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The easiest way to get in contact with SBG is to click here and fill out our contact form, which is sent to our help desk powered by

I usually personally check the help desk once or twice every business day and always give the most detailed answer possible, so don’t be surprised if you hear from me directly. I take a lot of pride in personal communication with my customers and anyone who takes the time to contact me – but if you are answered by my assistant and need to contact me directly, you can do so with the following direct contact form for Paul Southren.

If you are already a customer or have emailed me before, you can simply reply to any email you have received from us previously (even newsletters) and it will go through and you will get a reply (we don’t believe in any of that “this email is not being monitored” nonsense).

Other contact information and details are posted in our store here.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Paul Southren – Site Owner

P.S. Due to the volume of emails we get on a daily basis, please allow one business day for us to get back to you.

P.P.S. As I focus entirely on communication via email, I am usually not able to reply to the myriad of other possible ways to be contacted such as by YouTube, Facebook, Forum PM, etc. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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