APOC Sale Steps it up a level..

With bank collapses following hot on the heels of War in Europe, rumors of War in the East and a worldwide pandemic that triggered it all – word to the wise, you might want to stock up on blades like APOC..

So to help you prepare for the unthinkable, we are stepping up the APOC sale to new levels!

Not only is every blade in the series discounted by 15% on our already discounted prices, but if you order three blades at the same time, you can qualify for FREE SHIPPING. And now if you order 5 blades, you get your choice of a FREE APOC Dagger or Axe!

Here are the swords that qualify for the free reward:

Mix and match them however you want, but if you have 5 of these babies in your cart and option will appear in the checkout to select your free reward:

This will take you to THIS page where you can just add which item you like to your cart and it will show $0 value. Example:

Might as well use whatever money is in your bank account to invest in something actually useful if everything does actually collapse in a heap..! (here’s to hoping for the best and planning for the worst)..

Just when you think there can’t possibly be any more specials…

It is unprecedented, three major sales and price breaks within 3 days. But the struggling sword industry is desperate for sales just to keep the lights on, and so as we always do we have passed on the savings direct to you guys so you can grab yourself a true bargain.

And these last two (as we don’t expect any additional deals like these to come through anytime soon!) cap off the sale very nicely!

SPECIAL OFFER #1: A-trim Designed Kingston Arms Cutlass

You could pay as much for the scabbard alone at some places. But this really is the complete package when it comes to a fast and agile, perfectly optimized cutlass designed by the legendary Gus Trim himself. MSRP on this one is $525 which is a fair price. Our usual discounted price, a bargain at $349.99. But from now until the end of the month you can practically steal it for $299.99

SPECIAL OFFER #2: Dragon King Spring Sakura Katana

With an honest 5160 Spring Steel blade and awesome steel fittings, this tough and forgiving, durable Katana is perfect as a dojo workhorse or serious backyard cutter. With a $500 MSRP, and our usual price at a much more reasonable $379.99 – you can get it with a whopping $100 discount all month and while stocks last..

What a crazy start to the month, but that’s all we have sales wise for now. So have a look at the bonanza and grab a bargain while you can..

Ryujin Art Sword Line Closeout Sale

Sometimes when we try something a little ‘different’ it becomes a cult classic. Other times, it’s a bit more hit and miss – and this is how it was for us with our promotion of the ‘Art Sword’ line by Ryujin..

With sales drying up for this line, we have made the difficult decision to liquidate each and every design in this series. So here it is, the last hurrah – with some real last chance bargains and deals on offer for those of you who are looking for something unique to round out or add a splash of color to your collection. Unless otherwise noted, all the swords are sharpened carbon steel, full tang and fully functional.

Choji Tsunami

Differentially hardened 65mn Spring Steel blade with enhanced choji style hamon temper line and solid brass fittings. Was $189.99.


Monotempered, red blade with ‘lightning’ style faux hamon. 65mn Spring Steel Blade with highly artistic fittings. Great as a display piece and light to medium backyard cutting (fully tempered blade). Was $149.99.

Radiant Dragon

Monotempered 65mn Spring Steel colored blade (dark metal and silver) with wild wave pattern etching. Attractive solid brass fittings with black/gold colored saya with a cloud dragon theme. Was $199.99

Akumu Katana

Monotempered 65mn Spring Steel colored blade (dark metal and steel) with wild wave pattern etching. Skull themed tsuba, dark ‘Akumu’ (nightmare) theme saya. Was $174.99

Damascus ‘Hadakirei’ Katana

Prominently folded pure Damascus Steel blade with premium quality fittings. The one sword to set aside in your collection to appreciate the sheer art and beauty of an expertly folded Katana sword.. Was $299.99

Damascus Demon Tooth Katana

Folded Damascus 1060 and 1045 Carbon Steel Blade with a sharpened edge and sinister hammerforged ridged and serrated spine. Highly artistic and unique design not seen anywhere else. Very prominent Damascus Patterning. Was $229.99

Brutalis (Demon Tooth II)

Differentially Hardened T10 Tool Steel Blade with real hamon and sinister hammerforged ridged and serrated spine. Highly artistic and unique design – high quality fittings. Was $229.95

Going, going – all soon to be gone..

15% off APOC Blades all March

As one mega-sale ends, another begins. Such is the necessary trend for the struggling sword industry, and this would have to be one of the best deals offered yet..

That’s right, the extremely popular line 9260 spring steel blades from the APOC series are ALL on sale for the entire month of March. Designed to represent tremendous value for money from the start, we are marking down are already industry beating everyday low prices by 15% across the board – passing down the discounts received and squeezing our own margins to the bone to present this awesome blade buying bonanza.

Here’s just a few of the great deals on offer:

Waning Moon Yataghan

MSRP $175, WAS $139.95

Tac Brutus

MSRP $175, WAS $139.95

Twin Butterfly Sword Set

MSRP $285, WAS $209.99

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, the entire line including the various survival knives, are all marked down by 15% until the end of the month.

Don’t miss out, stocks are limited..

Last 24 hours of the February Sale

As the month draws to a close, so does our massive 10-15% sale on the medieval and European sword lines from Clyde Hollis’s Kingdom of Arms and the Asian sword collection from Frenchie Jin’s Dragon King:

Don’t miss out, when the sale is over we need to do some additional upward price adjustments for Dragon King especially, so this is almost certainly one of the last times you will see prices anywhere near as low as they are right now..