New Gunto from Blades of Japan

We already sold 2 of the 4 antique swords on offer from our friends at Blades of Japan earlier this month, and the last 2 (consisting of the $1875 Pirate O-Wakizashi and the $6250 Daisho set with original fittings) will actually be withdrawn from sale by the end of the month if no one decides to snap them up..

But we just added a new quite rare type 3 Gunto – a true beast of a blade made in 1944 that had given up all pretenses of ornamentation and was designed to be a combat monster of a sword..

Signed by the wartime sword smith Tsutsui Kiyokane with a very tight and attractive choji hamon, it would cost a small fortune if it was fully restored and papered, but as it is can be snapped up for just $2734.37 if you are fast.

Definitely worth a closer look by anyone interested in military history and Japanese antique blades.

Legacy Arms FULL Restock (and lower pricing)

We honestly can’t remember when Legacy Arms was last fully restocked. But right now literally EVERY sword they offer is in stock and ready to ship – and it gets even better because with new MUCH lower prices from now, these swords now offer some of the very best value for money ever seen..

In addition to the variety of swords and blades on offer and the new lower pricing, this will also be the last time you will see these models made by the original manufacturer in the Philippines – with all future restocks being made by suppliers in China..

So get what you can while you can!

Some of the restocked classic models

Legacy Arms Ranger Sword

Was $369.00, NOW $279.95

Legacy Arms Falcata

WAS $255.00, NOW $199.95

Legacy Arms Brookhart Hospitaller Sword

WAS $329.00, NOW $249.95

Legacy Arms Irish Sword

WAS $329.00, NOW $249.95

Legacy Arms Roman Maintz Gladius

WAS $255.00, NOW $199.95

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, click below for the entire Legacy Arms catalog here at SBG:

Five New Listings for Antique Japanese Swords from Blades of Japan

While most experts agree that the starting price for a Japanese made Shisakuto (newly forged sword) or antique starts at around $7,500 and goes WAAAY up from there, there are some antiques that become available due to a lack of paperwork or a signed tang (or both) and generally fairly tired condition, that become available at a fraction of the price they would fetch if restored and had the necessary certification from the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK).

Below are FIVE such blades, listed on SBG at bargain pricing, starting with:

BoJ O-Wakizashi #001: Antique Katahiriha Pirate O-Wakizashi 504

It’s a very rare (purposefully) asymmetrical blade type known as Katahiriha-zukuri, popular with – of all things – Japanese pirates! Unfortunately, it has a hairline crack in the hamon so cannot really be restored or used safely again because of it, but if you want to own a unique piece of Japanese history it is available in Shirasaya for a crazy low price of $1,875.00 (without the crack and with the right paperwork, it could EASILY fetch five times as much – if not more!).

BoJ Daisho Set #002: Antique, Mumei Edo Period Katana and Wakizashi 531

The blades are not signed (Mumei) but this antique Daisho set, once owned by a Samurai family, still comes with the original fittings it was bedecked out with, as well as a cool little Kozuka knife that fits into a slot along the saya and through the tsuba. It could certainly do with some restorative work, but that’s why this rare Daisho set is currently on sale for just $6,250.. (sorry, cannot be sold separately).

BoJ Gunto #002: Antique Shin-Gunto 547

Most WWII Gunto swords are fairly generic – but not this blade. Made during the war, it has a unique 3 piece reinforced tsuba for the China campaign and has a full wrap rayskin saya. Truly a bargain at $2,546.87.

Boj Katana #012: Antique Mumei Katana 555

The black ito might be greying and the blade in need of a restorative polish, and who knows how much it would be worth if the smiths signature on the tang was still legible (it WAS signed, but the signature has worn off over the centuries) – but it’s certain to sell fast at the current price of $2,265.62..

Take a careful look at the pictures, read the full description and ask any questions you may have AHEAD of purchasing these swords as they are far from perfect, but priced accordingly. Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time once purchased for shipping as Japanese sword export law is very strict and requires a considerable amount of paperwork to process and cannot be returned.

2 new sub $300 medieval swords!

It certainly is a bargain hunters paradise for sword collecting at the moment. And on top of this months recent sales, discounts and price drops – we see 2 new sub $300 medieval swords enter the fray – one from Legacy Arms and the other, Kingston Arms accordingly.

First one up is the reworked and improved (lighter overall by around 9oz and with more modern, better tempering) is their tribute to the Knights Templar Warsword – and even better, the price is down from $329.00 to a total bargain at $249.95..

And the second sword is a follow up to Kingston Arms recently released Claymore – this version in brown leather:

Not only does it look the part, it IS the part – with an extremely well balanced blade and very sturdy and attractive fittings for just $299.99..

More great deals than you can poke a stick (or a sword!) at – so enjoy the bargains while you still can..

New Lower Pricing on Legacy Arms

We have been fans of Legacy Arms since SBG started in 2005. Indeed, some of the first real swords we ever bought were from when they were named ‘Generation 2’ and we were very impressed by the overall fit and finish, blade quality and hand made toughness that this line represented.

Of course, this was back in 2005 – when they were indeed sub $300 swords and were pretty much the pinnacle of that kind of price point we specialized in. So after YEARS of pestering them for discounts and higher stock levels, the difficult sword market has finally delivered us a gem much like how a diamond forms deep underground over many, many years of building pressure..

Legacy Arms is coming back on the map with much lower pricing, which we believe will once again make this esteemed brand competitive. Just look at what is available RIGHT NOW because with this new lower pricing, many of these blades have become an absolute steal.


The Generation 2 Flagship design and one of the first reviews on SBG way back when, this inspired by John Boormans classic 1981 movie “Excalibur” is not for the faint of heart with solid brass fittings and a tight wire wrapped handle. Previously $519 NOW just $399.95!


This was the blade that old school reviewer ‘ShooterMike’ Harris reviewed back in the day and compared the overall handling and fit and finish to an Albion sword.. Even at the old price of $335 it was a bargain, but now at $269.95 – well, yeah. Not many in stock so grab them while you can..


Refined over the years, the Black Prince is a stunning example of a 14th century Type XVa Longsword with peened black pommel, leather wrapped handle with 3 risers and a black steel crossguard. Previously $329, now just $249.99 making it a total bargain in anyones language.


One of the most common sword types during the middle ages, this short out of the way medieval side arm was and still remains a highly effective method of personal self defence for well to do commoners, archers, knights and even lords and ladies.. Previously a great buy at $269 – now we are more or less giving them away at $199.95


This sword was a lot of fun back in the day. Originally in brass, they changed the fittings to solid steel to keep the price down. But now the price has totally plummeted, down from $269 to just $199.95!


Ah, I still remember the surprise when I used one of these to sever a dried piece of bamboo thicker than my forearm with one clean cut.. Not bad for a thrusting sword with some serious punch. Only a handful in stock though, and will be cleaned out with the price drop down from $255 to – yup, $199.95.. (wow).


While the matching Ranger Sword may not be in stock for a while, this fully functional fantasy dagger is available and priced to clear – from $159 to $119.95.

While stock levels are not that high right now and a change to a new supplier who can keep up with the demand these new prices are certain to stimulate, there has never been a better time to grab some of these truly iconic blades at unprecendented low prices..

Have at it folks!