Assorted new blades

While stock levels continue to rapidly dwindle away with no restock yet in sight, it’s true that as each day goes by the pickings get slimmer..

But we buck the downwards stock trend here with some cool new blades from our friends at Ryujin and Proleria Knives.

The first item is a beautiful EDC Knife called the ‘Radioactive’

With a distinctive Tanto w/Swedge D2 Tool Steel blade in 6AL4V Titanium fittings, in terms of materials and construction – the Radioactive is an absolute steal at just $112.95 $69.99.

And then there is the latest addition to the Ryujin 1045 carbon steel ‘art should hurt’ line – two matched Daisho Sets consisting of a lightweight and fast (2.1lbs) monotempered 27 1/2″ bladed 1045 carbon steel Katana, 20 1/2″ Wakizashi and complimentary Tanto knife – plus it also includes a three tier sword stand for display..

Here’s a few closeup pictures of the blades common to both of the two available sets:

Whether you want a set for display purposes, light to medium backyard cutting or as a project piece – the blades are where the $$ are with these – for while 1045 carbon steel is the baseline carbon steel required for a functional sword – these blades are well made and properly tempered to such a degree that they could be passed off as 1060 (which sadly is a practice quite common to less scrupulous vendors) – but as usual at SBG you get what you pay for, and with 1045 carbon steel blades, you don’t have to pay too much..

Both sets are available for a crazy low price of just $109.99 for the whole kit and kaboodle and come in two styles, classic Black and Red saya variants.

Stocks on all items are limited and selling out fast – and at these prices, these new additions are not likely to be in stock for very long..

Back in Stock – our limited edition budget arming swords

When you consider the blades are made from well tempered 65mn Spring Steel, have iron fittings, genuine leather handle – and comes with a scabbard, belt and suspension for under $300, it’s pretty rare.

But how about THIS sword for $184.99?

65MN Spring Steel 13th Century Knightly Arming Sword

Here’s the review a customer left for it from the first time we offered it, giving it a 4 star rating:

Ok, so this is my first purchase from SBG. Ive been wanting a similar type sword for some time and saw the special and took the chance buying one.

The sword arrived very quickly and was well packaged preventing any damage.

It is a very good looking item, with a mirror finish blade and plain hand guard, grip and pommel. The scabbard is good and would make an excellent part of a display or costume, the attaching belt, not so much.

The blade came razor sharp and was immediately bigger than I had anticipated. My example is 34 1/2 inches long in total with a 2 inches at the base making it quite wide and was almost exactly 3 lbs.

Seems like it would be a massively good cutting weapon, especially to unarmored flesh. I tried some practice cuts on my backyard pell but immediately stopped as I felt it was abusing the blade. However, I feel like it could cut pork chops, water bottles and melons all day and still have a good edge. I found my example to be dangerously sharp.

The pommel is peened and grip/ guard very solid.

The handle is not very comfortable and is a downside. It fits one hand well and is almost long enough to be used two handed for average size hands.

The pommel is plain and is unfinished making room for it to be personalized.

I feel like if I had handled this in a shop I would have put it back instead of buying as it is larger and heavier than what I would have chosen.

For example the Windlass Agincourt sword is slightly longer has a full two handed hilt and is still half a pound lighter.

All in all an awesome sword, and I suspect a formidable cutter. Thanks SBG for a good first experience.

No problems! And if you want to take it a step fancier, we also have a Damascus folded version for just $229.99..

65MN Spring Steel FOLDED 13th Century Knightly Arming Sword

Basically the exact same sword, just with a more attractive blade and better suited to display, while the cheaper version is better for practical cutting.

Take your pick, but don’t miss out – stocks are limited and the last restock was over a year ago from memory.

Happy New Year!

And a 5% discount coupon code..

You can almost feel the whole world breath a sigh of collective relief that 2020 is finally over (or at least, in almost every part of the world it’s behind us)..

Unfortunately, just because the year changed does not mean all the issues that plagued 2020 have magically disappeared. Santa put on a heroic battle, but even he could not prevail..

But at least we hope to see some victories against the pandemic and the havoc it has wreaked upon our modern way of life. Vaccines are coming and new and intelligent strategies are being developed, many of which may be of benefit to us all.

But in the meantime, while we are officially closed – a deal to make up for all the expected shipping delays and the fact that we are basically taking some much needed time off.. (mostly, though I find it hard as there are a LOT of new projects being prepared for launch this year)..

To use the coupon, simply enter the items you want to purchase from our store to your cart.

Once you are happy, simply checkout and in the following field enter the coupon code exactly as written.

(or just click the button below to automatically add the discount).

CONDITIONS: Please note that this coupon code is ONLY valid if used at the time of purchase. If you forget to add it, please do not ask for refunds as refusal may often offend.. During this time shipping and email support WILL be slow, hence the discount. Offer may be withdrawn at any time ahead of the stores re-opening.

P.S. The swords above are ‘decorative wallhangers’ through and through, but the photography was stunning and the designs in themselves have some nice points. The fish tail pommel, wire wrapped sword in particular would not be bad if it had a strong, matching guard and real blade.


Officially closed, but working harder than ever!

While we may have officially closed off on the 20th of December, there are still too many emails that need answered, deliveries that need to be double checked and fixed and a ton of things needed before I can begin to partially unplug for Christmas day..

Santa’s Elves are proving no use as usual..

And so it’s up to me to give the year one last push to try and get across the Christmas finish line. And to do so, while at this stage we normally bow, out – this time we are offering two last minute ‘Christmas Savers’*

Both are from RYUJIN SWORDS and feature the classic differentially tool steel blades they are famous for. But the savings are out of this world..

First up – the KUROKENSAI (Black Sword Saint) which has a solid bodied blade, solid Iron Muashi tsuba and all black fittings.

And the next one is the last few of a final closeout sale from the Ryuin pre-assembled series. While the KuroKensai is all black, the Yukizuna is it’s polar opposite – with all WHITE fittings.

Now because Christmas is only days away, international orders are out of the question. And unless you live very close to California, then it’s a risk to ship using standard ground shipping. So we have added an option for 2 night express for an additional $35. (No longer optional)

We cannot guarantee that it will make it in time, but this is your best shot – and the prices, too good to ignore..

P.S. Did you see the 10% discount on the entire Kingdom of Arms Series? There is less than 24 hours to go..

Check out their line up here

My favorite from their series so far – probably their Sword of Strider

Or the Gladius, Falcata and range of Knightly Swords from the Crusading orders of the Teutonic Knights and the Templars..

Well, time to continue my ‘holiday’ – about 100 odd emails to get through so will work through the night and see how we look tomorrow!

P.S. In an edit I noticed that in the coupon the sale expired on the 23rd of September 2020..! I meant December of course, shows how much I need a REAL break..

Two new HOT SPECIALS in time for Christmas

When it comes to buying swords online for Christmas, it’s really important to get your orders in as soon as possible.

We explain the whys and wherefores of this tactic in some detail over on this article on the main site ‘Christmas Sword Buying Guide 2020’

In a nutshell, you really don’t want an item that could be damaged by excessively rough handling that tends to increase the risk of your order being smashed to pieces every day we get closer to ‘the big day’ – but also, you want to allow time for any possible exchanges and returns – and trying to order at the last second is a tried and tested recipe for disaster..

NOW is the time to get your Christmas shopping sorted – and so here are two awesome new specials that should suit almost every collector.

The first is a simple and very practical Katana by Dragon King, the Warfire Katana

With a hard wearing differentially hardened 65MN steel blade, it is differentially hardened in the traditional manner to create an edge with HRC of 60 and a spine of 40, pretty much the ideal for a traditional Katana.

The iron fittings depict ancient Japanese battles, the silver menuki, a riderless horse, the black iron tsuba – Kumamoto castle in flames on one side and a proud mounted Samurai on the other. The saya is complete with buffalo horn inserts, and all in all, it is a very well made sword at a extremely reasonable price..

However, with this special – it’s a total bargain – the MSRP on this one is $499, our everyday low price just $359.98 But from now until the 20th of December you can get it for only $274.99!!

The second sword on special for December is a super tough steel sparring sword by Kingston Arms – and one of their most popular and cool looking designs, the blunt tourney hand and a half Knightly sword.

Based on a 14th/15th century Oakeshott Type XVIIIa.4, it is a classic example of a Knightly Longsword and using 9260 Spring Steel and their patented ‘King Peen’ system, creates one of the most solid steel beaters around..

Price wise, it is a true bargain at the MSRP of $259, and a great deal at our everyday low price of $189.98.. But until the 20th, you can grab it for a mere $144.99!!