Project X Japanese – Update

Despite the pandemic, the batch of orders for Project X Japanese taken in late August this year have been quietly taking shape and are not just on schedule for completion and shipping next month, but are (at least at the time of writing this post) slightly AHEAD of schedule..!

This means that the next planned batch in February 2020 is almost certainly to go ahead as we had hoped – but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the forge showing where we are up to! Hope you enjoy this sneak – behind the scenes peek.


Forge Direct Chinese – The Baojian Forge FLASH Sale

Longquan’s Baojian (Treasured Sword) Forge has a reputation for working fast, working hard and producing some of the finest historical replicas of Chinese Swords around.

Unfortunately, as part of Forge Direct, despite the fact that they were able to process ALL their outstanding orders many months ago – we have had their orders on hold since June 2020..

But with Christmas around the corner, and the fact that while Forge Direct Japanese is causing the project to remain mothballed until the backlog of orders is 100% clear – Baojian have been twiddling their fingers this whole time..



Yes, that is correct – from TODAY until midnight Sunday the 15th EST you can get a these swords within 4-6 weeks (almost certainly JUST scraping in for Christmas) and with a WHOPPING 25% DISCOUNT!

Check out what is on offer below – from high end swords purchased by Chinese celebrities to affordable martial arts grade Dao and high end Jian, Baojian has it all.

Remember, this is a FLASH sale – and expires VERY soon, so grab what you can while you can..


Project X Closes and now – the waiting begins..

For those of you who were never interested in the project in the first place, this is probably GOOD news. But for everyone else, sorry – we actually went over the ideal production limit in just 4 days, such is the demand for these premium quality, great value Shinken.

Just a quick warning: Be ESPECIALLY Cautious from now on any China based sellers who suddenly have ‘Shoshu Kitae’ blades for sale. Based on previous experiences, many of those swords are the rejects from OUR batch, and sold cheap because they are really only suitable for display – but the sellers don’t tell their customers that..

It’s a jungle out there..!

Anyway, I will be in contact with everyone who ordered with updates as we go – in the meantime, if you managed to grab one of these in time CONGRATULATIONS! I know there are a few finer details being worked out with some customers right now, but bear with me – I’ll be in touch personally as soon as humanly possible.

And for those of you who are sick of hearing about it, next post will be something completely different. Promise.. 😉

Project X Japanese: the Last Call for 2020 is NOW!

To be honest, we just went over a maximum intended limit. But the forge said they are confident to take on a few more orders – however we can and will pull the offer if too many last minute orders come in at once, after all – this is the first and last batch for 2020 – but only until midnight EST on the 27th at the ABSOLUTE LATEST!

There will be a brief period where we check to make sure everyone is happy with their designs and do not want to make any last minute changes, and then we lock them in and work begins on them in earnest next week.

To those who ordered already, I’ll be in touch again shortly!

Project X NOW Taking Orders!

Yes, the clock has finally counted down to zero and the time has come. The LONG anticipated re-release of Project X Japanese (2.0/custom options) is finally here and the opportunity to pre-order has just begun!

Already, early-bird subscribers are getting in on the action. Here is where we are up to now – even though we only just opened (just one of the many reasons why you should subscribe to the Project X Newsletter, but I digress as it is a bit too late – the issue for 2020 has already gone out hours ago).

So if you have been watching along, there isn’t much more to say. You can find out more about Project X in general right here on this special page on our blog.

And while the promotion is running, you can also get a free 5 page guide and behind the scenes PDF explanation with every link imaginable for free (just click below, link opens in a new window).

It’s an exciting project, and we will keep you posted of any milestones, including the ‘last boarding call’.

Nearly time for the hammer to hit anvil, in the meantime I leave you with a few random Project X ‘sword porn’ glamor shots, new pics and blasts from the past..


Remember, this project has been delayed over 6 months due to the current Pandemic and may take slightly longer to complete due to unforseen circumstances. But as things stand right now, the forge is fired up and ready to go!

Don’t miss out and keep checking back here for updates.