10% Discount on EVERYTHING – Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mega Sale Now On!

At the SBG Sword Store, we don’t usually use coupons or other ‘gimmicky’ things. Instead we believe in offering EVERYONE the best prices possible all the time.

Indeed, for the most part, our swords are priced so low that we have very little ‘wiggle room’ to offer any kind of additional discount. But every now and again, we are willing to risk making little to no money to dig deep and offer you the very best discount we can muster – across the board and applicable to EVERY product in the store.

So here it is:

To take advantage of this limited opportunity to save big – simply enter the coupon code BLACK10 (no spaces, upper case ‘BLACK’) or click here to automatically apply the discount to your cart once you have decided on what it is you would like to order.

Don’t miss out, this special discount offer ends midnight EST on CyberMonday the 30th of November..

Forge Direct Chinese – The Baojian Forge FLASH Sale

Longquan’s Baojian (Treasured Sword) Forge has a reputation for working fast, working hard and producing some of the finest historical replicas of Chinese Swords around.

Unfortunately, as part of Forge Direct, despite the fact that they were able to process ALL their outstanding orders many months ago – we have had their orders on hold since June 2020..

But with Christmas around the corner, and the fact that while Forge Direct Japanese is causing the project to remain mothballed until the backlog of orders is 100% clear – Baojian have been twiddling their fingers this whole time..



Yes, that is correct – from TODAY until midnight Sunday the 15th EST you can get a these swords within 4-6 weeks (almost certainly JUST scraping in for Christmas) and with a WHOPPING 25% DISCOUNT!

Check out what is on offer below – from high end swords purchased by Chinese celebrities to affordable martial arts grade Dao and high end Jian, Baojian has it all.

Remember, this is a FLASH sale – and expires VERY soon, so grab what you can while you can..


Save over $100 on the Hanwei Sword of St Maurice

It;s been on special before, but this has to be the best price EVER on this stunning, fully functional and historically accurate replica of the Sword of St Maurice.

The blade is a classic Oakeshott Type XI with an extra long blade optimized for the cut. These swords were primarily used by the rising Knight class, delivering shearing blows from horseback, and this replica would have been right at home in 12th or 13th century medieval Europe or in the hands of a Templar – for it is also a deeply religious blade, bearing the inscription ‘CHRISTUS VINCIT, CHRISTUS REGNAT, CHRISTUS IMPERAT.’ (Christ Conquers, Christ Reigns, Christ Rules).

At the MSRP of $499 it is reasonable – at our everyday low price of $362.98 it is a bargain. But at the current sale price of just $249.99 until the end of the month, it is an absolute STEAL (or should I say, STEEL!).

Check it out below:

Hanwei Albrecht Sword on Special

Over the years, Paul Chen’s Hanwei forge have produced some awesome value for money swords, some average ones and occasionally a flop – but the Albrecht is a true classic and in a league of its own.

In continuous production now for over 15 years, it seems with this replica of a XVIIIa.1 “The Sword of Albrecht II” from Oakeshott’s typology, they got it right the first time..

Here’s a picture of old school SBG member JP Franco with his Albrecht, just to give you an idea of scale.

While very big, it weights a mere 3lbs and is balanced only 4.5″ from the guard – making it exceptionally good for thrusting, but it is no slouch in the cutting department either.

But moreover, it’s really well constructed – in the official review on SBG, Shootermike Harris mentioned:

“the Albrecht probably made 1,000 strikes on the tire pell. One of the things that really impressed me was it’s ability to cut little chunks out of the tire treads.”

Shootermike Harris

When you consider you get all of this for just $289 at the SBG Sword Store – it’s already exceptional value for money.

But from now until the end of the month, you can get it for a ridiculously low price of just $229.99!

Available until the end of October and while stocks last..

Imagine you could get a high quality, well made cutting Katana that won’t cut into your wallet, but sails through standard targets like a knife through butter.

A good, traditional cutting Katana with a real hamon is normally around something like $300 to $500 or so and goes way up from there. But the thing is, in most cases a lot of the money you are paying goes into the appearance of the fittings and the extras.

And that kinda wastes money if all you want is something affordable for the backyard or dojo. Such as the Yanone Katana by Dragon King – normally priced at $400, sold at our store for $300…

With our Special Price Deal on the Dragon King Yanone Katana, you’ll get:

  • A beautifully hand crafted 65mn Spring Steel blade with real hamon, crisp lines and a clean polish. Here is where the money is focused.
  • Unique Silver colored habaki and seppa instead of boring old brass
  • Synthetic rayskin for those concerned about the use of animal products in your sword
  • Great assembly and construction, ready to cut straight out of the box
  • Detailed and ornate solid iron fittings for maximum durability
  • And just everything you need for a good cutting sword without any unnecessary ‘bling’

All for just $229.99!

… Of course, you can let this opportunity pass you buy and spend a lot more money on a sword that many not even perform half as well.

Here’s how it performs, straight out of the box by untrained backyard cutters and members of the CAS Iberia team cutting tough Mugen Dachi Tatami mats with ease:

If you’re ready to get a high quality, well made cutting Katana that won’t cut into your wallet, but sails through standard targets like a knife through butter, you’ll want to take advantage of our special now.

Because , this offer may well run out before the end of the month, when the deal will be withdrawn once and for all.

It’s too good a deal to let this one pass you by..