Two new blades gets Ryujin there own Tactical Swords and Blades Section..

Ryujin swords started with their flagship T10 ‘instant’ custom Katana series, and has been steadily expanding over the last few years with forays into many other blade and steel types and can be plainly seen from their current line up over at the SBG Sword Store..

But recently their expedition into the waters of very affordably priced, well made Tactical blades has expanded enough with the following two blades to deserve a dedicated Tactical Sword section.


It’s the perfect mix between full length Katana and Wakizashi, in the most common classic tactical style out there – ABS handle with steel rivets and tough monotempered 1060 carbon steel blade. But at the current price of just $99.99, it is priced to move fast..


Based loosely on a broad family of Filipino blades known as Bolo but also very similar to the axe like chopping head of a Nepalese Kukri, whatever you want to call this 2lb, 18.5″ blade of 1060 carbon steel, best not make it angry..! Also at $99.99 for glorious two handed short windup chopping power..

See the full selection of Ryujin Tactical Swords on the new page here:

Two New Swords from Kingston Arms (plus a new Legacy Arms Dagger and general restock)

Kingston Arms continues to expand their range of affordable, yet very well made European swords with an example of a Scottish one handed arming sword and a “Hanger” sword replica from the Revolutionary War..

The first of the two, the Scottish Arming Sword, is based on a classic 15th century design and is set apart from other arming swords of the era by the lobed quillons and short langet that made this sword distinctively and instantly recognized as Scottish.

Great value at $285, but a steal at $224.99 right here at SBG.

The second blade is a faithful fully functional replica of a typical sword that was in frequent use during the American Revolutionary War of April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783 and was called a ‘Hanger’ because these types of hunting swords, used for both fighting and woodland survival tasks, hung from the belt at the ready.

This replica is fast, keen edged and lightweight at only 1lb 14oz – with great value at $389, but truly awesome bang for the buck at the SBG price of just $274.99.

Additionally, the Legacy Arms line continues to refresh itself with the latest version of their classic Irish Dagger, matching blade to the Irish Sword, hitting the shelves at a very reasonable $155 (even MORE reasonable $124.95 at the SBG Sword Store).

And at the same time these blades have landed, we also have a large restock of swords from Dragon King, Kinsgton Arms and the Hanwei Forge. Here are some of the notable restocks..

Just Restocked..

The Albrecht II by Hanwei, an imposing beast of a thing and still sub $300 at $297.95.

Tinker Pearce Longsword – these NEVER stay in stock for long and there are less than a dozen available, so le the feeding frenzy begin at just $249.99 for one of the best made, best balanced swords on the market full stop!

The Tinker 9th Century Viking sword is another amazing blade for pennies on the dollar in terms of what you actually receive. Total bargain at $269.99.

The Banshee is one of those swords that if you haven’t already got it, you REALLY don’t know what you are missing out on. A steal at $229.99

The Dark Sentinel is another one of those fantasy blades that kicks ass in the real world. Still under-priced and crazy good value at (wait for it) just $149.95..

And for the lover of medieval swords who thinks they have seen everything, the infamous ‘clear the pike line’ of the German Landsknecht ‘catskinner’ sword guaranteed to put a smile on your face with its handling and impressive striking power for just shy of $300 at $299.99

3 New Forge Direct Chinese Blades for Chinese New Year

In past years we have traditionally had a special Chinese New Year sale to celebrate our range of premium quality, Longquan Master Smith forged replicas of Chinese swords spanning over 3000 years of continuous history and sword making.

This year, we still have a sale on the entire line up carrying over from late last year! But before ‘all good things come to an end’ we have added three brand new designs to the sale made by Master Smith Jiang Xiaolong and his brother Xiaowu (both who are certified rank 2 master smiths).

Sword #1: Dragon Abyss Sword

An ancient design over 2400 years prior to the present day, it is a replica of a legendary blade of the Chinese folk hero Wu Zixu and his famous ‘sword of integrity’ also known as the ‘three generation Dragon Abyss sword’. Like all the new blades in this series, it has an expertly folded 1095 carbon steel blade with cleanly differentially hardened edges and complimented with solid brass fittings and an ebony wood scabbard.

Sword #2: White Lotus Rebellion Cleaving Saber

A small and concealable sidearm of the mysterious White Lotus Society, such a blade may have been seen in this anti excessive taxation rebellion that occurred in China over a 9 year period 21 years after the events of a similar popular uprising in the United States called the Boston Tea Party.. Very attractive and very effective, plus a cool and unique scabbard making it the perfect desk accessory for a classy office or home study.

Sword # 3: Sword of Wen Zhong

Even during the extremely turbulent and warlike era of the ancient Zhou Dynasty that encompassed the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, high ranking officials needed a blade that was both practical and yet also symbolic of their stature. This replica is one such piece, beautifully deadly and with a terrifyingly effective, fight ending thrust.

All three swords hit the ground at the sale price, marked down from $1000 each to $749.99 with free worldwide shipping. But the sale will end in early-mid February, so if one of these blades appeals, get them while the price is as low as it can go…

Year of the Dragon Ryujin Limited Edition Katana

To commemorate the Year of the Dragon in 2024, our friends at Ryujin swords take one of their quality T10 tool steel, differentially hardened solid bodied blades decked out in quality fittings and adds two stunning traditional Dragon Horimono engraving styles to choose from, all at the crazy low price of just $179.99!

The only difference between the two designs is the engraving style, so pick which one you like and grab a limited edition bargain before they are all sold out..



All these and more available in the New Additions and HOT SPECIALS section of the store today.

Enter the Dragon…!

In a little over one months time, we herald in the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon – a year that, according to the traditional Chinese horoscope SHOULD be a year full of opportunities and renewed energy – which would certainly make a pleasant change from the first few misplaced years and hopefully get this decade back on track..

So to celebrate, we are releasing one of the most unique fantasy blades we have seen in the last few years, with a solid Dragon theme pervading the ‘Legend of Dragons’ Fantasy Katana by Ryujin Swords..


The blade itself is made from tough monotempered 65mn Spring Steel, which means that this is no mere ornament.. But while fully functional, it is a very unique in its appearance – covered with what look similar to Kanji (Chinese Calligraphy) taking shape, though none are actual fully formed characters and the meaning that emerges is entirely up to the viewer..

For the fittings, modern 3D printing takes them to a new level. The hilt is more like a Chinese or European sword than a Katana, featuring a steel pommel Dragon themed pommel, steel Dragon themed hand guard and a unique faux leather wrapped handle with a silver strip representing the ‘menuki’.

It is further complimented by a state of the art, 3D printed scabbard for the perfect fit and that is also decorated with a full length Dragon scene.

Truly unique as a piece of fully functional sword art, it is priced to sell at just $199.99 but is on sale at the moment for just $129.99 making it a blade that nearly anyone can afford that is certain to turn heads and can be proudly declared as more than just a pretty face..

Check it out in the SBG Sword Store here: