Store Officially Re-Opened!

Plus Some Sneak Peaks at what is planned for the first couple of months…

Hey everyone,

Thanks for bearing with us while we took some time off during the holidays. As of today we are officially back to work, though personally I am still in transit back and there might be some minor delays with personal correspondence until the end of the week as there is a ton of stuff to catch up with, and as you will see in this blog post, a ton of new projects and ideas that need to be addressed..

So in the meantime, we are pleased to advise that the 5% coupon code will remain active until the 17th of January!



Simply click the coupon code to automatically add it to any and all products in your cart.

CONDITIONS: Please note that this coupon MUST be used at the time of purchase to qualify. It cannot be retroactively applied to an order, so please ensure you double check it has been applied BEFORE you pay for your order. The coupon code will become inactive at midnight the 17th of January 2020.

What is planned for Jan-Feb 2020..

A sneak peak…

First off, January is the lunar new year – and so as it has become something of a tradition over the previous years, stay tuned for the CHINESE NEW YEAR MEGA-SALE on Forge Direct Chinese..

But another HUGE new project planned that will dominate the early part of 2020 (and continue to expand and grow over the course of the whole year) is related to my current trip to Japan – our first offering of genuine ANTIQUE and GENDAITO Nihonto (Katana made in Japan!).

More on this will be released on the blog, social media and our various newsletters over the course of the coming days and weeks, but in the meantme, here are a few sneak previews..

First off, the Japanese Sword Smith who has made all of this possible as we took a stroll around the Masumida-jinja Shrine in Aichi province, a relatively short distance from his forge on the outskirts of Seki City.

Yours truly inspecting one of the many Nihonto antique swords that we will be making availble to collectors and enthuisiasts over the following weeks right here at the SBG sword store (and yes, it is hard to disguise my feeling of AWE looking at these blades, almost all of which are several hundred years old..)

And just a sneak peak at two of the actual antiques that we will be offering at the most reasonable price possible.. (though naturally, being the real deal – they will be more than most swords we usually offer at SBG, but as always, sold with the fairest and best margins we can muster to give collectors the world over a fighting chance to own one).

Naturally this ‘working holiday’ was extremely educational, and I will be doing my best to share what I learned with all of you as many questions I had about Japanese swords were clarified, and I have necer seen or handled as many genuine antiques at one time as I have during this incredibly eye opening trip.

So I hope that you will all bear with me over the coming days as I catch up and prepare to share everything I have learned and everything that we can offer you!

Talk again soon.

  • Paul

Store Holiday Schedule

Dec 20, 2019 -> Jan 13, 2020

Our store is officially closed from the 20th of December 2019 to the 13th of January, 2015. During this time a skeleton crew of staff will still continue to process and arrange shipping of as many orders as possible – though delays in the early part of the holiday schedule are to be expected.

Email support will still be available during our official close sure but only to a limited degree, again, especially in the early stages of the holiday season.

To try and make up for all these inconveniences and the extended length of the holiday schedule this season, we are offering up a 5% discount coupon on ALL products in the store, as the vast majority of any orders placed now will arrive well after Christmas and possibly even as late as early January.



Click on the link for the coupon code to be automatically applied to any and all orders in your shopping cart. It can be used on any and all products currently on sale at the store:

IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: The coupon code and 5% discount is ONLY valid if used at the time of purchase. We will not backdate it, nor will we refund you if you forget to enter it when you place your order. The discount may be withdrawn at any time up to the official re-opening on the 13th.

Sorry to anyone who recently ordered, but any orders from now will shipped significantly later than any placed before the close off date (as it is a weekend too) so the coupon is to make up for much slower shipping and response times. Thanks for your understanding..

That’s all for 2019 – the reason for the long vacation period this year is the director and owner of Sword Buyers Guide (yours truly who writes all the blog posts, Paul Southren) will be taking a visit to Hokkaido, the Northernmost island of Japan for Christmas and New Years with his daughter, and in early January will be spending time with a Japanese Master Smith and his friends delving deeper than ever before into the world of the genuine Japanese Nihonto as explained in the Christmas Edition of the Sword Buyers Digest Online Magazine (click here to read the back issue).

Hope you have a great holiday season and look forward to talking to you all again when we open up on the 13th.

All the best,

SBG Store Owner and Founder, Paul Southren

Cas Iberia Price Rise: We knew it was coming, but didn’t know it was so close..

As many of you know, 2019 has been a rough year for the sword industry in a series of bad years that started around 2010-2011, but this time the pressure on the industry, which is about as small and ‘niche’ as any market you can imagine, has passed the point of no return..

Trade wars. Loss of access to international markets due to severe and new shipping restrictions specifically targeting swords. The loss of trade agreements with India and lower volume of sword making around the world due to predatory trade practices – all of this has reached the point of no return, and it’s either put prices up or go out of business..

So effective immediately, ALL product lines distributed by CAS Iberia (including Hanwei, Kingston Arms, A.P.O.C. and Dragon King) will be going up by 10%..

That’s the bad news..

The good news? Well, if you use the following coupon code you can get back the original prices PLUS a further 5% discount..


The coupon code applies to ALL products from the following product lines:

A.P.O.C. Tactical Swords

Hanwei Forge (Paul Chen)

Kingston Arms

Dragon King

True, it might not be as good as the deals that were on offer during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Anyone who got in on one of those deals should consider themselves VERY lucky. But this is the next best thing – the best we can do.

Just enter the coupon code FINAL15 (all capitals, no spaces) and get one last chance to save..

And so, another year is coming to a close..

While there may be some last minute frantic sales here and there elsewhere, anyone who has read our official guide to buying swords at Christmas time will know that if you want a smooth Christmas sword buying experience, you need to get in early.

Many of our customers purchased during November, and right now we are winding down for the holidays as I will be taking time off to concentrate on spending uninterrupted time with my family – something I rarely do as the time demands SBG put on me are intensive to say the least..

No more products are planned to be launched this year, and as you can see from the holiday schedule above – we are about to close down in a few days time. However, during the holiday period there WILL be a skeleton crew manning the store to process and ship orders whenever possible – but please be aware that delays are to be expected (as many of the shipping services and warehouses we use are also on holidays during this period) and email support will be very limited.

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays!

Black Friday Deals Starting NOW!

Round 2 of the 15% off coupon code and 25% off 8 new swords from a new forge as part of Forge Direct Chinese!

To say it has been a busy week is an understatement.. But I hope that you will agree that it has been worth all the preparation, and it’s not all done quite yet (if you think it looks busy on the surface you should see how insanely busy things are on the inside! We have more irons in the fire than we know what to do with almost..!).

Anyway, before I ramble on too much – let’s get to the crux of this post because it is now BLACK FRIDAY and the deals are coming in hard and fast..

First up, and this one surprised me, Cas Iberia are running a second round of heavy discounts on 4 major brands – 15% off EVERYTHING they make using the coupon code below:

Hanwei Forge (Paul Chen)

Kingston Arms

Dragon King


And don’t forget, order 3 swords at the same time and you also get FREE SHIPPING.

But the next big release is that our success with Forge Direct has attracted one of, if not THE premium forge for traditional Master Smith crafted Chinese Swords – established in 1956 and were selected to craft the four swords gifted to president Nixon in 1972 – the Baojian Forge (with over 50 smiths, including several rank 1 master smiths, and 200 workers – it’s no small fly by night operation!).

And the best part, we have started our collaboration with 8 new swords, 6 of which are actually available ex-stock and can be shipped in time for Christmas, with a massive 25% introductory discount until midnight the 3rd of December..!

I have just spent several hours refining the listings and preparing the special announcement plus additional bonus deals for members of the Project X inner circle, so rather than introduce each sword for what feels like the umpteenth time – click the link below to see them in the New Products Section of the Store:

In the meantime, just a few random high resolution ‘glamor’ shots of some of the 8 new swords available.

First up is the most glamorous and expensive – one of these was actually purchased by a MAJOR A list Chinese celebrity (TV and Movie Director
Zhang Jizhong) with a Windsteel blade and all Damascus folded steel fittings plus imported Brazilian Black ebony..

At the other end of the spectrum, a short bladed Tang Dao in plain rosewood fittings – only $450 with the 25% discount and worth EVERY penny and then some..

And for those of you who prefer a longer, more elaborate Tang Dao – check out this two handed Tang Dynasty Yi-Dao and its distinctive ‘chisel tip’ blade profile – ideal for piercing almost any target..

For martial artists and serious Tai-Chi practitioners, we have the extremely well balanced 9 Dragon Sword, available with a standard shiny brass finish..

Or a more subdued antiqued finish (though it is essentially the same sword, just a different finish).

Then we have an ancient sword from the warring states period – specifically a sword of the Yue Kingdom (which encompasses modern day Shanghai) and the tale of the mysterious Yue Maiden – a former shepardess who learned swordsmanship ‘play fighting’ with a supernatural white gibbon and who trained the entire Yue army..

And should you feel in need of some good luck, nothing will bring you good fortune like the ‘lucky’ Sword of the Heavens..

And last but not least, a real stunner and one my favorites, the Supreme Dragon..

Most of the swords come with the name of the forge and the name of the sword engraved on each side but this is optional – you can choose to forgo it if you prefer a plain unadorned blade and though it will delay things slightly, the forge assures us that they have enough workers and smiths standing by to be able to make these swords in time for Christmas – and as mentioned, quite a few of of these are available from stock for almost immediate shipping.

So to beat the rush, get the 25% discount and ensure you get in ahead of the queue, if one of these swords ‘speaks’ to you, NOW is the time to pull the trigger..

More Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming soon – so stay tuned! It is going to be a long and busy weekend that is for sure..

P.S. If you haven’t already, sign up to our store newsletter – there will be some deals in there that are NOT available to members of the general public – the kind of deals you REALLY will not want to miss out on. So sign up today and keep your eye on that inbox… (Project X subscribers, check your inbox NOW for all the extra bonuses and goodies you guys get).