Lots of Miscellaneous Items Restocked

It has taken quite a few additional months than what we had anticipated, but once again it is a case of better late than never as we restock a large and varied assortment of swords, blades and training tools.

One extremely popular restock is the twin backmounted LARP Katana set by Sparkfoam – still amazing value and a whole lot of good clean fun for just $49.95

For REAL live bladed Japanese swords, we just refreshed our stock of the extremely popular (and still available at the special price of just $199.99) and quite historically accurate replica of the WWII Officers Gunto:

And from a much earlier time, the sword style which the Guntos styling is based upon, a Tachi – the stunning $299.99 ‘Daimyos Tachi’ with a hefty and ornately decorated brass saya that is almost solid enough to be a weapon in its own right!

For Chinese swords, we also see the return of the very affordable, meaty and solid blade of the Yong Lo Sword – still just $169.99 which is pretty insane value for a battle ready sword that looks like, well, looks like THIS:

And to round it all off, how about an ultra modern ‘claw in your pocket’ of the “Raptor” Folding Karambit by DEFCON – just $185.95:

Quite a wide variety of products back in stock with more trickling in as the year slowly begins to gather momentum..

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