Final Pricing Adjustment to the Seraph Aegis (back down to $2999.99)..

That first one at the front is gone, the other 4 still for sale at the time of this blog post was made..

Unfortunately, this beautiful sword has been having a bit of a tough time finding its feet. The original plan for its release was to occur just before Christmas, and price them as low as we possibly could (which is $3,000) to sell those first 5 of 20 and get Micheal and Jeffrey back to work on the next 5..

Though it was no-one’s fault (the bare blades arrived late) the timing of the release of the Seraph Aegis Sword – after Christmas instead of BEFORE Christmas (and right in the middle of the uncertainty of the US government shutdown) was indeed less than ideal..

For as long as possible, we kept the price down at $2,999.99 (our bare minimum). But finally last month raised it all the way up to something closer to what other sellers would do – $3,850.

They might not sell as fast at that price, but honestly even at $4K – with so few being made, the unique quality of the blade and the amazing way its all mounted up for all time – even at $4-5,000 it would still be worth buying (and those kind of profits could REALLY be put to good use to help offset the costs of the Legendary Swords Project itself)..

But after much thought at the end of the day, sure the initial release did not work out as planned and perhaps not everyone is/was as exciting about it as we are.. (I mean, just look at it..)

A limited Edition Blade Easily worth $4-5K..

At the end of the day though, its not really fair to put the price up like that – one person has already purchased one at the special price and a few more are very close to buying if we can offer them a price closer to the original sales price or a payment plan..

So let’s keep our BEST price our only price – and so to make a long story short, the Seraph is back on sale for $2999.99 with free worldwide shipping.

It depends on how long they take to sell out on when and if there will be another run of 5 – but that’s a long way off even if we started work today. Back to our best price with 4 swords and counting..

The Seraph Aegis

Seraph Aegis – Special Pricing Extended to the 12th of February

The Limited Edition Seraph Aegis – custom made brass fittings, master smith feathersteel blade and custom scabbard. Premium quality at the lowest possible pricing..,

I really did not want to raise the price on this sword – at $2999.99 we break even and make a small profit that isn’t really enough to justify the amount of time and effort involved in the project – and not enough to help fund the Legendary Swords Project (which is proving to be a real money pit and has no outside funding, crowd sourcing or other ‘eBegging’).

But with only 5 made and 1 sold at the time the special offer ends, and a rather large amount of money tied up in its production, I have decided to extend the special offer until the 12th of February (when all the other mega-sales end).

If there are still swords available after the new extension period we will have no choice but to raise the price to cover the costs of funding the production for longer than anticipated – perhaps not up to $3800 but despite it being our most expensive sword to date, $3K really is too cheap for this sword package.. (the new price, which will also carry across to additional runs, will likely be priced at $3,300).

Either way, time is running out on this deal – do some research online and you’ll see that despite the high price, you get your money’s worth and then some.


Odin’s Oar, pre-orders closing soon..

Work has already commenced on the final 10 swords of the Odin’s Oar – Sword of Runa by Longship Armory – and as of the time of writing this post the very last 3 pre-order slots are still open..

But one way or another, they will not be open for much longer.. If they are not taken up before midnight EST the 3rd of November, the opportunity to pre-order will slam shut and they will only be available to order once the final run is completed – but as these will be the last, the special pricing will be withdrawn and the last ones will be sold at true market value (sure, they might take longer to sell this way, but as once they are gone they are gone for good, this is not something we are concerned about).

So if you want to reserve one before its all too late – well, the clock is ticking..

Odin’s Oar – the last 10

Change to the Forge Direct ‘Boar Killing Spear’

The original Forge Direct TIGER Boar Killing Spear had always been a popular and unique blade. With its versatile, unscrewable handle so it can be used in either dagger or spear configuration and stunning Master Smith forged Damascus steel blade – it was no wonder it was popular.

The Original Tiger Boar Killing Spear

So it came as a bit of a surprise that the Forge decided to change it up, but then again after seeing how it turned out, I think I like it.. The new – DRAGON spear version..

The blade is identical – here is a close up of the stunning Damascus pattern..

And here is the new engraved Dragon themed pole.

To hit the ground running, this new version is available with an 20% discount until midnight the 13th of October, bringing the price down for $750 to just $599.99 SHIPPED.

This special price is only available for the next few days, so if you like, get it at the discounted introductory price while you can.

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Forge Direct Closeout Specials

It is going to be a busy 24 hours for sales – starting off with a follow up sale from Forge Direct..

There are a few swords within the Forge Direct MasterSmith forged collection that for some reason, just don’t seem to generate much interest. So to determine why – we have teamed up with the forge to give these three swords one last chance by removing the price barrier and selling them for 50% of the usual price!

This is the steepest discount on these swords you will ever see – and may well be the last chance to pick them up at all..

So have a quick look at the following three swords and decide for yourself if they are worth having or not.

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