Feb Flash Sale #3: Dragon King Daisho Deals

The third and final Flash sale for February sees bargain pricing hit the matching Katana and Wakizashi blades of Frenchie Jin’s nicest Daisho sets.

So here they are, starting with the folded T10 and 9260 spring steel blades of the Sea Wave Daisho set, a wave themed set with superior blades and exceptional fittings.


MSRP $1399.00

Everyday Low Price $964.95


MSRP $1099

Everyday Low Price $773.69

The second set is the premium quaility T10 tool steel Pine Crane Daisho and its rich bronze steel earth tone fitting sets with classic Pine tree themes.


MSRP $1,149.00

Everyday Low Price $895.99


MSRP $879.00

Everyday Low Price $628.48

And finally, another awesome T10 tool steel blade set, the unique styling of the Lotus Seed Daisho Katana and Wakizashi with Lotus violet fittings.


MSRP $1019.00

Everyday Low Price $799.98


MSRP $799.00

Everyday Low Price $549.98

For immediate sale – scratch and dent 9 Dragons Jian

The Forge Direct 9 Dragons Jian is made by rank 1 master smiths at the esteemed Baojian forge, but even Baojian has its off days..

Made in November last year, one of these swords arrived in less than perfect condition, with a few cosmetic marks on the folded and differetially hardened blade near the hilt..

And there is also a cosmetic gap in the hilt fittings that should have been finished better..

Normally a pristine new version of this sword would set you back $1,300 and you can order a new one for $975 at the SBG Store here – but otherwise, for these two issues one lucky and quick person can get these Dragon themed blade at the marked down price of just $390

Feb Flash Sale Round 2

Second of the February Flash sales sees the two ends of the spectrum of the Dragon King Katana line go on special until midnight Valentines day..

At the high end, the stunning Kawanakajima Katana, a folded mix of T10 tool steel and 9260 spring steel with prominent clay tempered hamon and ornate, silver fittings make this blade a treasure.

And indeed, with a MSRP of $1,500 (and our everyday low price of $1200) it is very much at the pinnacle of what a production Katana can be. But with the Flash sale you can pick it up for well below WHOLESALE for just $799.99 until midnight Valentines – a HUGE saving of over $400 of our already discounted pricing and $700 off the usual MSRP!

To the high end Kawanakajima, the next Feb Flash sale item is Dragon King’s most AFFORDABLE entry level blade – their differentially hardened 65 MN Spring Steel ‘Yanone’ Katana:

Sure, it might be made from a fairly simple (yet very robust) steel and the fittings are very basic by comparison, but with the flash sale price of $249.99 (marked down from $299.99, which was marked own already from the MSRP of $439) it’s Dragon King quality at the price of generic blades and well worth a closer look..

New Tanto and Return of the 5160 Spring Steel Ryujin Katana

Simplicity can be beautiful – and this is very much the case for the newly released 1045 carbon steel blade Tanto in Shirasaya by Ryujin Swords:

The blade is a factory tempered and sharpened 1045 carbon steel affair with a bo-hi and faux hamon – more than sturdy enough for a blade of this size. It is housed in glossy wooden fittings with a simple black band that defines the seam between hilt and blade and looks fantastic as a display piece that is also functional should the need arise. Great value at $49.99 with $5 shipping.

At the same time, we are also delighted to announce that the Suguha hamon 5160 Spring Steel Katana line by Ryujin are making a comeback.. The blades are the same as they always were, extremely attractive spring steel with a straight ‘suguha’ hamon temper line, one of the most difficult to make cleanly. And these are very cleanly defined..

Such a great blade ideally should have great fittings, and the ‘Matsu’ Katana (so called because it has a traditional Japanese ‘Mastu’ Pine tree theme on the solid iron tsuba and the fuchigashira fittings) is no exception. All fittings are very well made, and the cotton ito is incredibly tight, made using hishigami triangles which is nearly unheard of at this price point..

And the best part, it’s STILL just $329.99 – so if you want a seriously well made, frequent use cutting sword, you could do a lot worse than the Ryujin Matsu Katana.

Check out the full Ryujin Line Up Below: