New Swords for the Zombie Apocalypse..

Or indeed, whatever the future may hold, these new Tactical Swords are the solution..

First off, our own contribution – the Tactical Gladius by Scorpion Swords…

Made from expertly tempered 1095 carbon steel, this heavy (2.5lbs) but compact blade has incredible chopping and thrusting power and would have been instantly adopted by the Roman army had they ever had the opportunity..

Seriously heavy duty, you can pick up this baby for just $249.99 exclusively HERE at the SBG Sword Store..

The second contribution to our growing arsenal of tactical blades is the new collaboration between the legendary Gus Trim and the skilled artisans at Dragon King – the 9260 Spring Steel A.P.O.C. Tactical series swords..

Arriving in mid July – these swords caused such a sensation at the 2017 Blade Show that they are certain to sell out before the majority of the people who want one can get one.. (after all – at just $119 and $189 respectively, these swords are priced to SELL) – so beat the rush and pre-order yours with SBG today..


In the meantime, for more information on this line, check out our recently added interview with Cas Iberia Product Manager Blake Pogue on the main site here.

Hanwei Great Wave Katana – Below Wholesale Special Offer

It is one of the best selling, most popular high end swords in the Paul Chen Hanwei line up. But from now until the 2nd of July, you can pick up the AWESOME great wave Katana for BELOW WHOLESALE pricing at just $499,99..

Click here for more product info

Weighing 2lbs 10oz and with a point of balance 5″ from the tsuba, the Great Wave delivers incredibly powerful, authoritative cuts – the Great Wave is the complete package, suitable for display, backyard cutting or serious dojo applications – and can be yours at over 50% off the recommended retail price..

But only until the 2nd of July and while stocks last..

In the meantime, here are some pics taken from the SBG sword forum of the sword in question (click on the pics for a larger resolution picture).. For $960 it is good value for money. At $500 – an absolute steal..

Premium quality rayskin, ito wrap and iron fittings with Tomoe theme..

The demon menuki looks cool peeking out behind ultra tight ito wrap..

Stunning looking gold plated tomoe crest on the iron kashira

An of course, the differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade

Gotta love that rare ultra long ‘O-kissaki’ tip..

And a shot ‘under the hood’ – THIS is what a beefy full tang SHOULD look like..


SBG Custom Katana Orders Now Closed..

Just a very quick note, Batch 41 of the SBG Custom Katana officially closed off a few minutes ago and we will be spending the next couple of days confirming each order and making sure that all the details are correct and accommodate any last minute changes before we send the batch over to the forge to bring all the great new designs to life..

In the meantime, as the SBG Custom Katana will not be available to order again until at least mid September, we have temporarily moved the Custom Katana sales page HERE to the archives section.

We will post the occasional update here and email our customers with progress reports as the forge works away. In the meantime, thanks for your orders and talk again soon..!

New from Scorpion Swords – The Reaper…

It is one of their meanest swords to date – the viscous looking ‘Reaper’

While this sword gives a very modern ‘post apocalyptic’ feel to it, the basic design is over 2000 years old and based closely on the Greek Kopis, which in turn was believed to be influenced by the Egyptian Khopesh (a design Scorpion Swords excels at reproducing).

Hand made in the USA by Chris Palmer – like all the Scorpion Swords we offer – it is also extremely affordable at only $239.99 and is available to be shipped to a wide range of sword friendly countries around the world..

Check out our current Scorpion Swords line up here for more information

In the meantime, here are a some more glamor shots – click on any of the following pics for the high res version..

NEW: Filipino Swords by Blade Culture International Now in Stock!

As many of you may already know, in March I took a trip to the Blade Culture International Forge in Pangasinan, the Philippines. For those of you who missed it, you can read the full write up of my experiences at their forge HERE on the main site.

Long story short, we were so impressed by their workmanship that we placed a couple of large orders with them – the second order, which is for medieval and Chinese swords, should be finished by the end of the month and available to purchase sometime in July. But the first shipment – which is entirely of exotic and affordable traditional Filipino Swords – has just landed and is now available to ship from the BCI warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut.

Below are some examples of some of the swords we have available and ready to ship.

Prices are extremely reasonable – almost every sword is sub $300 (the only exception is the Espada y Daga, which is $335 but includes a sword and fighting dagger in the one sheathe, so while it is the most expensive, it is a set of two blades)..

The only real problem is that stock levels are not very high and production times between restocks can be several months, so if you see something you like, you had best snap it up before it goes out of stock..

Click here to check them out for yourself!