Next Level Discounts GALORE!

Looking at the HOT SPECIALS page on our site this month and you will find 6 full PAGES and 6 ENTIRE product lines on sale from 10 to a whopping 40% off the usual prices..

But just when you thought the deals could not get any HOTTER – THREE ADDITIONAL Product Lines have also gone on sale at unprecedented discounts.

First up, all the gorgeous hand made in the Philippines BCI swords from Kingdom of Arms, all available with a 15% discount until the end of the month and while stocks last:

But it gets even crazier – we talked with the Forges in Longquan and they are hurting bad from low sales all year long, and so we were able to secure some truly AMAZING discounts on Forge Direct Japanese and Project X!

This sounds impressive, but when you look closer you will see it’s an unprecedented discount level when applied to the 5 custom sword variations available for these projects..

Forge Direct Custom Katana – MSRP on this one is $1200 and we sold it for many years for $899.99 with a 99% satisfaction rate.. Now it $629.99 – and STILL with FREE WORLDWIDE shipping.. Basically the equivalent of a high end Dragon King T10 sword, but for several hundred dollars less and with many custom options to make it uniquely yours!

Forge Direct Custom Wakizashi – Make a custom Daisho set or a standalone lightweight and super-fast Ko Katana (O-Wakizashi) MSRP $1000 even. Sold in our store for $729.99 for many years, NOW just (WAIT FOR IT) — $499.99!!!!

Muramasa – The unique laminated blade made with modern technology and steel (T10, 1065 and 1045). MSRP on this baby is $1350, and sold in the store for $999.99 – now available for a mere $729.99 with your choice of custom fittings. Each one is unique, check out a couple of variations below:

Project X Laminated Katana – The pinnacle of all the custom sword projects we have been involved with to date – the second generation of Project X Master Smith crafted Soshu Kitae laminated Katana. Extremely traditional construction. Quality that blows people away. MSRP $1750, and we used to sell it for $1499.99 and now it is more or less a STEAL at $1,049.99!! For that money, if you can find a better sword, buy it!!!

Project X Laminated Wakizashi – make a custom Shoshu Kitae Wakizashi or Ko Katana, was $1,199.99 now just $839.99! Crazy..

While we are hoping to be able to lock these new prices in long term, it really depends on how well they sell this month. So show your support for the Project, help keep it going and worst case scenario, you nab yourself one of the best quality blades made in the last 20 years for the lowest price humanly possible..

Project X: Limited Edition Meteoric Daggers!

Over the years, Project X has developed many unique, high end blades. From the original Soshu Kitae Katana line that started it all off, to limited edition designs such as the Dragon Dao and the Jian of Marquis Yi, and expanded into Forge Direct Chinese and Forge Direct Japanese, Project X blades have become must-have items for the discerning collector and sword enthusiast..

So it is with great excitement we announce what is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase daggers that have been forged from actual meteorites!

Spearheaded by our friends at Ronin Katana, who pioneered high end meteoric blades made entirely from this otherworldly metal, a recent visit to the forges to complete his apprenticeship in traditional Chinese sword smithing saw Chris Scoggin discover these two amazing designs and offer them to Project X members on a first come, first served basis..

The blades themselves are forged ENTIRELY from meteorites with no added steel (each blade requiring several pounds of meteoric iron that are smashed up, placed in a crucible and heated up until they are molten) and forged by Master smiths in a Damascus steel pattern, polished by Master polishers and mounted in premium solid silver fittings with a Purple Redwood scabbard.

There are two designs available, one with a Dragon themed handle and the other an ancient Han Dynasty fitting set.

Dragon Dagger

Han Dynasty Dagger

Only 5pcs per design will be released, and once we have sold 5pcs we will be removing the products from sale.

So how much will these elite otherworldly blades cost? Well, the normal price on these would be from $7,500 each and Chris told me straight out that they would be no less than $6,500 at Ronin if he was selling them himself. But as usual, at SBG we offer the VERY best price humanly possible. So they are available for just $5,500 each with free worldwide shipping..

True enough, these are not for everyone – but if you have the means and are interested in very rare blade types at the best price humanly possible, they might just be for you..

Forge Direct and Project X Chinese Final Closeout MegaSale!

It’s no secret that this year has been a very hard one for the sword industry. But behind the scenes in Longquan, China – many of the forges are having an especially hard time. So much so that the very industry that they were famous for for over 2600 years, specifically traditional Chinese sword production, is under threat…

Many of the smiths are seeing such a dramatic decrease in sales and re-orders that they are considering moving exclusively into generic Katana designs (or worse, preparing to exit the industry entirely).

However, we have a solution for you. Before these swords become scarce and difficult to source, we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase premium swords at closeout prices. This is your last chance to add high-quality swords to your collection, so don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Our swords are crafted by master artisans and are guaranteed to impress. Take advantage of this limited-time sale and add some of the finest swords to your collection.

First up, from the archives – we are re-releasing 10pcs each of two classic Project X designs on the 10th year anniversary of their first release. The stunning Jian of Marquis Yi and the Dragon Dao:

The Jian of Marquis Yi

The original classic design that kicked off Project X Chinese comes back one last time.. Truly amazing quality, normal price on this sword is over $2600 but is available for just $1599.99

The Dragon Dao

One of the most fierce one handed cutting swords ever made, the stunning Dragon Dao is valued at $3,400 but is available for just $1,799.99 one last time..

As noted, only 10pcs of each model will be sold, after which time these designs will go back to the archives, almost certainly never to be seen again..

But while this is quite dramatic, what follows next takes the sale to a whole new level..

Forge Direct – Final Closeout Sale

As we mentioned at the outset, many of the master smiths and large forges that specialized in high end traditional Chinese swords are preparing to wind up their production of high end, fully functional replicas.

But before they disappear from the store, from now until the 17th of July, the following selection of Forge Direct Chinese swords have been marked down from 30% to 40% – the highest level of discounts ever seen!

Check out the bargains on offer – each one of these swords is heavily marked down to a final closeout price as below. Simply click on the image for the swords details:

Water Lily Jian: $1,000.00 – 40%, NOW $600

Ring Pommel Dao: $1,000.00 – 40%, NOW $600

Damascus Proto-Tanto: $600.00 – 40%, NOW $360

Fire Jian: $999.99 – 30%, NOW $699.99

Double Dragon Jian: $1,599.99 – 30%, NOW $1,119.99

Golden Dragon Feathersteel Jian: $1,599.99 – 40%, NOW $959.99

Dragon Boar Killing Spear: $749.99 – 30%, NOW $524.99

Sword of the Ancients: $900.00 – 30%, NOW $630

Imperial Dragon: $849.99 – 40%, NOW $509.99

Yue Maiden: $810.00 – 40%, NOW $486

Rosewood Dao: $599.99 – 40%, NOW $359.99

Imperial Yi-Dao: $1,485.00 – 40%, NOW $891

Nine Dragon Jian (antiqued finish): $1,300.00 – 40%, NOW $780

Yuchang Jian: $2,000.00 – 30%, NOW $1,400

Red Copper Ruyi Jian: $1,695.00 – 30%, NOW $1,186.50

And a couple of NEW releases..

While we have no idea of its long term future, we have not given up on Forge Direct Chinese quite just yet.. Even after all the models above go left of center stage on the 17th and are discontinued, two new swords have just been added to the line up. Two sword types that have taken a lot of behind the scenes work to have made because WE wanted them for ourselves..

First up, a fully functional Master Smith forged version of Shuangjian – in other words a Twin Jian set!

NEW: Shuangjian (twin jian set) – $999.99

And the second sword, the ULTIMATE Taichi sword – both in terms of quality and price.

NEW: Five Blessings Ultimate Taichi Jian – $599.99

With so many amazing deals on Forge Direct and Project X Chinese until the 17th of July, we are pretty sure that you will find at least something of interest and we hope do your bit to support this struggling sub niche of the sword industry in its time of need.

To check out EVERY offer currently on the table, click the link below:

Forge Direct Chinese: 25% off super sale now on!

Only ever discounted once or twice a year, the most astute buyers wait for this awesome opportunity – as the headline states, from now until midnight the 18th of November we have lowered our prices on the entire range of Forge Direct Chinese Swords by a whopping 25%!

With swords available from a few hundred to a few thousand dollar ‘movie star’ quality buys, it cannot be guaranteed that they will arrive in time for Christmas, but many will. And for the others, the deal alone is as good as all your Christmases come at once..!

Check out some of the stunning Master Smith made classics and grab yourself a bargain while you can: