Some bad news for Canadian Sword Lovers..

With recent restocks and sales you might be forgiven for thinking that all is well with the sword industry – but things are rarely as they seem..

In recent years shipping swords around the world has become increasingly difficult and complicated – and most recently CANADA seems to have singled out swords as ‘dangerous goods’ and have started returning our shipments sent from the US to Canada, even singling swords out with their own ‘dangerous goods’ checkbox along with air shocks, guns, ink cartridges, knives, liquids, swords and the dreaded ‘other’ category..

The merit of this spurious decision is a topic for another time, but least to say that lumping swords in with Airshocks, ink cartridges and liquids generally suggests that the perceived threat of shipping a sword is that it will somehow get out of its scabbard, out of the box and start flying around in the cockpit causing mayhem..

While this is patently ridiculous, and with swords both being legal to own across both sides of the North American border, the fact remains that swords have been once again singled out by brainless and fearful bureaucrats and, unable to sustain the shipping costs and losses at our end, we are left with no choice but to – effective immediately – halt all US->Canada sword shipments until further notice..

This has not cut off ALL our products from Canada – Darksword Armory, who are based in Quebec, can still ship for us and the cost remains entirely free. And for the time being, as they ship direct from the Forges in China, Project X, Forge Direct Japanese and Forge Direct Chinese are still able to ship to our Canadian customers..

But everything else is off the table, and so it would seem the only option remains to use the services of a third party shipping service such as Planet Express:

To say that this is yet another blow to our fragile industry is an understatement, but it is what it is and unless and until another economical shipping service surfaces, we are stuck with this very unpleasant situation..

More posts and some additional sales and specials still pending, but we needed to get this bad news out there and stem our losses before it gets out of hand..

Hot Special Extended to end of September

There has been so much going on behind the scenes that I have not been able to update the blog as much as is needed right now, and many more posts to be made over the coming week or so to get completely caught up again, but in the meantime a very succinct post:

The current hot special on the Dragon King Hana Katana, Kingston Arms XIV Arming Sword, and the A.P.O.C. Wasteland Gladius has been extended by popular request until the end of SEPTEMBER 2022..!

Of course, these at wholesale pricing deals will only be available while stocks last, so if you are in the market for any of these sword types, don’t miss out on this..!

More updates, news and specials coming soon..

3 New Hot Specials: Something for Everyone..

UPDATE: Offer Extended Until End of September 2022!

In these very hard and uncertain economic times, we all welcome a bargain and a discount when we can find it. And while they are few and far between these days (as on the whole, prices are all going north and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future) here’s three new hot specials that cover the majority of sword buyers with something almost any collector will like..

The first is, predictably, a Katana. But not any old Katana, this is a special price on the Hana Katana by Dragon King:

This is a sword that ticks all the boxes – a differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade with natural hamon, black cotton ito over real rayskin, silver colored habaki, seppa and menuki – in short “The Hana Katana is a sword for the humble warrior who needs only to let the blade do the talking.”

The normal retail price on these is $521.59 – but they are available while stocks last until the 31st of August for just $299.95!

Also discounted down to $299.95 until the end of the month, we also wind back the clock and the price on the amazingly durable 9260 Spring Steel Type XIV Arming Sword by Kingston Arms!


Overall: 34 1/4″ Blade Length: 28″ Weight: 2lb 2oz Point of Balance: 4 1/2″ Point of Harmonics (CoP/Sweet spot): 18″

Truly amazing value for a Gus Trim designed, high performance, maximum durability medieval sword.

And last but not least, the deceptively elegant lines of another 9260 Spring Steel blade – this one the Wasteland Gladius, a total bargain at the unprecedented low price of just $139.95..

Truly quite iconic (indeed, it is the sword featured most prominently in the A.P.O.C. product line store header):

Metal skull and tinned survival foods not included..

Awesome deals abound, but only until the end of the month and WHILE STOCKS LAST..

First sub $1000 L6 Sword – introducing the Hanwei Miao Dao

First applied to swords in the 1990s by the famous US swordmaker Howard Clark, L6 steel soon garnered a reputation as a kind of modern ‘super steel’ famous for its strength and durability. While many smiths attempted to follow, few were able to duplicate Howard’s success as the steel is notoriously hard to work with. However after many years of trial and error Ron Chen, son of Paul Chen, the founder of Hanwei, finally cracked the code and developed several models of high end production Katana using this highly sought after steel..

But in 2022 – the year when almost nothing new or revolutionary has happened – they release a surprise. A sub $1000 Chinese Long Saber, the Hanwei L6 Miao Dao.

Essentially a ‘Chinese Katana’ this simple yet sweeping and powerful design was a fantastic candidate for another L6 blade to their line up, but with simpler fittings and the emphasis on pure functionality, it was possible to house this blade and offer it for the lowest price any genuine L6 sword has ever been listed for before.

Stock is limited, and the restock is likely a very long time away, so if you can see what a great and rare opportunity this is, grab it at our heavily discounted price of (wait for it) not $899.99 but just $679.99!


A few new products just landed

While restocks and new products are few and far between in 2022, we don’t always make a big song and dance about every single new item that comes in. But here are a handful of interesting new additions to consider, starting with an expansion to the 1095 DH Katana series by Ryujin with the ‘Kame’ Katana.


These are entry level swords that tick all the boxes:

  • Decent heft and balance with real hamon temper line
  • Nice firmly wrapped cotton ito over real rayskin
  • Solid brass fittings with copper accents
  • Great cutting action – perfect for the dojo or at home

And the best part, the special introductory price of just $199.99!


The next items are ‘accessories’ and the first one is an item that you could use to channel your inner Deadpool or ninja with a Universal Backmounted Sword System.

Made from nylon with an adjustable strap, almost any sword can be carried on the back (though drawing and resheathing can be a different matter depending on blade length) and works with almost any sword type.


And for anyone looking for some cool and inexpensive gift ideas, first check out our folding Kozuka Knife with leather sheathe for just $21.99!


Finally, how about some retro Steampunk style with a collectible Classic Steampunk Folding Knife – a steal at just $24.99