NEW: Doomsday Sword Number 10 by Scorpion Swords – Behind the Scenes and How It’s Made

It is the second Ragnarok inspired Viking blade in Jason Woodards Doomdsay Sword series and the second with a curious fusion of ancient Norse design with modern materials and blade making techniques – starting as it always does with a 1:1 scale sketched design.

After careful consideration of the overall design and individual design elements, Chris Palmer then creates and has cut out a Master Template in 1095 carbon steel.

The blank has some basic edge geometry ground in and the handle is drilled in 11 places where pins and epoxy will later bind the handle to the steel.

Edges are further refined and a narrow fuller is ground along the center of the blade on both sides, providing it it’s general shape and styling.

The entire blade is then heat treated to around 1500 degrees and then quenched in brine, hardening it, before the steel is heated a second time to approx 500 degrees and allowed to temper.

The tempered blade is cleaned up and polished, and has two blocks of Black Linen Mircarta pinned and epoxied on both sides in a classic hard wearing sandwich tang construction.

From there, the handle is ground to shape and has 5 additional brass pins inserted, for one of the strongest blade to handle and overall strength swords currently on the market,

Finally it is all cleaned up, the blade is given it’s final edge, the handle gets wrapped in deer leather (and if ordered, the optional scabbard is fitted and made).

And the end result, Doomsday Sword #10 – Viking Type 8, now available at the SBG Sword Store for just $279.99

Not bad for an entirely made by hand in the USA blade!

Forge Direct Chinese: Last Chance on 5 models, Sale Offer on Returning Exotic Steel Blades..

Attention sword enthusiasts and collectors! If you’ve been eyeing those exquisite Forge Direct Chinese swords, now is the time to act. We’re offering last chance discounts on five remarkable blades that are about to be discontinued. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of history – these swords won’t be available for long! (offer ends 31st of May)..


Dragon Abyss Sword

Based on a 2400 year old tale the Dragon Abyss Sword, also known as the sword of integrity, is a stunning differentially hardened and folded octagonal geometry profiled blade with exotic and striking Dragon themed fittings. Was $999.99


White Lotus Rebellion Cleaving Saber

Good things come in small packages, and this small but expertly made chopping cleaver based on blades brandished during the White Lotus Rebellion is certain to impress. Lightning fast and cuts like a one handed mini-katana. Was $999.99


Sword of Wen Zhong

Another ancient sword from the warring states period, the originals were far ahead of their time, and this stunning fully functional replica is a fitting tribute with a folded and differentially hardened blade and solid brass fitting sets. Was $999.99


Spring Flower Yi-Dao

From the Master smiths of the esteemed Baojian Forge, this Tang dynasty blade was famous throughout Asia and that served as the inspiration for the Japanese ‘Chokuto’ sword.Was $1,215.00


Warring States Brass Dragon

Another highly advanced for its era sword, blades like this one were the pinnacle of ancient Chinese sword making. Clean simple lines throughout with a folded 1095 carbon steel blade with hexagonal blade geometry. Was $1,170.90

Special Reintroduction: Feathersteel and Spinsteel Swords

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to reintroduce two exotic steel swords using and advanced and rarely seen folding techniques made by one of our favorite Master Sword Smiths, Master Michael Ye. Both Spinsteel and Feathersteel (also known as Windsteel, as the pattern looks like the wind blowing on the surface of a lake) are highly complex and rather rare forging techniques that Master Ye specializes in.

Here the steel revolves as it is folded and pattern welded – with a consistent ‘feathered’ or ‘wind surface’ pattern for a Feathersteel/Windsteel blade or in the case of Spinsteel, mixing more traditional Damascus with Feathersteel for the most eye pleasing, complex pattern.

The technique when done by a Master Smith results in a beautiful and yet still VERY strong blade, take a look at this video made for a limited edition Windsteel blade by Master Ye tested destructively against a wide variety of traditional and challenging targets..

And the best part is, they are ALSO on sale until the end of the month, allowing anyone who is fast enough to snap them up at the very best price humanly possible..

Golden Dragon Feathersteel Jian

With a refined Otcagonal profile blade and fine Feathersteel patterning from the hilt to the tip, the Golden Dragon Feathersteel Jian is a forceful and impressive sword with attractive Dragon themed fittings. The usual price on this beauty is $1,599.99 but is available with a 25% discount of $399.99 until the end of the month.

Spinsteel Jian

This one is the most complex of the two, alternating a Feathersteel pattern by rotating (spinning) the steel as it is folded and pattern welded into shape. It’s incredibly hard to make and only a handful of smiths still know how to make it – so if you want something truly unique to add to your collection, the Spinsteel Jian would have to be it. Because it is so hard to make, the price reflects this and it is normally $2,299.99. However until the end of the month you can save $575 with 25% off..

To see all the special offers and traditional Chinese blades all in one place, check out our Forge Direct Chinese page in the store today before the discounts end and 5 blades become off the menu once and for all..

4 new 5160 Spring Steel Katana with awesome fittings from Ryujin

There is no doubt that for many years now, the flagship Ryujin Custom Katana have been extremely popular and well received by a wide segment of the sword community. But a few years ago they dipped their toe in the waters of more refined 5160 Spring Steel blades with a real hamon and high quality fittings with the Ryujin 5160 Spring Steel ELITE ‘Matsu” Katana

Well, they just added 4 new models to this line with a more active notare hamon temper line and 24K gold and silver plated iron fitting sets – and they are extremely affordably priced considering what you get, available at a special introductory price of just $329.99

Check out the 4 new models below and see for yourself

“Yuri” ELITE

“Dragon Sage” ELITE

“Tessen” ELITE

“Hamaya” ELITE

Check out these and many other ‘off the shelf’ Ryujin swords at SBG Below:

NEW Excalibur Sword from Legacy Arms

You might recall that until a few days ago, Legacy Arms was offering the original Excalibur sword at a crazy sub $300 closeout price, And for those of you who were lucky to snap up the last few models before it was permanently discontinued, you definitely got a massive bargain.

But as the original model fades from view, a new one from the new Legacy Arms comes into play – and boy have they refined it and given it more than a shot or two of Ozempic..!

For the current version weighs a whopping 2lbs 1oz LESS than the original which tipped the scales at 5lbs 3oz while the refined new version has a much slimmer profile with distal taper (6mm at the guard down to 2mm at the tip) and shifts the balance point half an inch even closer to the hilt for truly amazing handling for such a long and powerful blade..

But the improvements don’t end there, overall it is just a much better sword..!

Considering the blade of the new model is just 1.5″ shorter but weighs just 3lbs 2oz is something of a miracle and makes it much more authentic and deadly than ever before.

Check it out in the store for all the juicy details:

And HERE is the listing of the discontinued model so you can do your OWN comparison..

2 New European Medieval Swords from Ronin Katana!

Ronin Katana revolutionized what was available to the medieval sword market in the same way that they did for Japanese Katana, and we are delighted to announce two new models have expanded their already impressive medieval collection. And the best part, both the new arming sword and the new bastard sword are sub $300 bargains!

Check them out below:

Euro Model #14: Fishtail Pommel Arming Sword

Euro Model #15: Hand and a Half Bastard Sword