Ryujin Restock, New Swords and More

Recently I met up with my personal friend and business associate, Sam Sung, one of the founders of Musashi Swords,Ryujin Swords and many other well known sword and knife brands..

Quite a few of the project ideas we discussed are a bit far down the line, but there were a couple of new products that came out of the discussion that we are able to offer you right now..

The first is a general restock of our Ryujin custom swords and return of the 33″ custom O-katana – and return of the special introductory pricing of just $229.99 – the same price as the regular sized blades!

But during our discussions I also found out about two other swords that Sam has managed to source, and after some negotiation, have added the minimum markup and am offering them to you guys at pretty amazing prices..

The first of the two new swords is a basic entry level 1045 carbon steel blade in Shirasaya.

As you can see, it is a bare blade in glossy lacquered natural wood fittings – for just $74.99 PLUS you also get your choice of a free budget cleaning kit or sword stand..

And then there is one that literally blew me away, a fully functional 1060 carbon steel version of the iconic Ming Dynasty sword, the Yong Lo Sword – for just (wait for it)…


No doubt other less scrupulous sellers would be happy to offer this sword to you for $400 to $600, simply because it looks like it should sell for that much.. But that’s not the SBG way..

More products and projects are coming down the line from this auspicious meeting (indeed, it was our first meeting several years ago that led to the Ryujin Custom Katana line in the first place) so stay tuned.

But in the meantime, check out these deals and more in the Hot Specials Section..

For Quick Sale: Forge Direct Scratch and Dent King of Chu Sword

This one is priced for quick sale..

For the first time there was a mix up with one of our Forge Direct Chinese Sword orders – instead of the King of Qin Sword, our good customer was sent a King of Chu Sword – and to make matters worse, there was a discrepancy with how the hilt was finished.

Instead of this:

The hilt ended up looking like this:

Otherwise though, it is a great example of a Forge Direct 1095 carbon steel folded blade – and priced to sell as the normal price on this sword is $749.99 but this one, which is available for immediate shipping, is on offer for less than half price at just $299.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

A crazy deal for someone who is fast – if it is still available you will find it at the top of the HOT SPECIALS page.

Below Wholesale Special on the Dragon King Kohaku Katana


That elusive visual evidence of a differentially hardened blade that shows clearly where the edge is hardened (yakiba) and what part of the blade is softer and more shock absorbent.

It is often subtle, shifting in and out of the light – but T10 tool steel seems to allow it to show a lot clearer than many other sword steels. And NONE clearer than the Kohaku Katana by Dragon King..

Just take a look at how richly defined and prominent this hamon temper line is on this piece:

An incredibly prominent and clearly defined hamon is what sets this sword apart from so many others

And where many blades have a tip (kissaki) that is counterpolished and ugly – after all, polishing the kissaki is almost as much work as polishing the rest of the blade due to its curved geometry – the Kohaku is, well, pretty much perfect.

Pretty much a PERFECT kissaki with amazing polish and stunning boshi

But the Kohaku is the complete package – with silver habaki, seppa and menuki, buffalo horn on the saya, iron koshirae, real rayskin – all done in a classic ‘Koi’ theme.

Great blade, great fittings and great price. What more can you ask for?

And now, until the end of May and while stocks last, you can pick up this sword BELOW WHOLESALE and with FREE SHIPPING – making it a fantastic deal for any bargain hunter looking to get the best possible sword for the best possible price.

Check it out here in the store

Ryujin Elite Overstock Sale

With a new shipment pending in May, the Ryujin workshops warehouse needs to clear some space..

So to help them out, we have come up with a winning deal – a huge price reduction and return of the limited edition Choji Midare Musashi Tsuba Custom Katana.

Normally valued at $569.99 – with the closest product to it, the full custom Elite selling for $479.99 – from now until the end of May you can pick it up for the bargain price of just $379.99.

So grab a bargain while you can – and don’t forget, this is a semi-custom sword – you can choose the color of the handle wrap and the sheathe allowing you to make it uniquely your own.

Click here to get yours before they are sold out

Forge Direct: The Spring Collection

Forge Direct goes from strength to strength with the release of 18 new exciting and original Master Smith forged swords in the Spring Collection 2018.

And as you can see, all the new models are available with a whopping 20% introductory special pricing offer from now until the 30th of April.

Here’s a little taste of what is in store:


This is actually a limited edition offer – ONLY available from now until April 30 – and it is for a fully customizable version of the original Muramasa prototype I had made that kicked off the Forge Direct Japanese project..

You can leave it as is, and get the exact same sword I tested in my review here – or tweak it however you like. The customization options are NEARLY as many as for the full $899.99 Custom Katana, so if you are in the market for an elite level cutting Katana, made to YOUR taste and style – you only have about 10 days to get in on this one..

Traditional Chinese Swords

There are some real standouts in the selection for Chinese swords – too many models to go over quickly here, but here are a few that I think deserve more than a cursory look..


One of the most unique is the so called Spinsteel Jian – which is made using a special revolving pattern welding technique to produce a blade, well, a blade like THIS..


Bargain lovers in the market for a nice handling Jian should love the Classic Peony – stylish traditional fittings, but the master smith folded 1095 carbon steel blade flashes like lightning with a point of balance just 3.93 inches from the hand guard, and is one of the most affordable at just $439.99 (and remember, this includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!).

And then Fantasy Swords, blades with unique patterns like the Sword of Hannonlle

Or the ultra affordable Sword of the Ages – eagle themed brass fittings with Jian scabbard and 1095 folded carbon steel blade is a nice surprise with an introductory price of not $699.99 but just $539.99 shipped worldwide…

There really are too many exciting designs to be able to cover here. So check them all out below – and be sure to grab these bargains while you still can. The special pricing is only valid until the end of the month…