April Specials

With the march madness sales mostly over (though there are still a few closeouts from March in the HOT SPECIALS section still running) the April Sale has started on a few selected items you would be an April Fool to let pass you by if you sat on the sidelines of last months sales bonanza..

First one is the Knights sword Type XVIII by Kingston Arms, which is usually $349.99 but is on sale all April and while stocks last for just $279.99 which is always a steal for this particular historically inspired classic arming sword:

And for lovers of Japanese blades, what could be better than the Kohaku Katana by Dragon King?

Last time it was on sale was pre-pandemic 2019 – but once again this classic T10 tool steel blade is marked down from our everyday low sale price of $629.99 (MSRP on this baby is $949) to a below wholesale cost price of just $520..

Truly a bargain to basically pick up a $1000 Katana for half price.. I mean, just look at that hamon and boshi…

And to round things out nicely, a couple of the items from the APOC March Super Sale have gone back on 15% discount, so we are passing the savings directly to you as always. Here are the two blades that are on special until the end of the month:

The Double Muk Hatchet, normally $84.95 (MSRP $109) save 15%

Last Chance on the Last Chance Bowie Knife – normally $74.95 (MSRP $95) save 15%

Hope you find something of interest.

Medieval Restock and a new Scottish Claymore

Starting the month with a restock of popular swords – probably the most notable is the restock of the A.P.O.C. Survival Longsword – which was notably absent from the recent A.P.O.C. sale, and probably would have dominated the fairly lackluster sale we just finished a few days ago as this newest sword in the series has easily become the most popular in the A.P.O.C. line up:

Hanwei also added in some previously unavailable Tinker Pearce designed medieval swords back into the mix, including the Great Sword of War and the Bastard sword and Bastard Sword with fuller:

But most notably, we start the month with a new entry from Kingston Arms that may well be the most authentic and best made affordable production Claymore ever seen – the aptly named, Kingston Arms Scottish Claymore:

Seeing the writing on the wall for the sword industry this year, Kingston Arms have opted to use a more inexpensive to work with steel – rather than 9260 spring steel (which is used on all the other Kingston Arms swords to date) they have opted for 65mn Spring Steel. But this means that this sword is the first in their medieval line up to be able to be offered for sub $300 (MSRP is $389, but by squeezing our margins we can bring it to you for just $274.99).

Awesome value, and as functional as they come and then some.

Final Days of the March Madness Sale

Our current MEGA sale on the APOC Tactical Line of 9260 Spring Steel blades is coming to an end. And along with it, several other heavily discounted swords from other brands such as Kingdom of Arms, Kingston Arms and Dragon King..

All the specials end in just a little over 48 hours – and as we have so many other sales going on right now on the HOT SPECIALS page, we have listed all the time sensitive ones HERE on the SBG Sword Store’s Homepage..

Don’t miss out..

SALE ENDED 3/31/23

NEW: The Doomsday Barbarian Sword by Scorpion Swords

Scorpion swords Missouri based workshop has done it again with a fully functional Fantasy barbarian style sword called simply ‘the Barbarian’.

It starts life as does all the swords made by Scorpion Swords as a cut sword blank of 1095 carbon steel.

After drilling 14 holes in the hilt, the blade is then ground to shape – adding a fuller and shaping the edges.

Then follows the heat treatment process, firstly by heating the blade to 1500 degrees until it becomes non magnetic and then quenching it in brine (salt water). The 2nd step is Heat Tempering, which consists of heating the steel to 500 degrees for 2 hours, and letting it air cool. This makes for a Rockwell Hardness of approximately 57.

The walnut wood handle is then pinned and glued in place overnight, forming such a tight bond both with the glue and the 14 pins that it effectively is solidly fused in place and makes for a strong, one piece construction.

The handle is then refined, adding an additional 6 brass pins (to bring the total of handle contact points to 20), the blade sharpened and some engravings added before the handle is colored and the whole thing is finally ready to ship.

And there you have it, a very tough, very cool and super strong hand made in the USA Barbarian sword for under $300!

Check it out in the SBG Sword Store today:

APOC Sale Steps it up a level..

With bank collapses following hot on the heels of War in Europe, rumors of War in the East and a worldwide pandemic that triggered it all – word to the wise, you might want to stock up on blades like APOC..

So to help you prepare for the unthinkable, we are stepping up the APOC sale to new levels!

Not only is every blade in the series discounted by 15% on our already discounted prices, but if you order three blades at the same time, you can qualify for FREE SHIPPING. And now if you order 5 blades, you get your choice of a FREE APOC Dagger or Axe!

Here are the swords that qualify for the free reward:

Mix and match them however you want, but if you have 5 of these babies in your cart and option will appear in the checkout to select your free reward:

This will take you to THIS page where you can just add which item you like to your cart and it will show $0 value. Example:

Might as well use whatever money is in your bank account to invest in something actually useful if everything does actually collapse in a heap..! (here’s to hoping for the best and planning for the worst)..