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That's right, EVERY sword we stock here is an authentic, sharpened, fully functional replica ready for hours of cutting practice straight out of the box. We do NOT sell wall hangers or stainless steel swords - EVERY sword you see here is made from expertly tempered carbon steel (High carbon or Spring Steels), has a full tang and is priced at the lowest margins possible and backed up by our LIFETIME guarantee, so you can buy with confidence EVERY time.. 

"If We Wouldn't Buy It For Ourselves, You Won't Find it Here!" 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. We may not have the biggest selection, but there is absolutely not fluff or filler here. Just solid, well made swords, many of which you simply cannot find anywhere else..

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Limited Edition Ryujin Custom Katana Offer

T10 Tool Steel Blade with Stunning Mother of Pearl Saya and Solid Brass Tsunami themed fittings. Available Until the end of June and only while stocks last...

Ryujin T10 Custom Katana - Mother of Pearl Elite Fittings
$229.99 $369.99


Available until end of June 2018 or until sold out!

T10 Tool Steel solid bodied blade with elite Mother of Pearl Inlaid Redwood Saya (valued at over $100 just by itself!), your choice of black or red tsuka ito on elite tsunami brass fittings and either the iron Bamboo or iron Musashi Tsuba. Assembled to your specifications and shipped within 1 week!

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