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This Blog is complimentary source of timely news, information on special offers and general musings about the SBG Sword Store.

Written entirely by Paul Southren, chief editor of Sword Buyers Guide.com and the owner of the affiliated Sword Store – it also includes occasional commentary, musings on products we offer, sneak previews of products in development and anything else that is of a timely nature that I think that the sword community may be interested.

Started in February 2009 – it is probably the longest running sword blog still on the internet.


The Sword Buyers Guide Sword Store is the retail arm of our informational website, Sword Buyers Guide.com and began almost by accident..

It started out of necessity as we had seen many informational websites fail due to lack of funding and the amount of time and work needed to make them successful, and while searching for some kind of way to cover our costs, we started off selling some swords manufacturer direct from Cheness Cutlery that we were particularily impressed with back in 2006. Click here for more information on how we got started..

Over the years, we have added more manufacturer direct brands and even created our own lines, and in doing so have become something of a benchmark to help keep prices fair and reasonable across the entire industry. Furthermore, it has allowed us a window into how the sword industry works that simply would not be possible as just a collector, allowing us behind the scenes information that we have shared with the community to ensure the industry is transparent as possible.


There are several things that make the SBG Sword Store unique.

The first is our pricing and commitment to customer service. Our prices are as low as they can possibly go while still being able to “keep the lights on” – i.e. support our staff and fund our community website/forum/newsletters. We also believe in old fashioned service using new fashioned technology – by keeping everything online we can keep our prices as low as they are. But we make up for this by ensuring we answer EVERY email we receive and never leave a customer hanging. Ask around and you will soon know we have a great reputation for customer service and really pride ourselves on doing the best we can, always going above and beyond and living up to our promises.

The second point of difference is that we ONLY sell fully functional swords with not a stainless steel wallhanger in sight and we ONLY sell swords that we would actually want to buy ourselves.

This means we may not offer quite as many swords as some other sellers, but you can rest assured that if you buy a sword from us it is the best the industry can produce.



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