Forge Direct Temporary Shutdown..

With China soon to shut down all the forges for between 1-2 months starting towards the end of this month, and with a lot of price pressure on us that has been building since the beginning of 2020, we are temporarily closing down on any new orders for the Forge Direct Custom Katana 4.0 until the end of February/early March..

This is only a temporary shutdown to prevent customers getting frustrated by the long delays, and while there still are a few orders in the system we are still processing that may be impacted – we hope that the savings they made by buying it at what has become the old sale price of $779.99 with free shipping will make up for it because there is no way we will be able to maintain this price once we re-open in Feb/March (tentatively, the new price will be back to $899 – but even that is cutting it a bit too fine.. Only time will tell..)

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