Ryujin ELITE Choji Hamon Wakizashi FINAL CLOSEOUT SALE

You might remember from a blog post made on the 26th of April “A lucky Mistake For Some..” where we found out much to our distress that the Wakizashi we had been advertising to match the $229 T10 Custom Katana actually had elite Choji Hamon blades to match the $479.99 Choji Elite Custom Katana..

As such, we had to increase the price from $184.99 (which was fine for the standard level blade, but below cost on the Choji Elites) up to a very reasonable $284.99..

Unfortunately though, this killed off sales of this product entirely.

The only way forward for a Ryujin Custom Wakizashi then is to have them made using the basic hamon as was originally planned, not the high polish Choji Midare hamon – which clearly is not viable at the price it needs to sell for..

So with no sales forthcoming, and a production run of the basic entry level blades commencing soon, this Wakizashi needs to go. So we have marked it down to $179.99 for a final liquidation sale.

What more need we say?

Choji ELITE Wakizashi with Bo-hi

Choji ELITE Wakizashi no-hi (solid bodied blade)

20% OFF EVERY SWORD from Hanwei, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C.

Until the 31st of July and while stocks last, the distributor for 4 of the biggest, hottest sword brands including the Hanwei Forge, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C. (among many others) is offering all their vendors a juicy discount to stimulate slow sales (as July is typically the slowest month of the year for the sword industry).

While many vendors will grab what they can and stock up – we are passing the discounts DIRECT TO YOU!

Popular swords are going to sell out VERY QUICKLY (both via our store, and from other sword sellers grabbing what they can) so have a look through what we have available for each of these brands and then use the coupon below to save 20%

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We have done and will continue to do our best to keep the stock levels accurate, but in all honesty, the sooner you get your order in the better otherwise you may well miss out (and discounts like this happen once every blue moon).


After the 31st of July, the coupon code will no longer work – so get in while you can..!!

NOTE: We had less than 24 hours notice on this sale, and so this discount can ONLY be applied to new orders. Because the discount is coming from the distributor and we are passing it on to you, no extensions or rainchecks are possible.

P.S. Don’t forget, order 3 or more swords at the same time and get FREE SHIPPING on top of the 20% discount.

P.P.S. To get the discount you MUST use it at the time of purchase. We will not refund the discount to you after the fact as it damages our standing with our payment processors and requires a surprisingly large workload for our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Some NEW Hot Deals for July from Ryujin

As the weather heats up, the deals also keep getting hotter at Ryujin.

This time around, we have a second version of the overstocked Rattan wrap with Buffalo Horn Saya – this time just $179.99 with a set Crane themed tsuba, black ito wrap and brass tsunami themed fittings:

The Black Crane Limited Edition Katana

The Iron Crane tsuba and prominent buffalo horn Kurikata
The classic T10 Tool Steel Differentially Hardened Blade Ryujin is famous for
Brass tsunami themed Fuchigashira makes for a classic and traditional Edo period Katana

So for those of you who want a no-nonsense, hard wearing traditional blade with sturdy fittings and reinforced saya – if you can find a better deal than this, grab it because we are pretty sure that this is the best possible deal around for a sword under $200..

And while you are there, you might as well get in on round 2 of the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE special offer on the Ryujin Polypropylene Bokken.

More durable than a wooden bokken in almost every instance, each practice sword also comes with 2 different styles of removable tsuba and is a real bargain at just $29.99 each.

Another reason to pick one of these up? 3 ‘swords’ qualifies you for FREE SHIPPING in the USA – so you could get the Crane Katana and two Bokken for a total of just $209.99..

Now that’s some serious bang for the buck!

Awesome Specials From Ryujin

Not one but THREE awesome deals from our friends at Ryujin. First up, the return of the limited edition and extremely popular Mother of Pearl Saya on the classic bo-hi or no-hi Ryujin T10 blades.

Mother of Pearl Saya Option – Just $229.99

The price, the same as it was last time, an absolutely insane price of just $229.99 (normally the saya alone would cost between $75 to $125 extra – in this case, it is basically FREE!)

The second offering is a new one – like the Mother of Pearl, the saya in question was too expensive to offer on our usual line up. But with too many in stock they need to clear: black lacquer, black rattan wrap reinforcement and a genuine buffalo horn kurikata..

Rattan Wrapped Buffalo Horn Kurikata Musashi/Bamboo – $199.99

And the price?

Just $199.99 right HERE!!

Yeah, that’s pretty crazy.. But how about $60 off the O-Katana, now just $209.99 and STILL with the free bonus items..!

The O-Katana, totally insane deal at $209.99

THAT is what I call a stock clearance sale..!

All of this and more can be found here in the HOT SPECIALS section of our site – grab them while you can for the sale ends either when the stock runs out or the end of the month, whichever comes first (and with these deals, I have a feeling that at least one of them will go from overstock to no stock well before the end of the month, so best get in while the getting is good).

Dragon King Hana T10 Katana on Special at $269.99 with FREE SHIPPING

The ‘Hana’ Katana by Dragon King is for the sword collector who likes clean, simple lines, traditional fittings without any of the ‘bling’ and a well balanced sword with nothing that really stands out, but rather keeps it all as simple and practical as possible.

That said, it does have several stand out features such as the silver colored menuki, habaki and buffalo horn kurikata as well as a textured saya that hides fingerprints and minimizes the appearance of any scratches or bumps that may occur during its lifetime.

And the genuine hamon of the classic T10 blade is very clearly defined – making for a very traditional looking classic Katana.

The MSRP on this sword is $519 – which is what I would call ‘reasonable’ but at that price, there are better choices. At our everyday low price of $329.99 – its great value for money and well worth a serious look.

But from now until the end of the month and while stocks last you can pick it up for just $269.99 with FREE SHIPPING and well, if it wasn’t on your radar before it certainly should be now..!

Click here for all the details