at $400, sold at our store for $300…

With our Special Price Deal on the Dragon King Yanone Katana, you’ll get:

  • A beautifully hand crafted 65mn Spring Steel blade with real hamon, crisp lines and a clean polish. Here is where the money is focused.
  • Unique Silver colored habaki and seppa instead of boring old brass
  • Synthetic rayskin for those concerned about the use of animal products in your sword
  • Great assembly and construction, ready to cut straight out of the box
  • Detailed and ornate solid iron fittings for maximum durability
  • And just everything you need for a good cutting sword without any unnecessary ‘bling’

All for just $229.99!

… Of course, you can let this opportunity pass you buy and spend a lot more money on a sword that many not even perform half as well.

Here’s how it performs, straight out of the box by untrained backyard cutters and members of the CAS Iberia team cutting tough Mugen Dachi Tatami mats with ease:

If you’re ready to get a high quality, well made cutting Katana that won’t cut into your wallet, but sails through standard targets like a knife through butter, you’ll want to take advantage of our special now.

Because , this offer may well run out before the end of the month, when the deal will be withdrawn once and for all.

It’s too good a deal to let this one pass you by..


Sword Specials and a very Special Sword..

From today until the end of the month, whether you are a fan of Western or Eastern blades, Hanwei and Dragon King have you covered – and we pass the steep discounts directly to YOU. How Steep?

YUP, a whopping $100 discount on both swords coming from the official distributor, so as usual, we pass these massive savings on to YOU!

The first sword is truly one of their finest medieval blades to date, the Sword of Saint Maurice – a fine replica of an Oakeshott Type XI.4 with its massive 37″ blade.

While the wood core scabbard is nothing to write home about, the sword itself is in a league of its own, even the fittings are engraved to give it the most authentic style possible – the engraving reading ‘CHRISTUS VINCIT, CHRISTUS REINAT, CHRISTUS INPERAT.’ (Christ Conquers, Christ Rules, Christ Emperor).

It’s a long blade, and a lot of work goes into forging and tempering it – so the normal MSRP on this one is $500. As usual, we offer you our manufacturer direct discount bringing the price down to just $362.98 – but until the end of the month you can save $100 and pick it up for an insane $262.98!!

For those of you who prefer Katana, what could be more appropriate than the tough Summer Lotus by Dragon King.

Designed with durability in mind, this monotempered 5160 spring steel blade is anything but run of the mill in both appearance and strength. While the iron sukashi tsuba and the black ito and sageo are pretty common, it is rare to see SILVER habaki, notched seppa and a unique army green, textured saya to minimize the appearance of scratches.

MSRP on this sword is $449 – we normally sell it with a $110 discount. But until the end of the month save another $100 and you can get it for the insane price of $229.99!

But the last one, well – it’s not technically on special – though it’s so rare we could charge the MSRP and it would still be sold out in a couple of days. Hanwei’s Most Popular Katana Sword to date..

YES, the reproduction of the sword from the Samurai Assassin Cult Classic Lone Wolf and Cub – the Dragon King Ogami Itto Katana.

Do we really need to say more? Normally the MSRP is $1,200 but despite there being so few available with such high demand, we still offer them to you at the best deal around for just $799.99. But you need to be ULTRA FAST or you will definitely miss out on this one.

Attempting to resurrect International Shipping..

Our fellow sword brothers and sisters around the world have had a very hard time the last couple of years – at it’s worse, we closed down every single Non North American shipment earlier this year. But the time has come to re-evaluate the situation.

At the end of the day, there are a handful of countries that still allow USPS (United States Postal Service) shipments – so we have added in most of the countries that we could ship to before.

But more than just this, we are also in the process of updating the page on Forwarding Services, as we have found a few that seem ‘weapon’ friendly, or at least tolerant.. But we need more information, more feedback from International buyers who purchased within the last 3 months or so on the SBG Forums and Facebook.

So please, help us to help you guys and let us know your country, what the item was and how it all went..



Will a solution be found? Well, the time has come to try our hardest.. So please share this information with every Non North American sword collecting friend so they can weigh in and we can, it is hoped, get the clearest picture of where we are up to now and where things are headed..

Thanks all,

  • Paul

Partial Ryujin Custom Katana Restock

It’s been a long time coming, but we FINALLY have some stock of the extremely popular $229.99 Ryujin Custom Katana!

Only catch is, right now we only have the bo-hi version – solid bodied blade is still a way off.

But there is some more good news, almost all the components are also restocked – including the saya. BUT with the saya, there have been some color changes – some quite signficant – so every image has been updated to avoid confusion and disappointment.

SIDE NOTE AND SHAMELESS PLUG: I think this constant stock updating, close communication with the warehouse, best price prices and life time guarantee against breakage – we are the most sensible place to buy Ryujin Swords and receive them as quickly as we promise. Other sites that sell them have lots of hidden costs and sell stuff that they don’t have in stock, sometimes even offering items that haven’t been made yet! So in short, by keeping up to date and offering the best service and prices, yeah – it would be silly to buy them anywhere else..

– Paul Southren

But I digress, back to the saya.

Here are all the updated colors – most haven’t changed so much, but gun metal grey, forest green and a few others just don’t look anything like they used to:

T920121 T920111 T920911 T920322 T920511 T920211 T920311 T920611 T920411 T920321 T920711

Of course, this also means that other semi-custom Katana have also been restocked. So check out the full range and click the link below:

Playing Catch Up: Forge Direct and Project X orders on temporary but indefinite hold..

Sometimes, things just keeping getting harder and harder.

First there was the Chinese New Year shut down, then the Covid-19 worldwide lockdown that resulted in the forges sitting idling for months longer than we ever expected..

Eventually, the forges began to re-open, but component supplies were and still are behind production schedules and international shipping ground to a halt (for a short time, it looked ok, but then all the orders bounced back at customs)..

FINALLY, things are starting to look more ‘normal’ and the forges are running at maximum capacity and slowly we are catching up on the extended backlog (though shipping costs have increased dramatically, literally sucking most of the humble profits out of all this years orders).

However, the backlog is still too large for my liking. Some component makers are STILL playing catch up, and so to ensure the forges focus their full attention on completing all the outstanding orders, we have no choice but to temporarily halt taking any and ALL new orders until we are properly caught up again.

Unfortunately, this also means that Project X Japanese has been pushed back yet another month or two – from a planned round of orders in February now looking likely to begin – well, who really knows right now..

Halting new orders is going to hurt both our and the forges bottom line – but at the end of the day, existing customers come first – and personally I just can’t keep taking orders until we have the backlog properly under control..

We will keep you updated as the backlog begins to look more manageable – in the meantime, our apologies for the inconvenience.