Just when you think there can’t possibly be any more specials…

It is unprecedented, three major sales and price breaks within 3 days. But the struggling sword industry is desperate for sales just to keep the lights on, and so as we always do we have passed on the savings direct to you guys so you can grab yourself a true bargain.

And these last two (as we don’t expect any additional deals like these to come through anytime soon!) cap off the sale very nicely!

SPECIAL OFFER #1: A-trim Designed Kingston Arms Cutlass

You could pay as much for the scabbard alone at some places. But this really is the complete package when it comes to a fast and agile, perfectly optimized cutlass designed by the legendary Gus Trim himself. MSRP on this one is $525 which is a fair price. Our usual discounted price, a bargain at $349.99. But from now until the end of the month you can practically steal it for $299.99

SPECIAL OFFER #2: Dragon King Spring Sakura Katana

With an honest 5160 Spring Steel blade and awesome steel fittings, this tough and forgiving, durable Katana is perfect as a dojo workhorse or serious backyard cutter. With a $500 MSRP, and our usual price at a much more reasonable $379.99 – you can get it with a whopping $100 discount all month and while stocks last..

What a crazy start to the month, but that’s all we have sales wise for now. So have a look at the bonanza and grab a bargain while you can..

Some bad news for Canadian Sword Lovers..

With recent restocks and sales you might be forgiven for thinking that all is well with the sword industry – but things are rarely as they seem..

In recent years shipping swords around the world has become increasingly difficult and complicated – and most recently CANADA seems to have singled out swords as ‘dangerous goods’ and have started returning our shipments sent from the US to Canada, even singling swords out with their own ‘dangerous goods’ checkbox along with air shocks, guns, ink cartridges, knives, liquids, swords and the dreaded ‘other’ category..

The merit of this spurious decision is a topic for another time, but least to say that lumping swords in with Airshocks, ink cartridges and liquids generally suggests that the perceived threat of shipping a sword is that it will somehow get out of its scabbard, out of the box and start flying around in the cockpit causing mayhem..

While this is patently ridiculous, and with swords both being legal to own across both sides of the North American border, the fact remains that swords have been once again singled out by brainless and fearful bureaucrats and, unable to sustain the shipping costs and losses at our end, we are left with no choice but to – effective immediately – halt all US->Canada sword shipments until further notice..

This has not cut off ALL our products from Canada – Darksword Armory, who are based in Quebec, can still ship for us and the cost remains entirely free. And for the time being, as they ship direct from the Forges in China, Project X, Forge Direct Japanese and Forge Direct Chinese are still able to ship to our Canadian customers..

But everything else is off the table, and so it would seem the only option remains to use the services of a third party shipping service such as Planet Express:

To say that this is yet another blow to our fragile industry is an understatement, but it is what it is and unless and until another economical shipping service surfaces, we are stuck with this very unpleasant situation..

More posts and some additional sales and specials still pending, but we needed to get this bad news out there and stem our losses before it gets out of hand..

Just landed – and selling out fast..

As our tiny industry continues to struggle with the messed up global supply chains there is the occasional ray of sunshine. In typical ‘new normal’ style, everything that can goes wrong DOES go wrong, and it was almost an absolute disaster for our good friends at CAS Iberia – the master distributor for such well known sword brands as A.P.O.C., Hanwei Forge, Dragon King and several others..

As with every recent shipment since 2020 – it was several months late due to supply chain hell – and then when it finally came in customs in their wisdom pulled it aside and subjected it to an item by item complete customs inspection, something that has not happened since CAS first started selling swords way back in the 1990s!

But after jumping through all the hoops and fulfilling many backorders for sword sellers all over the world – some stock is left over from this restock.. But with the next restock several months away (and with ongoing supply chain issues, HIGHLY unpredictable) and price pressure pushing everything up (and up and up) there are a few very popular and extremely good value deals still left if you are quick..

Here are some of the best and most time sensitive ones..


Survival Longsword – $175.95

The latest addition to the A.P.O.C. line and proving to be one of the most popular. Definitely get your hands on this one before it runs out of stock again..

Survival Katana – $164.95

We can’t keep the price on this one where it is much longer, so lock in the best price now while you still can..


Dark Sentinel – $137.98

A true classic, and crazy good value – just a simple, fully functional Katanaesque fantasy sword for pennies on the dollar.

Albrecht II – $297.95

It’s much bigger in person than the pictures suggest, well balanced and and a true classic. Price pressure will soon push it above $300 so lock in the classic pricing while it lasts..

Restocked – Dragon King

Savior Katana – $637.95

One of the best differentially T10 tool steel blades on the market.

Warfire Katana – $359.98

Dragon Kings super popular, highly affordable entry level sword with 65MN spring steel blade and premium fittings.

IMPORTANT NOTE – because they are simultaneously physically restocking, packing and shipping a long list of backorders and also trying to process and ship new orders – please be patient with shipping times. It may take a week to get everything sorted properly – but don’t wait until things get a little less hectic as all the best swords may well be gone by then..!

NEW Bamboo Tanto by Dragon King

Following hot on the heels of the SanMai Laminated Baika Tanto by Dailan based artisan Frenchie Jin is the more affordable – and almost as stunning – alternative – the Bamboo Tanto.

Sporting a beatufilly tempered, stunningly executed T10 Tool Steel blade with distinctive Choji hamon packed away into what appears to be a short length of stylized bamboo..

And should you ever have doubts about where the blade is when you draw it, simply place your thumb on the circle on the saya to know the direction of the blade edge, and your other thumb on the highly detailed mon on the handle to draw it open.

Released with a retail price of $275 you can get it for just $199.99 right here at the SBG Sword Store.

Dragon King and A.P.O.C. Restock

For the last few months sword sales across the board have been quite strong – so strong in fact that most manufacturers were not quite prepared for the influx of orders – and so we have seen a lot of popular product lines struggling to keep up with demand.

Two such brands were Dragon King and the Zombie Apocalypse ready A.P.O.C. Tactical sword series – both of these were running exceptionally low on stock. But just in time a new shipment has just come in an refreshed many of the most popular products from these two top quality sword lines.

Here’s a few of the most popular products (and my personal favorites):


Elegant in it’s sleek, black profile – this super tough blade made from monotempered 9260 Spring Steel is not surprisingly super popular as a result. Amazing value at jut $164.95

As these are indeed very popular products that have only just come back into stock, if you like one of these we strongly recommend you order while you can as demand is kind of crazy and the best swords are certain to be snapped up fast..


Voted by Blade Magazine as “One of the Four Best Kukri’s You Can Buy” this mean little chopper is almost indestructible and an absolute steal at just $129.95.


Insanely popular for both fans of the original series and for anyone who likes a super cool looking Katana, this unique sword design is based on the 1970s Japanese TV series and movie ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ about a Masterless Samurai Executioner seeking refuge and revenge while protecting his young son in a makeshift cart..

Differentially hardened premium T10 tool steel blade – superior fittings – and great value at $799.98.


The baddest bad boy on the block – the Shi (Death) Katana by Dragon King is probably one of the meanest looking Katana ever made. With black ito over black rayskin, silver skull themed menuki, silver habaki and a mean skull themed iron tsuba with silver leaf painted tooth – the fittings support a truly lethal DH T10 tool steel blade and at $629.99 ensures a premium quality package.


Last but certainly not least is the Spring Sakura Katana from the Dragon King Monotempered sword series. All of these swords are made from super tough flex tempered 5160 Spring Steel ensuring maximum durability and making them ideal for the beginner, as few swords are as forgiving of bad cuts and errors than the Dragon King Monotempered Katana series. And even better, at $319.99 they are priced so that almost anyone can afford one.

To see the complete line up of each brand, click below: