Ryujin Specials for November

Our friends at Ryujin have done it again, with the release of two SBG exclusive swords seen previously that have had a couple of nice upgrades..

The first is a bargain hunters delight – the $199.99 Musashi/Bamboo Custom Katana. This design amalgamates previous designs based on either the classic Musashi tsuba or the Bamboo tsuba into one great value for money product and the most affordable way to pick up one of their famous T10 tool steel blades..

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And for those of you who prefer a mid range sword (that kind of looks like it might be high end) – we present the upgraded version of the Mother of Pearl Saya Ryujin Katana.

This design takes the elite Choji Hamon blade, compliments it with the most attractive fitting combination there is, and blings it up with a beatutiful saya with genuine mother of pearl inserts..

And the best part, its cheaper than the normal version of this elite sword!

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So whether you are in the market for a budget piece or something close to high end without the high end price tag, Ryujin has you covered..

Christmas Bonuses..

Well, not the type of Christmas bonus where you get a nice chunk of cash, but its the next best thing..

From now until just before Christmas we have a couple of freebies to offer to everyone who orders.

First off, we bought a large supply of assorted silk sword bags worth $20 and will be adding them to each and every Dojo Pro Katana order purchased over the holiday season.

They come in various style and colors, but as it is a free gift (and not one of those ‘free gifts’ where the price gets bumped up to cover it..) there can be no exchanges, but we will send you a nice one..

The second offer is for any Darksword Armory sword purchased from now until the end of the holiday season. In addition to free shipping and free sharpening you will also get a free highly quality Stiletto dagger valued at $80 – absolutely free.

All the more reason to use the SBG Sword Store for your Christmas shopping this year..!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas..!

New from the Black Dragon Forge!

It has been quite a few years since we have had any stock of the Black Dragon Forge, the name we have given to swords made by the forge we use to create the legendary SBG Custom Katana series.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce a limited supply of new and improved designs are now available for immediate shipping.

This time around we have four models on offer – a new and improved version of the Classic Black Dragon elite, with folded T10 tool steel blade, real hamon, rayskin wrapped saya, leather ito with hishigami – you name it, it has it..

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This sword alone is worth the price of admission, and is complimented by its cousin, a Sanmai laminated sword with a similar classic style but with a rattan reinforced saya.

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The one we have the least stock of is a classic redesign of the Yakuza inspired Oyabun Shirasaya – perfect as it is, or a great way to get hold of one of the SBG T10 Black Dragon blades for a remounting project – for these blades are some of the finest around – strong, sharp, well tempered, beautiful and with real geometic yokote and highly polished kissaki normally only ever seen on swords with a four figure price tag – never mind a tad over $300…

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And finally, a truly original design and part of the Legendary Swords Project – the Hobgoblin Jintachi we have named the Bakemonogatana.

While the sword is functional sword art, it is based on real world designs seen in Filipino fighting swords, the Turkish Kijili and the Bujinkan Shibobigatana and is extremely versatile and has a rich backstory to accompany it as the weapon crafted and used by the brutal Hogoblins – changelings from the Harmonious Isles that have come to Eletreus and dominated the worlds last known supply of Coronatite..

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You can read the full backstory on this sword here at our sister site, Legendary Swords.com

Stocks are very limited – 10pcs each of the Elite Mk II and the Sanmai Katana, 4 of the Oyabun and 20 Hobgoblins. And once sold, who knows when they will be restocked (from memory, it has been at least 3 years). So at the very least have a look and see what’s on offer before they are gone. They make ideal Christmas gifts as they are new and rare, there is no danger of buying one of these and finding the recipient already has one..!

More deals coming soon as we ramp up for Christmas sales so be sure to check back often!

A couple more Cool Budget Chinese Swords

Following on the popularity of our affordable series of attractive and functional budget Chinese swords such as the Yong Lo and the Tang Dynasty Jian are two more swords from the same forge, and available for the same low sub $200 price point (though they look like they are worth a lot more).

The first is a version of an extremely popular design we offered in the first series of Forge Direct – the Kiangxi Horsebane Sword. Below is a quick video shot at the forge showing its edge and cutting ability – certainly not bad at all for the price.

Click here for more information on the Kiangxi Horsebane

The second is one of the most common and popular Chinese sword designs, a Han Dynasty Sword. Amazing to think that these swords were in use over 2000 years ago – this version has a beautifully tempered 65mn spring steel blade and silver colored fittings for some nice and afforfable functional sword art.

Click here for more information o the Han Dynasty Chinese LongSword

Odin’s Oar, pre-orders closing soon..

Work has already commenced on the final 10 swords of the Odin’s Oar – Sword of Runa by Longship Armory – and as of the time of writing this post the very last 3 pre-order slots are still open..

But one way or another, they will not be open for much longer.. If they are not taken up before midnight EST the 3rd of November, the opportunity to pre-order will slam shut and they will only be available to order once the final run is completed – but as these will be the last, the special pricing will be withdrawn and the last ones will be sold at true market value (sure, they might take longer to sell this way, but as once they are gone they are gone for good, this is not something we are concerned about).

So if you want to reserve one before its all too late – well, the clock is ticking..

Odin’s Oar – the last 10