Project X Orders already at 50% capacity..

In what is only slightly longer than a 24 hour period, the relaunch of Project X Japanese that we talked about on the 3rd of May has already reached 50% of this batches maximum production capacity!

While the previous batch actually stopped taking new orders after only 3 days, it looks like the Next Generation line might not be open all that much longer…

We will be allowing a window of opportunity for anyone who ordered to tweak or adjust their order, but with slots filling up quickly it is recommended that if you don’t want to miss out on this batch of orders you secure your order as fast as possible and make any adjustments to your custom selections AFTER you get your order in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

We will try to update the blog again just before we need to close of on accepting any new commissions, but in the meantime if you have been waiting for this opportunity, well, you know what to do!

Project X – the Next Generation Relaunch Imminent!

It has been a LONG time coming to this point, but the first and rather revolutionary batch of our best quality custom Katana series, Project X Japanese, is about to relaunch it’s next generation blade design!

Having had some serious issues with lead time and a drop in quality (with the need to raise prices) from the original forge we have used for Project X for the last 10 years, we decided to switch production to a more reliable and even better forge (the one we have been using for Forge Direct Japanese) – taking Project X to the highest possible level.

As with previous Project X offerings – the swords will only be available to order in a ‘batch’ of around 20 swords maximum, after which time the swords will not be available again until the main batch of swords has been completed in approximately 4-6 months..

Due to popular demand – despite a shortage of saya, we are also offering the option to custom order a blade in different blade lengths, though as it will require a custom scabbard to be made for it ordering a custom length sword will cost an additional $200 and add another 4-6 months to the lead time. As such, this new option is not really encouraged – but at least it is there for anyone who really needs a blade with a length different than the standard 28″.

(Side Bonus: This option can also be applied to Forge Direct)

To get the full lowdown on the differences between Project X and Forge Direct, we have updated our page on this blog ‘OVERVIEW: Custom Katana Lines – Similarities and Differences’ so check out this article if you want more detail.

Otherwise, be certain to sign up to the dedicated Project X newsletter for the official ‘go’ signal as well as some exclusive subscriber only bonuses…


In the meantime, here is the first sneak preview at the swords themselves..

PROJECT X – Custom Katana

Project X – Custom Wakizashi/Ko Katana

The Doomsday Series 7th Sword: Introducing, the Blood Moon!

It is seen in many cultures as a portent of doom – when the shadow of the earth falls over a full moon, a lunar eclipse. But in these dark and increasingly superstitious times, the 7th sword is no portent of doom, but something to grin about – the heavy duty Scorpion Swords, hand made in the USA by Chris Palmer, the Blood Moon Sword..

The blade concept and overall design is another hit by Sword Tester and Sword Designer extraordinaire, Jason Woodard – beginning with a scale 1:1 blueprint.

To bring the design to life, Chris Palmer cuts it to shape from a solid sheet of 1095 carbon steel, creating the basic shape in a sword blank.

Then the handle is prepared by drilling several large and many small holes into which the sandwich tang hilt will be fixed into place by a mixture of epoxy and tight fitting brass pins.

Next the blade itself is given rough ground, tempered, and the edge finished before the distinctive and attractive bloodwood handle is pinned, clamped and epoxied in place:

The handle is then given 7 additional brass rivets and shaped to fit the hand.

While it is already very attractive, the bloodwood handle is stained to bring out its rich, crimson red tinted infusion and wrapped with black deer leather for a comfortable and secure grip and there you have it, the Blood Moon!

Great value as always, and exclusive to the SBG Sword Store for just $289.99:

Forge Direct Wakizashi Back on the Table!

It has been nearly 3 years since we were able to last offer the acclaimed Forge Direct Custom Wakizashi/Ko Katana to compliment the matching Forge Direct Custom Katana – with supply chain issues coming to a head for us in June 2020 and taking 2 years and 10 months to retool and get us back into the game..

But back we are – so without any further ado, some great news for lovers of the shorter Japanese styled blades and fans of premium quality custom Daisho Sets (the two swords that were the badge of honor and representative the station of the Samurai, the Katana and the Wakizashi).


The only caveat we would add is that there are some delays still associated with Forge Direct Optional Extras – Premium Matching Tsuba and Fitting Sets which are one of the few components the forge does not make in house and with quite a few different available options, can be hard to predict which ones are readily available and how long they might take to produce. But as a general rule of thumb, ordering without this option will likely see your order come in slightly earlier than the 6-8 weeks stated and ordering with could add up to an additional 8 weeks..

So only choose this option if it is a must have addition and you aren’t too concerned about delays and lead time.

Otherwise, time to start designing your own Custom Wakizashi or two handed grip Ko Katana!

Introducing: the Grey Wolf Katana

As this month draws to a close we are delighted to introduce several brand new additions to the ever expanding line up of Katana from our friends at Ryujin Swords – starting with one of the best balanced and fastest Katana they have made to date, the Grey Wolf Katana:

With the type of differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade that forms the backbone of Ryujin’s best sword offerings – the Greywolf is no exception. Weighing only 2lbs with a point of a balance just 4.25″ from the tsuba it is the fastest and lightest sword they have made to date, and features a solid iron wolf themed tsuba with matching black colored brass fuchigashira.

And even though price rises continue to ravage the industry, we are squeezing our margins as hard as we can one last time to offer it at the introductory special price of just $249.99

But that’s not all!


Not one but FOUR new swords to the line up – the first a differentially hardened 65mn Spring Steel Katana with enhanced hamon and solid brass tsunami themed fittings called the ‘Choji Tsunami’ Katana:

Quite a bargain at just $199.99

And then 3 new swords to the fully functional but highly ornate line known as the ‘Art Sword’ line. First up, the Dramatic ‘Akazamurai’ a bright crimson themed sword with monotempered 65mn spring steel blade with a truly unique blade color and pattern:

Pretty awesome looking – but even better is the price. Just $149.99!

Then there is the Ninjato from the future – another 65mn Spring Steel blade, but unlike most Ninjato/Ninto is Katana rather than Wakizashi length. Introducing the ShiShi Ninto Art Sword:

And again, it is a bargain at just $149.99

And finally, something TRULY unique and priced to be a very hot seller as the year warms up – the differentialy hardened T10 Tool Steel Katana the Golden Bamboo..

Notice anything different about the blade?

Take a closer look at the gorgeous golden anodized hamon highlighting the real hamon that lies beneath for the most dramatic hamon temper line to date!

This is one sword that is sure to flash in the sunlight – and at just $179.99 goes to show you that even in these trying times, Ryujin and SBG are still doing their very best to bring you the best deals humanly possible:

If you are a fan of affordable and attractive Japanese style swords, I am certain you will find something of interest. Check out the full Ryujin Line up below: