Back by Popular Demand – the Ryujin Daisho Set!

Things have been a bit quiet for Ryujin this month – and with many people asking when it will come back and lots of unsold components still available from last months sale, we are delighted to be able to offer this amazing deal a second time around..

The $274.99 Ryujin Daisho Set – a matching set of Katana and Wakizashi with differentially hardened T10 Tool Steel blades.

The Ryujin Daisho Set

Available only until February the 12th and while stocks last – it may well be 12 months or more before we can offer this deal again. So if you are a bargain hunter, you can’t afford to let this deal pass you by a second time..


SBG Custom Katana – Batch 44 and Batch 45!

We were hoping to actually be shipping batch 44 from the forge, however as is often the case with custom sword orders (or indeed, custom anything orders) there has been a bit of a unintended delay..

Part of Batch 44 of the SBG Custom Katana

While the forge did their bit and shipped the completed batch out on time, it appears that our friends at EMS who ship the swords to our inspection team have seemingly gone on holidays leaving our shipment sitting at the docks in China unable to move..

It’s hard to get all the details at this time of year thanks to the shutdown, though we are trying and will update everyone here and on the SBG Custom Katana Batch Status report page

However, as the forge is shut down until the 12th of February, we had planned this as the ideal time to start taking new orders for Batch 45.. And even though we weren’t quite able to get batch 44 where we would have liked it to be, we can’t stall taking new orders for much longer – so from now until the 12th of February we are now taking orders for BATCH 45 of the SBG Custom Katana..

Despite enormous pressure to raise the price, we will keep it at just $429.99 shipped – so if you are tired of ordering inferior quality custom swords from eBay or Amazon and want to get the best possible product, guaranteed to be customized to your specs and to meet and even exceed your quality expectations – now is your golden opportunity (these swords are subjected to the kind of quality control usually reserved for swords several times the price).


Closeout Pricing on the Black Dragon Sanmai Laminated Katana

The end of January is shaping up to be something of a sword sale bonanza.. Just looking at the most recent blog entries we can see new swords, restocks, limited edition offers, mega discount sales and now a special offer on one of the swords from our own Black Dragon Forge..

The SBG Black Dragon Sanmai Katana is what it says on the box – a T10 and 1095 carbon steel blade laminated in the traditional Sanmai style

The complete package – this sword comes with iron fittings, rattan wrapped saya, black leather ito wrap with hishigami – you name it, this sword has it. And while we priced it as low as we possibly could at just $579.99 with free shipping – it has not sold as quickly as we needed it to..

As such, we have no choice but to liquidate it below cost with a huge $100 discount – so now you can grab it for just $479.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Only 9 are left at the time of writing this blog post, and once sold out we obviously wont be bringing it back – so if you are after an extremely traditional styled Japanese sword, this deal is too good to pass up.


Annual Forge Direct Chinese New Year Sale NOW ON!

Every year since it started, the Master Smiths at Forge Direct have generously offered a big discount on their products over the Chinese New Year to ensure they are busy when they get back from the holidays (which is often the time when they do their BEST work).

This year is no exception – and so we are delighted to be able to pass on those discounts and am giving you all a whopping 25% off the entire range of Forge Direct Chinese – a large selection of exotic, unique and beautiful ancient Chinese sword styles spanning a period of over 2500 years of history.

From high end Feathersteel and Spinsteel blades to more affordable Jian, spears and daggers – you can pick them all up for the very best price the forge and us can muster..

Have a look and see for yourself what is on offer – but don’t snooze on this one, the deal ends midnight EST 12th February 2019..


Darksword Armory Fantasy Sword Closeouts

To make room for newer, more ornate (and more expensive) Fantasy sword models, Darksword Armory have decided to clear some of their older classic models and are discontinuing the Carpathian, the Nomad and the Two Handed Viking Sword..

All three swords are being liquidated at $75 off PLUS exclusive to SBG each one comes with free shipping and a free sharpening service (Darksword blades are usually unsharpened by default).

Amazing value – grab them while you can because once they are gone, these models are gone for good..

All this and more in the: