In Case of Apocalypse Break Glass..

At SBG we generally like to steer clear of the two ‘hot button topics’ of politics and religion, but boy oh boy are these come crazy times.. And if the you know what really does hit the fan, you will be glad you have one of the following items in your ‘bug out’ bag..

Now these 4 blades are so new, they don’t even have a brand assigned to them yet (and if we get our worst case scenario, it wont matter much anyway) but were brought to market by our friends behind Ryujin Swords, S-tec and Defcon knife brands so you know they are going to be great bang for the buck.

So first up, why not do the Apocalypse in Classic American style with the evolutionary descendant of cavalry swords that you can almost fit in your pocket, the Classic Bowie Knife with white hard wearing modern Polyoxymethylene handle, brass fittings and leather sheathe for $99.99:

Like with all the ‘big knives/very short swords’ in this new line up, we make an exception to our general rule of thumb against stainless steel because while it is not a good idea for true sword length blades, anything under or around 12″ gets all of the benefits of stainless with few if any of the drawbacks and are of course, very low maintenance (the only thing you have to take care of with these blades is the leather and any colored metal like brass).

Continuing on our theme of easy to carry out of the way blades that almost pack the same kind of punch as much larger full length sword (but without the reach of course) is a 2pc Kukri Machete set for just $64.99:

The main blade is no lightweight, weighing in at a substantial 1.8lbs but balanced towards the meaty chopping tip for true Kukri cutting power. And it also comes with a nifty little 3.25″ bladed mini kukri with its own place in the stitched and riveted custom leather scabbard.

And finally, two variations on a Tactical Kukri Machete – the Havildar (a rank in the Nepalese army equivalent to a Sargent) with a very aggressive looking axe like blade and modern ABS ergonomic handle design, both available for just $64.99 each:

Check these out and many other stocked knives and short bladed swords in the Knives Daggers and Tantos section of our store below:

Here’s to having something but not needing it!!

6 New Blades from Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge

Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge has been fairly quiet in terms of new releases – but all that changed a few days ago..

Unfortunately, one of the swords really has come out at the worst possible time – so let’s get this one out of the way first..

The timing really could not be much more worse than this – just as Hanwei launch their tribute to the Russian Imperial Army, Russia launches a war against the Ukraine.. So really, the less said the better I think..

Here it is – a fine sword in its own right..

But it has definitely been released at the worst possible time (no fault of Hanwei’s – like the rest of us they had no idea we would be seeing a War in Europe in 2022)..

Thankfully the other 5 swords are not quite as controversial – starting with two new T10 tool steel Katana named after two of the most prominent Daimyo in Japan’s long and turbulent history – starting with the Tokugawa Katana:

And complimented by the Hideyoshi Katana – both just $779.99

And then there are two new releases of two older products – the antiqued version of the Scottish Basket-hilt Backsword:

And a similar but quite different Basket-hilt Broadsword:

And finally, a very affordable and nifty little Saxon/Viking Scramasax replica with Stag handle and carbon steel blade for just $85..

Not a bad line up, and always good to see some new swords and blades from one of the giants of the industry, though I still feel sorry for the Dragoon sword..

New Additions!

Not one but THREE awesome new sword designs to add to your collection have just become available – starting with:

New Sword # 1

A.P.O.C. Survival Longsword

The latest design to hit the A.P.O.C. series – this Angus Trim (Atrim) designed hand and a half longsword has a 32″ blade forged from monotempered 9260 spring steel and with G10 sandwich tang grip for maximum durability. Truly amazing value for money at just $175.95.

New Sword # 2

Kingston Arms Atrim Designed Type XIIIa War Sword

This one is downright EXCITING – a powerful two handed fully functional replica of an Oakeshott Type XIIIa War Sword – also designed to Atrim specs and by the man himself. What a beast – and a steal at just $379.99..

New Sword # 3

Scorpion Swords Dune Inspired Atreidis Short Sword

Based on the training sword prop from Dune (2021) Scorpion Swords have recreated their version of an Arteidis Short Sword, and for $249.99 have done an amazing job..

A must have for Dune fans and anyone else who appreciates its unique ‘future-past’ aesthetic..

Forge Direct Chinese New Year Sale Now On!

It is that time of year again – the Forge Direct 25% off super sale is now on!

With price pressure pushing EVERYTHING to new levels, this might be one of the last chances to pick up these swords at these discounted prices (indeed, after the sale we will almost certainly have to raise the base prices, as production costs, material costs and shipping costs have exploded in the last year and are getting increasingly steep at an unprecedented rate)..

The only downside? Production may be delayed by 2-4 weeks from the usual quoted turn around times. But take a look at some of the gorgeous swords we have on offer right now and make up your own mind if the discount is worth the extra wait..

Some of our top picks:

Sword of the Ancients

Truly unique, this fantasy blade forged by Master Michael Ye is a work of functional sword art unlike any other. Normally $900 but available for just $675 while the sale lasts.

Cloud Dragon Willow Leaf Dao

It is an entry level Master Smith forged Chinese Broadsword – and one of the most affordable blades in the entire line up. At $599.99 it is a bargain, but at $449.99 during the sale it is an absolute STEAL.

Laminated Duan Dao

Extremely popular and affordable, tradition meets science with this highly innovative laminated blade. Great quality all around and a true bargain at the current discounted price of $622.49.

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg – have a look at the entire collection and see if there is something that you like:

Hanwei Forge Partial Restock

Our friends at the Hanwei Forge have FINALLY received a partial restock shipment that they had originally been hoping would arrive in mid-November last year – and have gone from literally NOTHING in stock to a fairly good representation of what they usually carry..

Notable restocks include one of their most popular and well made medieval sword replicas, the Albrecht II:

The truly beautiful Premium Quality Swedish Powder Steel made Bushido Katana:

And a true classic, the folded steel Godfred Viking Sword:

In addition, the master distributors of Hanwei, CAS IBERIA also restocked some popular items from Dragon King, Kingston Arms and even the A.P.O.C. Series!

While in most cases it is only a partial restock, it is indeed another case of better late than never – and though the landed cost has increased dramatically at our end, we have only raised prices where the new cost price is higher than our sale price – though price pressure remains incredibly high, so we really don’t know how much longer we can keep the prices where they are..

In the meantime, check out the following brands to see what the restocks have brought: