$20 off the Tactical sword range from Scorpion Swords all month

While production costs have gone up, sales are way to sluggish this month to be sustainable. So while it’s difficult to do, we are offering a $20 discount on the 4 exclusive Tactical swords hand made by our friend Chris Palmer in Missouri, USA.

Here are the 4 SBG exclusive swords currently available with the $20 discount:

Tactical Ko Katana

Normally $284.99, now $264.99 until the end of May.

Tactical Wakizashi

Make your own Tactical Daisho by combining it with the Tactical Ko Katana. Normally $249.99, now $229.99 all month.

Tactical Leaf Blade

Leaf blade ‘Smatchet’ variant normally $269.99, now on special all month for $249.99

Tactical Gladius

Eminently practical, the close in fighting master blade that is the Tactical Gladius is normally $274.99 but now just $254.99 until the end of the month.

Great deals no matter which way you look at them and the first time these swords have EVER been discounted. So grab a bargain and support a great US blade maker at the same time.

Warfire Katana On Special All May

While it is eerily quiet for the sword industry in May – there is at least a little activity here and there. Such as the current special on the Dragon King WarFire Katana..

Elegant in its simplicity and ticking every check box for a quality entry level sword, the Warfire has an attractive and practical 65MN Spring Steel blade, differentially hardened with an edge HRC of 60 and spine of 40 and is decked out with attractive and sturdy iron fittings depicting Kumamoto castle in flames on one side of the tsuba and a proud mounted Samurai on the other.

With extra bonuses rarely seen on swords at this price point, such as the buffalo horn at the Koiguchi, Kurikata and Kojiri of the textured ishime saya, it’s a bargain at our usual price of $359.98. But from today you can grab it for just $299.99 – but only until the end of the month and while stocks last..

New RK Entry Line from Ronin Katana and Special Pricing All May 2023

With the sword industry struggling to find its feet in the sinking global economy seemingly heading into recession, our friends at Ronin Katana have come through with the perfect product line at the perfect time.

And the deal gets even better because we have negotiated exclusive special pricing on these affordable, entry level traditional blades – not $165, not even $149 – but just $139.99 until the end of May on these sturdy, great handling and well made 1045 clay tempered, differentially hardened Katana with natural hamon.

If you are not familiar with this line, YouTuber Matthew Jensen has a long and extensive testing video where he takes close look and then tests on of the swords from the original series to destruction. And as you will see, it actually does a lot better than you would expect for a blade at this price point, even putting much more expensive blades to shame by comparison..

These new models not only have attractive and unique blades (as being hand clayed, each one is distinct like a fingerprint) but also very cool looking fitting sets. So without any further ado, here they are – the 10 models on special this month.

Click on the image for the full lowdown:

While these swords cover the entry level perfectly, there’s also a bit of a treat for those who are looking for premium quality..

We have taken stock of not one but 10pcs of model #2 of the Elite Soshu Kitae blades from Ronin – a cool brown ito over black rayskin, Tiger themed sword similar to the classic SBG ‘Torakami’ from way back when..

Check these and more out in the HOT SPECIALS section of the store:

Three One off ‘scratch and dent’ items from Scorpion Swords

With the sword industry far to quiet and experiencing an increasingly difficult and essentially unsustainable sales situation, in the downtime our friend Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords took a little time to gather together a handful of swords that they had lying around the workshop for one reason or another and create a limited ‘scratch and dent’ sale promotion (though as you will see, there is not really anything scratched or dented about them)..

The first one is the last of series, a Fantasy Celtic Sword that was designed as part of the now defunct ‘Legendary Swords’ Project.

This one comes complete with a leather sheathe, solid brass fittings and a wickedly pointed triangular gladius style blade and was sold back in the day for $338.99 but is available as part of the sale for just $269.99 (and is the very last one that will ever be made, as the project, and this sword – has been wound up quite some time ago).

The second one came about as a misinterpretation of a customers custom order specification. They asked for a ‘reverse blade’ version of the Thai Daab – and while cool (almost like a kukri), it was not actually what the customer meant – so Chris remade it for the customer and now the unique reverse blade version is on sale as part of the scratch and dent sale for just $199.99 (normally $259.99).

And finally, Chris can’t actually remember why he has one, but only that he does have one in stock – and that is the meaty cleaver like blade that is the sword of Hakai.

Normally $249.99, it is available ex-stock for just $199.99 (and along with the Thai Daab, both can also be ordered with a leather sheathe – though this will delay shipping if selected as an option as it will need to be custom made).

Definitely 3 great deals for 3 lucky people – check these out and more in the HOT SPECIALS section of our Store:

April Specials

With the march madness sales mostly over (though there are still a few closeouts from March in the HOT SPECIALS section still running) the April Sale has started on a few selected items you would be an April Fool to let pass you by if you sat on the sidelines of last months sales bonanza..

First one is the Knights sword Type XVIII by Kingston Arms, which is usually $349.99 but is on sale all April and while stocks last for just $279.99 which is always a steal for this particular historically inspired classic arming sword:

And for lovers of Japanese blades, what could be better than the Kohaku Katana by Dragon King?

Last time it was on sale was pre-pandemic 2019 – but once again this classic T10 tool steel blade is marked down from our everyday low sale price of $629.99 (MSRP on this baby is $949) to a below wholesale cost price of just $520..

Truly a bargain to basically pick up a $1000 Katana for half price.. I mean, just look at that hamon and boshi…

And to round things out nicely, a couple of the items from the APOC March Super Sale have gone back on 15% discount, so we are passing the savings directly to you as always. Here are the two blades that are on special until the end of the month:

The Double Muk Hatchet, normally $84.95 (MSRP $109) save 15%

Last Chance on the Last Chance Bowie Knife – normally $74.95 (MSRP $95) save 15%

Hope you find something of interest.