Forge Direct and Project X Price Increase April 5th 2024..

Attention all sword enthusiasts and collectors! Our store is offering a limited-time opportunity to purchase master smith crafted swords at discounted prices. While the sale on Forge Direct and Project X has officially ended, we had managed to extend these discounts to our customers.

However, as we mentioned in this post from February 5th:

“We have taken all the data from the sale to arrive at the fairest and most sustainable price points for the entire project, the new sale prices are ALMOST unchanged – the Forge Direct Custom Katana only goes up from the sale price of $629.99 to an even $700 with almost all other prices remaining where they are for as long as we can sustain current sale levels..”

Unfortunately, these sales targets were not achieved as we had hoped for, and so without an economy of scale, prices on ALL Forge Direct and Project X swords will be raised by an average of 15-20% early next month. This is your final chance to acquire these exceptional swords at such affordable prices.

Visit our store today and browse through our exquisite selection of master smith crafted swords. Take advantage of this limited-time offer before prices increase next month. Secure your favorite sword now and add a touch of elegance and history to your collection.


Get in the Que early to minimize delay and maximize your value, because sadly this will certainly be the last time you see these blades available at this price..

New Project X Custom Katana and the Forge Direct Limited Edition ‘Kuryuken’ Dragon Katana

It has been several years since we have seen a new Project X Katana blade – so it is with great pride we announce one of the most attractive looking traditional Katana blades ever produced outside of Japan, the Project X Next Generation Elite T10 Choji Hi Polish Custom Katana!

Leveraging the already proven Forge Direct and Project X Soshu Kitae Custom Katana furniture sets and customization options, this Master Smith forged blade is polished to near perfection by Master Polishers using Japanese fingerstones to make the clear natural hamon line POP like never before, and shows just how refined a T10 tool steel DH blade can be when no expense is spared.

Just take a closer look at how defined and clear the nioi of the blade can become, with prominent ashi..

With this sword added to the line up of Custom Katana we have available at SBG, there are now FOUR distinct levels or Tiers of Custom Katana blades available, from entry level Ryujin builds at Tier I (whose blades and fittings are made at the same forge, but shipped as parts to the USA and assembled to order) to Forge Direct at Tier III, which are built entirely at the forge and shipped worldwide from Longquan, and now two models of Project X at Tier IV – the new Choji blades which refine the T10 blade to its highest possible level, and the complex laminated 1095/1060/1045 blades of the original Soshu Kitae Project X Custom Katana.

This new blade also announces the end of the current sale on Forge Direct and Project X. However as we have taken all the data from the sale to arrive at the fairest and most sustainable price points for the entire project, the new sale prices are ALMOST unchanged – the Forge Direct Custom Katana only goes up from the sale price of $629.99 to an even $700 with almost all other prices remaining where they are for as long as we can sustain current sale levels – which is good news for everyone!

And speaking of good news, as we are now only days away from the official start of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon in 2024, we release a luxurious Forge Direct Limited Edition design, the Forge Direct LIMITED EDITION Elite T10 “Kuryuken” Dragon Katana!

This T10 Choji Hamon Forge Direct Master Smith blade is complimented with a suite of Dragon themed fittings, from the 24K gold plated Dragon tsuba to the elite Mother of Pearl inlaid Dragon saya to an exclusive and highly detailed premium Dragon horimono engraving (which at $100 on one side, is normally not something we offer on the custom Katana series) complimented with upgraded Black leather ito with hishigami.

If you add it all up, the total cost of this build would normally be $924.50, but is available at the same price as the base custom Katana for just $700 shipped – and with only 10pcs ever to be made, is definitely a unique and attractive offer for lovers of Dragon themed blades..

Pretty exciting stuff – check out the current full line ups for current pricing and models available:

Dragon Dao orders – missing order slots from last year allow one final opportunity..

In June last year, many years after the first limited release, we offered our most discerning customers two of our finest high end heirloom quality Master Smith forged Chinese historical swords – the Jian of Marquis Yi and it’s wickedly curved bladed sister, the Dragon Dao.

We fulfilled the very last 10 orders for the Jian and it has now been PERMANENTLY RETIRED from the Project X line up. So for the Jian of Marquis Yi, the show is over and if you wanted one, the only way to get it would be to get lucky on the secondary sword market and get a used/pre-owned one.

But for the Dragon Dao, due to a miscount and one cancelled order due to unexpected financial difficulties of the buyer, it turns out we only sold 7 of the final 10 pieces we had planned – leaving 3 slots still remaining unfulfilled..

This had been bothering me in the back of my mind over several months, because this was going to be the last time we would offer them before retiring them permanently, and it was frustrating that we left 3 of the 10 available pieces on the table, and three people ended up missing out,

So after much thought and deliberation, I decided that as we tick over to the Year of the Dragon, what better time is there to fill up those very last slots and retire this blade once and for all as well..!

The Dragon Dao – the Final Three

The only catch is, with Chinese New Year (the year of the Dragon appropriately enough) around the corner, the forge will be downing tools in about a week which will add around 3 weeks to the usual lead time. However, as we have noted year after year, after Chinese New Year is often when the smiths do their very best work, with excellent crisp early spring weather invigorating the smiths as they return well rested from their break and eager to get back to doing what they do best.

So if you missed it last time around, this is it, your final chance to own a piece of SBG history.

Next Level Discounts GALORE!

Looking at the HOT SPECIALS page on our site this month and you will find 6 full PAGES and 6 ENTIRE product lines on sale from 10 to a whopping 40% off the usual prices..

But just when you thought the deals could not get any HOTTER – THREE ADDITIONAL Product Lines have also gone on sale at unprecedented discounts.

First up, all the gorgeous hand made in the Philippines BCI swords from Kingdom of Arms, all available with a 15% discount until the end of the month and while stocks last:

But it gets even crazier – we talked with the Forges in Longquan and they are hurting bad from low sales all year long, and so we were able to secure some truly AMAZING discounts on Forge Direct Japanese and Project X!

This sounds impressive, but when you look closer you will see it’s an unprecedented discount level when applied to the 5 custom sword variations available for these projects..

Forge Direct Custom Katana – MSRP on this one is $1200 and we sold it for many years for $899.99 with a 99% satisfaction rate.. Now it $629.99 – and STILL with FREE WORLDWIDE shipping.. Basically the equivalent of a high end Dragon King T10 sword, but for several hundred dollars less and with many custom options to make it uniquely yours!

Forge Direct Custom Wakizashi – Make a custom Daisho set or a standalone lightweight and super-fast Ko Katana (O-Wakizashi) MSRP $1000 even. Sold in our store for $729.99 for many years, NOW just (WAIT FOR IT) — $499.99!!!!

Muramasa – The unique laminated blade made with modern technology and steel (T10, 1065 and 1045). MSRP on this baby is $1350, and sold in the store for $999.99 – now available for a mere $729.99 with your choice of custom fittings. Each one is unique, check out a couple of variations below:

Project X Laminated Katana – The pinnacle of all the custom sword projects we have been involved with to date – the second generation of Project X Master Smith crafted Soshu Kitae laminated Katana. Extremely traditional construction. Quality that blows people away. MSRP $1750, and we used to sell it for $1499.99 and now it is more or less a STEAL at $1,049.99!! For that money, if you can find a better sword, buy it!!!

Project X Laminated Wakizashi – make a custom Shoshu Kitae Wakizashi or Ko Katana, was $1,199.99 now just $839.99! Crazy..

While we are hoping to be able to lock these new prices in long term, it really depends on how well they sell this month. So show your support for the Project, help keep it going and worst case scenario, you nab yourself one of the best quality blades made in the last 20 years for the lowest price humanly possible..

Project X: Limited Edition Meteoric Daggers!

Over the years, Project X has developed many unique, high end blades. From the original Soshu Kitae Katana line that started it all off, to limited edition designs such as the Dragon Dao and the Jian of Marquis Yi, and expanded into Forge Direct Chinese and Forge Direct Japanese, Project X blades have become must-have items for the discerning collector and sword enthusiast..

So it is with great excitement we announce what is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase daggers that have been forged from actual meteorites!

Spearheaded by our friends at Ronin Katana, who pioneered high end meteoric blades made entirely from this otherworldly metal, a recent visit to the forges to complete his apprenticeship in traditional Chinese sword smithing saw Chris Scoggin discover these two amazing designs and offer them to Project X members on a first come, first served basis..

The blades themselves are forged ENTIRELY from meteorites with no added steel (each blade requiring several pounds of meteoric iron that are smashed up, placed in a crucible and heated up until they are molten) and forged by Master smiths in a Damascus steel pattern, polished by Master polishers and mounted in premium solid silver fittings with a Purple Redwood scabbard.

There are two designs available, one with a Dragon themed handle and the other an ancient Han Dynasty fitting set.

Dragon Dagger

Han Dynasty Dagger

Only 5pcs per design will be released, and once we have sold 5pcs we will be removing the products from sale.

So how much will these elite otherworldly blades cost? Well, the normal price on these would be from $7,500 each and Chris told me straight out that they would be no less than $6,500 at Ronin if he was selling them himself. But as usual, at SBG we offer the VERY best price humanly possible. So they are available for just $5,500 each with free worldwide shipping..

True enough, these are not for everyone – but if you have the means and are interested in very rare blade types at the best price humanly possible, they might just be for you..