Major Hanwei Restock

While there are many signs that 2023 is going to be a tough year for the sword industry, at least one of the bulwark manufacturers – Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge – starts the year almost fully stocked and with more models of swords currently available now than at anytime in the last 3 years..

How long the most popular models will be available of course remains to be seen, but here are some of our top picks from the recent restock that savy sword buyers will snap up while they are available.

Top Picks from the Restock

Lowlander Sword

A true beast of a sword with a whopping 48″ blade and 21″ handle for just $359.99 gets you a whole lot of steel for a bargain price. No wonder it is never in stock for long..

Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword

True value at just $297.95 this classic hand and a half sword is very well built and powerful and a fantastic design that they got right the first time..

Tinker Great Sword of War

The bargains just keep on coming for Hanwei’s medieval line, and after many months of being absent we are delighted to announce the restock of the Tinker Great sword of War, another big and powerful, well made and well designed sword from the Tinker Pearce/Hanwei collaboration. Crazy good value at just $279.99.

Scott Rodell Cutting Dao

If you love cutting swords and haven’t tried a good Dao before, THIS is the sword you need to check out. You will truly be surprised and delighted how easily it cuts with just one hand, and if you are a martial artist, you MUST have this sword in your collection. You will NOT be disappointed..

The Banshee

This is one that is rarely in stock for anything more than a few days at a time, partially because not many are made but primarily because they are easily one of the best value for money and truly unique swords to grace modern sword armories. Highly recommended.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is on offer right now at Hanwei, so take a look and enjoy the literal smorgasbord of quality swords freshly restocked and waiting to add to your collection:

Forge Direct Chinese Chinese New Year 25% Discount!

As you probably know, the Lunar New Year is due to fall on Sunday the 22nd of January, and all the sword forges we work with for Forge Direct are currently on holiday and will be until the end of the month.

What you may not know is that when they pick up tools again, refreshed and invigorated in the best sword making weather of the year, they tend to do their very best work. So it has become something of a tradition at SBG to offer our very best deals in conjunction with the forges to kick off the Chinese New Year with a bang.

As such, from today until midnight the 22nd of January we are offering a whopping 25% discount off each and every Master Smith forged blade from Forge Direct Chinese. But it gets even better, because in addition to all the classic Forge direct designs we are delighted to offer 3 additional models from our friends at the Baojian Sword Forge.

New Blade #1

Forge Direct Water Lily Jian

Weighing in at less than 2lbs total weight, the Water Lily is a stunning Damasus steel folded 1095 carbon steel blade with premium quality black ebony wood and solid brass fittings. Perfect for serious Taiji and Kung fu practitioners, collectors and backyard cutters alike! Normally $1000, down to just $750 with the 25% discount:

New Blade #2

Han Dynasty Ring Pommel Dao

Ancient 2000 year old design with a stunning folded and differentially hardened edge and classic ring pommel counterbalance. Normally $1000, but available for just $750 as part of the Chinese New Year sale promotion.

New Blade # 3

Damascus Chinese Proto-Tanto

A classic Tang dynasty ‘proto-tanto’ with a contemporary touch, this stunning piece of blade art has a folded steel, hand hammered blade with a unique serrated spine. $600, but down to only $450 as part of the Chinese New Year promotion.

But these new blades are just the tip of the iceberg, check out the entire range of classic Forge Direct Chinese blades and grab them at the best price humanly possible until the 22nd.

The only catch? Forging does not begin until the start of February so there will be a slight delay. But more than worth it for the steep discounts on offer..

6 New Ryujin T10 Katana on Special All Month!

To start the new year with a real ‘bang’ our friends at Ryujin have brought back, and expanded, a classic special offer, rewinding the prices on not one but SIX pre-assembled models of the classic Ryujin custom Katana.

Featuring the same fittings used on the $279.99 Custom Katana series, but with solid iron tsuba’s minus the real gold embellishment and pre-assembly to save on production costs, each of the models below is available at the ridiculously low price of just $199.99 until the end of the month (and while stocks last, as some will be much more popular than others).

Take a look for yourself!

Blue Ito, blue saya and classic Musashi Tsuba

Red ito, burgundy saya, black sageo and classic crane tsuba

Green ito, military green saya and Kamakiri Semi tsuba (praying mantis hunting a cicada while being stalked by a sparrow)

Purple ito, white saya with black sageo and ‘classic bamboo’ themed tsuba.

Gun metal grey saya, black ito and sageo and simple maru iron tsuba

Red saya and ito, black saeo and nature themed iron tsuba.

Only available and at the special price of just $199.99 until the end of January and while stocks last!

New Year – New Swords (and new specials)

Hope you had the best start possible to 2023. While it will most certainly be another trying and rather difficult year in a series of difficult years (mostly because many of the actions taken around the world from 2020 will have and continue to have many long, largely unforeseen or unmanageable flow on effects) we will do our best to continue to deliver as much value as humanly possible.

And at least the year starts off on a positive note, with not one but THREE new high end Katana from the artisans at Frenchie Jin’s Dragon King Forge.

All these new Katana are made using two of my favorite modern steels, a blend of 9260 Spring Steel and T10 tool steel – one steel shock resistant and durable, the other strong and hard wearing – mitigating many of the inherent weaknesses of folding a blade, and the by product – a stunning and very traditional looking hada (skin) of the blade with subtle but prominent Damascus patterning.

Add to this a hand clayed natural hamon and we have a very traditional looking, and performing, blade with all the essential characteristics of a historical Shinken.

Each of the three models made in this fashion is subtly different – some are heavier and longer, others shorter and faster – and each has their own specific premium quality fitting sets, with Dragon King’s distinctive use of silvered fittings.

Check each model out below

The Kinryu

The Flagship model, the Kinryu is a Dragon themed no-hi bladed sword optimized as a power cutter. Very attractive with a Dragon Horimono engraving on the blade and partially rattan wrapped, golden saya. Normal price on this one is $1,499.00 but available for $500 less right here at the SBG sword store:

The Kawanakajima

A longer blade with a longer handle, the Kawanakajima Katana as a deep bo-hi to lessen the weight and is complimented by premium quality, traditional black and white fitting aesthetics. Beautiful and deadly – normally also $1,499.00 but just $999.99 at the SBG Sword Store:

The Taikyu

The fastest blade, despite having no bo-hi to lighten it, the Taikyu weighs in at a mere 2lbs 4oz and has many of the characteristics of lighter styled antique Katana. Complimented with subtle teal and Koi themed fittings, it is also $100 less than the other models – $1,399.00 but down to a mere $899.99 at the SBG Sword Store:

And if that wasn’t enough, we also start the new year with a special discounted price on the previous pinnacle for Dragon King, a truly butt kicking fully functional replica of the Ogami Itto Katana made famous by the 1970s Japanese serial and movie, Lone Wolf and Cub.

The normal price on this stunning battle ready replica is usually $1,259.00 – and is marked down at our site for the bargain price of $827.95. But from today until the end of the month and while stocks last you can snap up this classic design for just $699.99!!

Hail to the King!

Stay tuned, more specials to kick of 2023 coming very, very soon!

Holiday Schedule and Last Restock of 2022

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we will close for the holidays on December 22nd and will not be open again until January 3rd in the new year. There will be a skeleton staff available during this time and some sporadic shipping, but for the most part, will be officially closed during this period.

In the meantime, for those of you who have left it to the last minute (and this is VERY MUCH the last minute) and don’t really mind if it comes in a little late, one last restock and it’s quite a treat. The super cool A.P.O.C. Survival Longsword

Freshly back in stock and still great value at just $175.95

There may be one or two more deals offered before we close for the holidays, but it is getting pretty tight and shipping a bit congested and chaotic. So don’t wait around, grab what you can while you can!