Two High End Katana – Also with a Whopping 25% Discount!

April is definitely turning out to be a good month for bargain hunters..! In addition to our current Mega Sale on the Forge Direct Chinese Line mentioned in the previous post, now thanks to the good people at Cas Iberia, we have the chance to offer you the same 25% discount on our ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES on two of their premium quality Katana.

The first is from Dragon King – the budget version of their T10 differentially hardened Katana line, the Hana Katana.

Normally $519 – our everyday special price is $429 with free shipping in the USA, but from now until the 3rd of May it is available for just $321 (and still has free shipping). Check out the pics to see how nicely the real hamon is done – this is easily one of the best T10 tool steel Katana on the market, and at this price is an absolute steal.

The other sword is by Hanwei – the amazing L6 Bainite Katana, the Oni..

The overall design of this sword alone makes it an excellent choice for anyone who loves high end Katana. But the real value of this sword is in the L6 Bainite Blade – along with S7 Shock Steel, L6 Bainite is about as close to indestructable as any steel ever made..

With a retail price of $1,800 – our usual low price saves you $600.. But with the 25% discount, you can pick it up for a record low price of just $899.99 – but like the Dragon King Sword, only until the 3rd of May..

Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is Finally Here!

It took a little longer than expected to finalize the details – but we are delighted to announce that the Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is finally here!

With 8 new models added to the line up and EVERYTHING discounted by 25% (including the new models) this is an amazing chance to get the best traditional Chinese swords spanning over 2500 years of history at the best possible price..

You can check out the entire line up, including the 8 new models, here at the store

But whatever you do, don’t let this chance pass you by. This offer is only valid until the 3rd of May, at which time all the swords will revert to their normal pricing.

Jian of Marquis Yi – Sale Extended for 3 more days..

We have had a few requests for a ‘little more time’ to purchase the limited edition Project X Jian of Marquis Yi..

So Master Xiaolong kindly extended the offer for another 3 days with a new deadline of midnight (EST) the 10th of April..

After this deadline, there will be NO additional extensions and we are not certain when we will be able to offer you this heirloom quality sword again (at the very least it will be one more year before it is offered again – at worst, this may be the LAST chance – we never really know with these limited edition Project X swords..)

As such, if you have been sitting on the fence – THIS is your final chance.

Pre-Order Yours HERE before it is too late..

Hanwei High End Daisho Sale…

When any sword collector in the know discusses high end swords, Paul Chens’ Hanwei Forge is one of the first brands mentioned..

So when a special deal like THIS one comes along, Japanese sword conouissers know they had better snap them up while they are available..

The first of the Daisho sets is the stunning Swedish Powder Steel Kaeru Katana and Wakizashi.

And the second is the T10 tool steel ‘Koi’ Katana and Wakizashi.

All of these stunning Katana and Wakizashi are available individually at BELOW WHOLESALE pricing until the end of April and while stocks last. But if you order both at the same time, in addition to the amazing discount on offer, you will also receive a FREE premium double sword stand by Dragon King, valued at $179.99 (click here to see this stand for sale at Cas Iberia!).

Check it all out HERE in the Hot Specials Section of our Store!

Project X and Forge Direct

Behind the scenes there has been a flurry of activity regarding Project X – and just today two swords have been released for pre-order.

The first is a true Project X classic – the Jian of Marquis Yi!

This sword has been immensely popular since its release in 2013, and once look at the stunning blade and fittings is all it takes to realize that this is one special piece.

Click here for more info

This will be the first and final time it will be offered in 2017 (this is only the third run of this sword since 2013) and it’s availability depends on how many pre-orders come in. Based on the times it has been offered previously, we expect to close off taking new orders mid April, but it may be even sooner.. We will do our best to keep you posted here but if it ends suddenly and you miss out, please accept our apologies – we really do need to limit the number of swords we offer on this design as the very second the forge says ‘enough’ we need to stop orders and send it back to the archive..

In other Forge Direct News – we also just updated our options for the stunning Muramasa Laminated Katana.

Click here for more info

Now with full customization options, if you don’t like the base design – you can now make it your own. And the best price, while we had to raise the price $99 for the time being it is still on sale at the original price of $700, meaning the world of customization we opened up on it are completely free of charge..!

And finally, a sneak preview of some new Forge Direct Chinese swords coming down the line..

7 New Jian are being prepared to join the current rotation and some older models will be shuffling off the line into the archives to make room. So stay tuned for this – Spring is when the forges do their best work – and next month the new models will kick off with a limited time promotional sale.

Lots more going on behind the scenes so I need to get back to it and will update you all again VERY soon.