Project X now potentially available all year round!

In past years, perhaps because the economy was in better shape generally and because the price was around $600 less than it is now (and also perhaps because took 2-4 months less to make) – everytime we opened up to take new orders of Project X Japanese we would always receive more orders than the forge could possibly handle and so usually after about a week (sometimes a short as 2-3 days however!) we would close off on new orders and only open them again once the batch was complete..

This meant that to be able to actually get in on one of these swords, it was necessary to be on ‘stand by’ for the notification that we were taking new orders, and so demand would build up and quickly overwhelm us within a few days of opening up again..

It looked like we were on the same treadmill with the relaunch of Project X – the next generation swords, but after I posted we were about 50% of the way to the forges maximum capacity, the orders stopped coming in for the first time since we launched Project X 10 years ago – and have seemingly reached a point where we are optimally balanced between demand for these swords and the forges ability to supply them.

As such, unless we receive a sudden influx of orders that threatens our ability to make the swords in a timely manner – like it’s offshoot forge direct, Project X Japanese will be available all year round..!

We will keep you informed if we get close to being forced back into the position of ‘batching’ the orders again – but for now, the rush and the pressure to get an order in before the opportunity snaps shut again is off and you can take your time designing your perfect high end custom laminated Katana or Wakizashi..

Project X Orders already at 50% capacity..

In what is only slightly longer than a 24 hour period, the relaunch of Project X Japanese that we talked about on the 3rd of May has already reached 50% of this batches maximum production capacity!

While the previous batch actually stopped taking new orders after only 3 days, it looks like the Next Generation line might not be open all that much longer…

We will be allowing a window of opportunity for anyone who ordered to tweak or adjust their order, but with slots filling up quickly it is recommended that if you don’t want to miss out on this batch of orders you secure your order as fast as possible and make any adjustments to your custom selections AFTER you get your order in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

We will try to update the blog again just before we need to close of on accepting any new commissions, but in the meantime if you have been waiting for this opportunity, well, you know what to do!

Project X – the Next Generation Relaunch Imminent!

It has been a LONG time coming to this point, but the first and rather revolutionary batch of our best quality custom Katana series, Project X Japanese, is about to relaunch it’s next generation blade design!

Having had some serious issues with lead time and a drop in quality (with the need to raise prices) from the original forge we have used for Project X for the last 10 years, we decided to switch production to a more reliable and even better forge (the one we have been using for Forge Direct Japanese) – taking Project X to the highest possible level.

As with previous Project X offerings – the swords will only be available to order in a ‘batch’ of around 20 swords maximum, after which time the swords will not be available again until the main batch of swords has been completed in approximately 4-6 months..

Due to popular demand – despite a shortage of saya, we are also offering the option to custom order a blade in different blade lengths, though as it will require a custom scabbard to be made for it ordering a custom length sword will cost an additional $200 and add another 4-6 months to the lead time. As such, this new option is not really encouraged – but at least it is there for anyone who really needs a blade with a length different than the standard 28″.

(Side Bonus: This option can also be applied to Forge Direct)

To get the full lowdown on the differences between Project X and Forge Direct, we have updated our page on this blog ‘OVERVIEW: Custom Katana Lines – Similarities and Differences’ so check out this article if you want more detail.

Otherwise, be certain to sign up to the dedicated Project X newsletter for the official ‘go’ signal as well as some exclusive subscriber only bonuses…


In the meantime, here is the first sneak preview at the swords themselves..

PROJECT X – Custom Katana

Project X – Custom Wakizashi/Ko Katana

Forge Direct Wakizashi Back on the Table!

It has been nearly 3 years since we were able to last offer the acclaimed Forge Direct Custom Wakizashi/Ko Katana to compliment the matching Forge Direct Custom Katana – with supply chain issues coming to a head for us in June 2020 and taking 2 years and 10 months to retool and get us back into the game..

But back we are – so without any further ado, some great news for lovers of the shorter Japanese styled blades and fans of premium quality custom Daisho Sets (the two swords that were the badge of honor and representative the station of the Samurai, the Katana and the Wakizashi).


The only caveat we would add is that there are some delays still associated with Forge Direct Optional Extras – Premium Matching Tsuba and Fitting Sets which are one of the few components the forge does not make in house and with quite a few different available options, can be hard to predict which ones are readily available and how long they might take to produce. But as a general rule of thumb, ordering without this option will likely see your order come in slightly earlier than the 6-8 weeks stated and ordering with could add up to an additional 8 weeks..

So only choose this option if it is a must have addition and you aren’t too concerned about delays and lead time.

Otherwise, time to start designing your own Custom Wakizashi or two handed grip Ko Katana!

Forge Direct Chinese New Year Sale Now On!

It is that time of year again – the Forge Direct 25% off super sale is now on!

With price pressure pushing EVERYTHING to new levels, this might be one of the last chances to pick up these swords at these discounted prices (indeed, after the sale we will almost certainly have to raise the base prices, as production costs, material costs and shipping costs have exploded in the last year and are getting increasingly steep at an unprecedented rate)..

The only downside? Production may be delayed by 2-4 weeks from the usual quoted turn around times. But take a look at some of the gorgeous swords we have on offer right now and make up your own mind if the discount is worth the extra wait..

Some of our top picks:

Sword of the Ancients

Truly unique, this fantasy blade forged by Master Michael Ye is a work of functional sword art unlike any other. Normally $900 but available for just $675 while the sale lasts.

Cloud Dragon Willow Leaf Dao

It is an entry level Master Smith forged Chinese Broadsword – and one of the most affordable blades in the entire line up. At $599.99 it is a bargain, but at $449.99 during the sale it is an absolute STEAL.

Laminated Duan Dao

Extremely popular and affordable, tradition meets science with this highly innovative laminated blade. Great quality all around and a true bargain at the current discounted price of $622.49.

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg – have a look at the entire collection and see if there is something that you like: