Fantasy Dagger Selection from Darksword new at the SBG Sword Store..

As you know, we are careful about what products we list in our store – and list everything by the philosophy that if I would not buy it, then I refuse to stock it..

But with the recent expansion of our store to include medieval daggers by Legacy Arms – there were a few, four specifically, daggers from Darksword Armory that I would snap up in a heartbeat..

First up, how about $80 all inclusive for this Stiletto!

But if you want to get serious, then the last three are the ones you will want to take a very close look at. All of the following blades with FREE SHIPPING and FREE SHARPENING service as well as a free wood core scabbard that matches the sword of the same name.

Starting with one of my favorites, just $300 for the Einar Fantasy Viking Dagger.

And how about a matching Ranger dagger to go with Striders’ sword for $190 all inclusive?

And fans of John Boorman, how about Excalibur the dagger – just $215?

These really are crazy good deals. Check them all out below:

Full selection of knives, daggers and Tanto here

2 New Budget Medieval Swords via Ryujin

You may or may not recall a forge that was making some medieval swords and imported by our good friends at Ryujin Sword after the forge went out of business. This discontinued bad boy..

Well, while they don’t have that special deal again, the forge was purchased by a new one – and if this line proves popular, we will bring in more models over time..

And honestly, they have a lot going for them.

Basically the latest offering is two 13th-14th Century Archers Swords, really fast in the hand with great balance yet a lot of cutting power and one heck of a nasty point..

But here is where this sword ‘outshines’ (pardon the pun) the recent influx of low cost (and quite problematic) sword lines hitting the market recently..

For a start, where other sub $200 medieval use 1045 carbon steel, this baby uses 65MN Spring Steel, a very tough and affordable Chinese steel used for truck springs and even the bayonets of AK47s.. All the parts of steel, full tang construction and a comfortable wood core triple riser handle.

Even the scabbard is not bad as a FREEBIE – with steel throat and chape and complex faux leather suspension system for display or wearing. But don’t expect too much from the scabbard, the money is in the sword itself.. (as it SHOULD be!).

Two versions are available, the monotempered version and a folded version. As anyone who has read our basic guide to Sword Steels 101 will know, it takes a master smith to make a strong folded blade, so these are more for display than heavy duty use – but are, dare I say it, probably stronger than the historical originals..! (we really are spoiled for choice due to the quality and purity of modern crucible steel).

Anyway, have a look and see what you think. Stock are limited, and at these prices and not so many in stock, they will sell like hotcakes..

Only available while stocks last. They aren’t anywhere near the same league as Ronin’s Medieval selection, but for those on a tight budget or just like the design, they are better than similar knock offs on the market ripping off Ronin’s parts, designs and old suppliers (who made the first batch for Ronin, and had to quit them because the quality was awful and they lied about the steel used!).

At least with Ryujin, you know what you are getting!

Coronavirus: Practical Impacts on the SBG Store

It’s clear that a lot of people out there are prepping for the worst – and with a very uncertain future – it makes a lot of sense to have a decent blade around the house somewhere as a weapon of last resort when thieves break in to take your stash..

But in all seriousness, putting aside the tragedy that is unfolding aside for a moment (as if that is possible, but you know what I mean) – many people are wondering what the direct impact of the Coronavirus on the store and when placing an order.

Simple questions like, are we still in business? Are we still shipping? Why is my order taking so long to ship out?

Well, we are most certainly still in business. As long as we have a skeleton crew in our network of warehouses and workshops, and as long as the delivery services keep running (and they are now an essential service) we will keep shipping, albeit a bit slower than usual as we can’t go to the post office or arrange pick ups quick as often as we could before the crisis and thank you for your understanding during this difficult period.

This aside, the pandemic has also effected our stock levels – for example we now have ZERO stock of the Ryujin Custom Katana and the next restock is not expected until the middle of JUNE – and this is happening across the board as everyone stocks up for a worst case scenario situation..

The best swords are selling out very, very fast..

Unfortunately, it would seem that again our international friends have been locked out again as the pandemic has also seen a worsening of the ongoing international shipping woes. So much so that regretfully, once again we have been forced to limit our orders to North America ONLY because, we just had everything sent overseas come bouncing back (many badly damaged and some confiscated too)..

It has also had an effect on our Forge Direct and Project X Orders in Longquan China.. To sum it up..

The Long awaited and much delayed relaunch of Project X Japanese has also been pushed back until the supply and shipping chains in China are fully operational again..

In the grand scheme of things, this are small problems – but it is our duty to try and keep you as informed as possible..

Yes we are in business. And yes, while shipping is a bit slower than usual, we are still shipping out the orders as they come in. But please be a little bit patient with us, we are doing our best under difficult circumstances and truly hope that this hideous situation will pass soon and we can try to put the pieces back together again..

Only time will tell.

Take care of yourself and each other.

Just Landed – Huge Legacy Arms Restock

You might remember them as Generation 2 – and while many years have passed since their heyday, two things remain constant.

  1. The overall build quality and quality of the materials used and
  2. Their low (sub $300) price tag.

Despite the fact that many of the swords have evolved over the years, for the most part – the pricing has remained the same.

So it is with great delight that we announce a major restock of Legacy Arms swords and daggers – for they are well known in the sword and knife industry as a major producer of quality yet low priced medieval style daggers.

Covering the Swords of Europe and spanning a time period of over 2500 years, every blade in the series is unique. Some are close to the historical originals and handle like a dream. Case in point, the $299 Black Prince.

Others are closer to the original Gen2 models, such as this all time classic and one of my personal favorite swords – the Gen2 Excalibur.

And then within the daggers, how about this cool 12th Century Knightly Dagger with cruciform hilt for just $139.

In total, the restock sees a grand total of 1 Templar Axe, 5 daggers/knives and 10 swords – all at great value for money prices..

New to the Doomsday Line from Scorpion Swords

The third sword in the series, this is no ordinary run of the mill Machete..

The vast majority of modern made Machete are simply stamped out from a flat sheet of 1045 or 1050 carbon steel, the cheapest steel around. But these machete hearken back to a time when the Machete was a quality tool, not an afterthought.

Like all the blades made at Scorpion Swords, it is cut to shape from a sheet of 1095 carbon steel, what most experts consider to be the IDEAL steel for a tough, hard wearing machete.

From the basic ‘blank’ the basic blade geometry is refined, giving it a wide angled, tip heavy head and a full tang handle with 7 holding pins drilled to size, and the serrated back edge carved into the steel.

The blade is then heat treated and colored black and the handle permanently affixed in place with large and small pins plus a generous amount of gorilla glue to effectively make it an almost indestructible one piece construction.

Unlike most other Machete out there, this one is balanced close to the hilt to allow fast recovery yet has enough mass, weight and hardness to inflict tremendous damage every time it makes contact.

As is almost always the case, you get what you pay for. If you want a cheap and flimsy, unbalanced weed chopper – then you can pick up something mass produced for 1/10th of the cost of this hand made piece. But if you want something with a high initiation factor that has been made with quality and durability in mind from its conception to execution, this is the blade you have been waiting for.