Ronin Restock Just in Time for Christmas

We were not certain if it would be unloaded in time – after all, with the global supply chain shortage issues crunching at this time of year like never before and having been stuck in limbo for nearly 6 weeks, the shipment finally became unstuck – and just in time to offer you a restock of practically every Ronin Katana sword in both the Japanese Dojo Pro and European Sword lines.

Here are some of the most popular items in the restock:


With 11 awesome models to choose from – all made from expertly tempered 1075 carbon steel with premium quality fittings and free scabbard.

Classic Oakeshott Type XVIIIb Longsword

The Flagship Longsword that set a new standard for sub $300 European swords. Amazing value at just $285

Italian Long Sword

Another amazing buy – highly detailed and priced to sell out again soon for just $285

Oakeshott Type XVIIIc Harriet Dean

A very powerful sword based a historical Oakeshott Type XVIIIc cut and thrust Longsword. $450


So many different variations of their classic Dojo Pro Dotanuki series are available that for the most part it is simply a question of picking out which design appeals to you the most based purely on its looks (all of the swords that state a ‘standard Dotanuki blade’ have the same blade, only the fittings are different.

But they do have a few cool variations – all of which have been restocked. Here are some of the most popular:

Dojo Pro Model # 9: O-Katana

The blade geometry is the same as the other swords in the series, but is a whopping 33″ blade and 12″ tsuka – the biggest in the series and with some SERIOUS cutting force behind it. $344.99

Dojo Pro Model #14: Oni Killer

The concept behind it was a bit of a tongue and cheek joke about how over the top some sword sellers were in describing their products. But the sword born from this idea is no laughing matter – and is one of the most distinctive and coolest looking entry level dojo swords around. 30″ blade, $314.99

Dojo Pro Model #16: Woodgrain saya

While it has a standard blade from the Dojo Pro series, it is easily one of the most popular designs among our customers – and the attractive finish of the saya combined with classic Katana elements make it easy to understand why. Priced the same as every other Dojo Pro standard blade – just $294.99

Cybermonday Specials 2021!

It is hard to believe it – but it is THAT time of year again..

And while it has been (and continues to be) a channeling year, we are pleased that on CyberMonday 2021 we have some GREAT deals for you that have just been added to the HOT SPECIALS page in the official SBG Sword Store.

So here they are, three NEW swords and three classics at heavily DISCOUNTED prices..

Technically a Ko-Wakizashi..

It is clearly NOT a traditional blade with its unique blue and steel flame design, but it’s 13″ monotempered 65mn spring steel is priced so low for the CyberMonday Sale that it makes me wince a little bit..

Easily worth the price just for the blade alone..

A Very Mean Mune

The second sword in the ‘Demon tooth’ series of Art Swords (the first, still available and in stock with a Damascus steel blade) instead of folded steel it is differentially hardened, and completed with premium quality steel fittings, cotton ito and everything you would expect from a decent entry level Katana..

A very mean ‘Mune’ (spine) makes other swords nervous..!

Nothing But Damascus..

Perhaps the pinnacle of the art sword line – the fittings are suitable for the dojo, the blade something fully functional but awesome to display – if you are a fan of affordable folded steel blades, this one is for you..


$50 off the usual price on 3 classic configurations of the $249.99 Ryujin Custom Katana Series!!

Stock is limited, and all the deals end midnight 8th December 2021, so if you see something you like – get it before someone else does..!

A decent sized restock for Katana and Tactical Swords (and much, much more!)

It has been a constant battle to keep the most popular and economical sword lines in stock – all the best models are almost greedily snatched up by an army of online sword buyers, and with worldwide shipping delays only getting worse as we gear up for the busiest season of the year, we will take any and all good news we can get!

So we are very pleased to see that most of our major suppliers have just restocked or are about to restock any day now – so here are some of the hottest and most notable sword models and lines that have once again become available.



Wildly popular, this eminently practical, Zombie Apocalypse ready Gladius has been the top seller for the Angus Trim designed A.P.O.C. series – and with its almost indestructible 9260 spring steel blade and amazing price, it really is no surprise..


Another very awesome 9260 blade that takes the arming sword screaming into the 21st century..


If you love a wicked leaf blade so mean looking even zombies run the other way, this sword is a must have to add to your collection.


Defend your centerline – parry and attack the opponents arm in the same action, and overwhelm your foes while maintaining a tight defense – when used properly these tactical Butterfly Swords can be very hard to defeat!

Dragon King Katana

Frenchie Jin and the team in Dailan had been busy the last few months and finally their incoming shipment of premium production Katana has hit the docks. Here are some of the best and fresh new swords just in time for the holiday season.

The Dragon is indeed back..


As the months get colder and the nights get longer, the monotempered highly durable 5160 Spring Steel Winter Sun is both timely and timeless – a tough, no nonsense dojo sword that has few peers and will cut season after season, year after year..


With a finely forged 65mn spring steel blade, prominent hamon, tight cotton ito wrap and silver themed fittings, it is practical, attractive and very economical – the kind of solid entry level Katana that sets a new standard.


Want a really nice T10 tool steel blade with a super prominent and clear hamon? Look no further than the Hana Katana – a great all round complete package at a very reasonable price.


And for someone who REALLY appreciates T10 tool steel blades, the Kokahu is one of the best ever made and includes all the bells and whistles you expect for such a fine piece of craftsmanship.

Budget 1045 Carbon Steel Daisho Set

If you just want bang for your buck – but don’t want stainless steel, these 3pc Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto sets pack in about as much value as you can muster.


And Just for Good Measure – A Few Cool Medieval Swords…!


Just restocked and STILL available for just $249.99 – if you are into HEMA and do not have one of these yet, now is definitely the time to have a look! It is the ONLY sword from the Tinker Pearce line restocked right now, and also the most popular model, so if you like Longswords, grab this one now..


Brought to us by our friend at Ryujin, there are two versions of this sturdy and attractive 13th century arming sword – one folded, one not. Both are peened with sturdy steel fittings and a free scabbard and sword belt.

A few more restocks from major suppliers, and a few surprises, are on the way too – but it is definitely good to see these new options become available once more.

Just how long they will remain in stock is of course a totally different story – so if you see something you like, grab it while you can!

Doomsday Series Upgrade and Overhaul Complete with version 2 of the ‘Daywalker’ Sword

Plus Behind the Scenes Making of the Redesign

It has taken us quite a few month to get there, but with the redesign and re-release of the 4th sword in the Doomsday Series, the ‘Sword of the Daywalker’ inspired by the Wesley Snipes hit ‘Blade’ Franchise – the overhaul is complete and once again Jason Woodard is freed up turn his attention to creating even more swords and blades for the series..

But in the meantime, here it is – version 2.0 of the $279.99 Daywalker Sword:

Making of – Behind the Scenes

First the redesign was submitted as a 1:1 scale blueprint by the designer of the original Doomsday Daywalker Sword, Jason Woodard.

And below, the completed sword:
There are some subtle differences that came out as Chris Palmer brought the design from paper and turned it into steel, and some not so subtle improvements, like the deerskin leather wrapped handle.

Here is how it got from paper to steel – starting with the basic blank and template for all future orders of this model:

The first rough grind before heat treatment:

And of course, the bare blade after heat treatment:

8 strategically placed pins are then inserted and the handle firmly epoxied in place:

Then the handle is contoured and shaped before three additional brass pins are inserted, ensuring the handle is as sturdy as is humanly possible and contributing greatly to the swords overall durability.

Then after some final finishing touches, it is done!

Temporary Suspension of International Shipping to Australia and New Zealand

As we draw close to Halloween, the sword industry is experiencing it’s own little horror show..

International shipping has been problematic for quite a few years now as carriers and customs agents across the world become increasingly paranoid and incredibly difficult to deal with, stepping up to an almost complete halt to sword shipping worldwide in 2019..


Of course, we all know what happened in 2020..

But now in late 2021, long term effects of shutdowns and lockdowns has shaken our rather fragile niche industry to its foundations. Prices are skyrocketing, shipping is jammed up, stock is out across the board and restocks are gobbled up faster than they can come in and as of the 25th of October – suddenly brings the majority of International shipping options to a complete halt with this announcement..

The Postal Service™ is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations due to impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other unrelated service disruptions. Customers: please refrain from mailing items addressed to the countries listed here, until further notice.

While most the countries they listed we don’t usually ship to anyway, Australia and New Zealand certainly do effect us (we already had some idea this may be happening ahead of this announcement when we had a few shipments to New Zealand rejected and are currently dealing with the fallout -average cost to ship is $60, so it hurts a lot when we lose shipments suddenly for no good reason!).

Add this these losses extremely low stock levels across the board (heck, despite some successful restocks this year, we no longer have ANY Hanwei Swords available, have seen a couple of suppliers exit the industry, are suffering from lower sales, lower margins and higher prices – it just keeps on getting better and better!

Will definitely want to blow off some steam this Halloween – in the meantime, our apologies to our Australasian customers – we will do our best to update you as soon as this situation changes. Our little industry must be due for a break sometime soon right? (You would certainly think so, the last 3 years have been extraordinarily challenging)..