And thus ends the Legendary Swords Project..

At Least, as it was originally planned..

It took 2 years to get to this point, but as explained in previous blog posts, things did not go as well as we had hoped or needed them to continue or project to make the best fully functional fantasy swords on the market..

All the swords that we brought in or had made are now sold out, and all that is left of the project are the made to order designs by Scorpion Swords, albeit renamed..

Example, the Aelutian Gladius has now been renamed as the Celtic Fantasy Sword

You can read more about it all over on the Legendary Swords blog here (and also see a sword that was in the making before the project was canned, but will still be made as a one off custom sword for my very good lifelong friend who design it).

Prototype for a pending design – now to be made as a custom one off

While the Legendary Swords site itself will go on, we can firmly state that we have no more plans to produce any more fantasy sword designs on a commercial scale – and will instead concentrate on the fantasy sword market as it exists today, provide portfolio’s for custom sword makers and making and concentrate on digital fantasy sword art such as Webcomics, digital art and even role playing elements until the site, which grew organically, finds its ultimate direction again (Plan B I guess).

In the meantime, stay tuned – because its going to be a busy month. The limited re-release of custom versions of our best quality and most respected Katana brand, Project X, is imminent – and there are also a few other surprises that have nothing to do with fantasy swords just around the corner.

Until then, it has been a ride, that is for sure.

A very lucky mistake for some..

Usually when a business makes a mistake, understandably in most cases it is the customer who gets upset.. But sometimes when a business makes a mistake, the customer accidentally gets the deal of a lifetime…

Well, it just came to our attention that there has been a mistake in the latter category – because every customer who ordered one of the Ryujin Wakizashi was getting much more than they bargained and paid for…

I don’t know why I didn’t see it either – and looking back at it in hindsight – it’s glaringly obvious..

Just take a look at the picture below at the bo-hi and no-hi versions of this Wakizashi paying particular attention to the hamon temper line..

Click for a close up pic to see what I am seeing now..

Yes, that’s right. The Ryujin Custom Wakizashi were not the standard T10 tool steel differentially hardened blades to match the $229 Ryujin Custom Katana.. They are the ELITE Choji Midare Hamon versions to match the $469 Ryujin Custom Sword..!

This has meant for the longest time both Ryujin and SBG have been selling these excellent blades BELOW COST and every customer who ordered one unwittingly got more than they bargained for in a very good way..!

Naturally, we need to correct this quickly – it can’t continue to be sold anywhere near the $184 price tag they are currently going for. But here’s one last special chance – while we wait to get the correct adjusted pricing from the forge and raise it up to a price where we aren’t actually all losing money selling it – it is STILL available at the $184 price – but only for a day or two at the most..

So if you are a bargain hunter and in the market for a cool custom Wakizashi with a very lively and prominent natural hamon – you had better grab one of these at the accidental pricing before they go up rather significantly in price..

Choji Elite Wakizashi – with bo-hi

Choji Elite Wakizashi – no-hi

Legendary Swords Project Cancellation: Final Closeout Sale

Perhaps the concept was doomed from the start and my own excitement and enthusiasm got the better of me. But our attempt to fill the void for actually functional, battle ready fantasy swords has not been anywhere near as successful as it needed to be to continue the project.

The final straw has been extremely poor sales of the BCI sword shipment that just landed March 30th – despite being able to bring them in at incredibly low prices for such lovingly hand crafted sword art..

Now with the budget for this project well and truly blown out – the Legendary Swords Project has had no choice but to disengage from its goal of creating the worlds best value for money truly battle ready fantasy swords – but our failure is YOUR chance to grab a serious bargain and get some rare collectible swords that we will never be able to offer again..

Here they are, the best closeout deals of 2019..

Starting with the BCI shipment that just landed..

We managed to bring them in at the lowest target price possible, but despite heavy promotion and our best efforts to get the word out about the quality and value for money of these swords, sales were not forthcoming..

So now we clear them all out with a huge $100 discount on each sword, giving you WHOLESALE pricing so that we can at least try to recover the funds tied up in these premium quality hand made swords (I honestly still can’t believe that people did not snap these up when they were first released)..

Here are the BCI stocked swords on final closeout:

The Vorpal Sword – was $579.99 – NOW $479.99
The Castir – was $599.99 – NOW $499.99
Sword of Danu – was $499.99 – NOW $399.99

But there is more…

In addition to the final closeout sale of the BCI Swords, Master Smith Michael Ye is also winding up his part of the project – but before they disappear for good, one final hurrah at insanely low prices.

Here they are for the last time:

Adept Enegry Swords – 4 styles – was $479.99 NOW $379.99
Sky Templar Sword – was $699.99 – NOW $329,99
Sky Templar Gladius – was $699.99 – NOW $329.99
The Sky Dragon – was $1,399.99 – NOW $599.99
The Sword of Peace – was $999.99 – NOW $499.99
Dragons Tongue – was $549.99 – NOW $299.99

The closeout ends May 5th 2019, marking the end of an era.

Many lessons were learned during this project, and the Legendary Swords website will eventually find a new direction. But for now, grab a piece of ‘history’ before it all fades into the mists of time..


Blade Culture International Shipment Just In!

This one has been 9+ months in the making – and 2 years in the planning..

And we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer the first round of SBG member designed swords for the Legendary Swords Project (plus a restock of the awesome Tactical Ginunting Sword), all priced as low as possible and offering tremendous value for money.

Here’s a quick pic of one of each sword from the shipment

From Left to Right, Tactical Ginunting ($349.99), Sword of Danu ($499.99)., The Castir ($599.99) and the Vorpal Sword ($579.99)
Blades slightly drawn from the scabbards. Just gorgeous…

Lovingly hand crafted in the Philippines by their best forge, these really are something special.

As stock is VERY limited, if you see a sword in the lineup you like, best grab it while you can – they take so long to make that the earliest restock of these models is unlikely to be any earlier than December 2019, so don’t miss out.


European Sword Shipping Ban..

I was hoping to have a much more positive blog post for you today – but that is going to have to wait as our sword collecting brothers and sisters in Europe have just been given punch in the guts by the E.U.

It’s not out of the blue – but it is rather sudden, and it appears that ALL standard sword shipping methods to Europe have been suddenly taken away and all shipments in transit to E.U. countries are hitting a wall and bouncing back to sender (a huge waste of money and a hit to ALL sellers of swords, as now an average shipping cost of $60 per sword is down the drain).

There is no announcement that we are aware of, and as swords ARE legal in the E.U., this is really an attack on civil liberties, personal responsibility and freedom that so many European countries hold so dear..

I have started a thread to discuss this and provide updates and news as it comes to hand here on the SBG Sword Forum. But for now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but due to this situation we have had to remove ALL European countries as valid shipping destinations for our store as we have no economical method left to ship by..

For any customers with swords in transit that are being effected by the ban, we will endeavor to receive any swords that are returned and refund you as soon as possible..