The Spear is Mightier than the..?

While the pen may be mightier than the sword, it was the spear that was the most common and effective battlefield weapon for millennia. Whether for hunting, war or self defense – in an open space it was almost impossible for a swordsman to close the gap while being turned into a human pin-cushion..

So to celebrate this mighty medieval weapon, until the end of August we have hot specials on not one but two classic Asian spears.

The first is the classic Yari – the Japanese spear. With a tip differentially hardened like a Katana (but on both sides of the blade) it was and still is an intimidating piece of armory – capable of keeping wild animals or wild humans at bay as the case may be..

MSRP over $610 – now below wholesale at just $333

And then there is the classic Tiger Boar Killing Spear by Forge Direct. With a Master Smith forged and folded dismountable 1095 carbon steel blade and steel pole decorated with hand carved Dragon decorations, it is both visually stunning and until the end of the month, available not for $749 but with a whopping 25% OFF bringing the price down to just $562 SHIPPED (which is no small feet, as these packages are quite long).

Stunning in every detail
Fully dismountable

Grab these deals while you can – swords are a niche business, functional swords – a niche within a niche and spears (functional spears) as rare as hens teeth. So spice up your sword collection with one or both of these awesome battle ready recreations.

Legacy Arms Restock!

Back in the day Legacy Arms was known as Generation 2 – and it was Gen 2 and Windlass Steelcrafts who dominated the market for affordable, fully functional replicas of medieval and European historical swords and weaponry.

I loved them – they were solid, dependable and hand hammered they were at least as resilient as the historical originals, if not more so.

The problem has been production schedules. The family forge where they are made in the Philippines is tiny, nothing even remotely close to Hanwei’s mega factory in Dailan or the big three forges in Longquan. So it takes them literally an age to make, forced to shut down for most of the rainy season – and you just never know when or if they will show up again..

Well, the good news is – they have. The bad news, we have no idea how long they will be in stock – especially the rarer and more popular models.

Amazing value, check them out while stocks last

Ryujin ELITE Choji Hamon Wakizashi FINAL CLOSEOUT SALE

You might remember from a blog post made on the 26th of April “A lucky Mistake For Some..” where we found out much to our distress that the Wakizashi we had been advertising to match the $229 T10 Custom Katana actually had elite Choji Hamon blades to match the $479.99 Choji Elite Custom Katana..

As such, we had to increase the price from $184.99 (which was fine for the standard level blade, but below cost on the Choji Elites) up to a very reasonable $284.99..

Unfortunately though, this killed off sales of this product entirely.

The only way forward for a Ryujin Custom Wakizashi then is to have them made using the basic hamon as was originally planned, not the high polish Choji Midare hamon – which clearly is not viable at the price it needs to sell for..

So with no sales forthcoming, and a production run of the basic entry level blades commencing soon, this Wakizashi needs to go. So we have marked it down to $179.99 for a final liquidation sale.

What more need we say?

Choji ELITE Wakizashi with Bo-hi

Choji ELITE Wakizashi no-hi (solid bodied blade)

20% OFF EVERY SWORD from Hanwei, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C.

Until the 31st of July and while stocks last, the distributor for 4 of the biggest, hottest sword brands including the Hanwei Forge, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C. (among many others) is offering all their vendors a juicy discount to stimulate slow sales (as July is typically the slowest month of the year for the sword industry).

While many vendors will grab what they can and stock up – we are passing the discounts DIRECT TO YOU!

Popular swords are going to sell out VERY QUICKLY (both via our store, and from other sword sellers grabbing what they can) so have a look through what we have available for each of these brands and then use the coupon below to save 20%

You can also click the coupon image and the discount will automatically be applied to the relevant products in the stores shopping cart

We have done and will continue to do our best to keep the stock levels accurate, but in all honesty, the sooner you get your order in the better otherwise you may well miss out (and discounts like this happen once every blue moon).


After the 31st of July, the coupon code will no longer work – so get in while you can..!!

NOTE: We had less than 24 hours notice on this sale, and so this discount can ONLY be applied to new orders. Because the discount is coming from the distributor and we are passing it on to you, no extensions or rainchecks are possible.

P.S. Don’t forget, order 3 or more swords at the same time and get FREE SHIPPING on top of the 20% discount.

P.P.S. To get the discount you MUST use it at the time of purchase. We will not refund the discount to you after the fact as it damages our standing with our payment processors and requires a surprisingly large workload for our staff. Thank you for your understanding.