Ryujin 1060 Carbon Steel Daimyo's Tachi Sword

Ryujin 1060 Carbon Steel Daimyo's Tachi Sword

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Ryujin 1060 Carbon Steel Differentially Hardened Blade with Choji Hamon in Historically Accurate Tachi Koshirae Fittings. Highly detailed 1.4lbs brass scabbard. Includes Free display box and cleaning kit.

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While most people assume the sword of the Samurai is the Katana - the Katana's heyday was really during the peaceful Edo period. But in times of war, the outcome had more often than not been settled by the raw power and authority of an earlier Japanese sword type, the Tachi - which was in more frequent use during the tubulent Koto period (900-1596AD).

While the differences are subtle, they define the Tachi from the Katana - but the main difference is in it's Tachi Koshirae - distinctive handle mounts (which were later replicated on the Gunto Swords of the Imperial Japanese army of WWII) and it's scabbard, which is designed to be worn with the edge facing down, while the Katana was worn with the edge facing upwards.

While they were primarily a battlefield sword, used with one hand from horseback or two hands on the ground, it remained an austere symbol of the authority of the ruling classes, the Daimyo (Lords) of Fuedal Japan and was ornately decorated to display the power and wealth of the heads of each clan.

Our replica of a Daimyo's Tachi hand forges a 1060 carbon steel, differentially hardened Shinogi-zukuri blade with a thicker, meatier 2.5lbs geometry typical of 13th century Tachi blades that were reinforced to deal with the armor of Mongol invaders. It then imagines that this blade had been passed down through a pre-eminent Samurai family, to be decked out in ornate Edo period style fittings suitable for a Fuedal Lord.

Featuring solid brass Tachi Koshirae fittings on the sword - it is complimented by a highly detailed 1.4lb heavy brass encased scabbard depicting key turning points of the battles of the Lord's brave ancestors..

Overall, this is one of the best quality, affordable Tachi on the market, and comes complete with a protective sword case for storage or display and cleaning kit.

How to Use

Suitable for Backyard cutting and/or display.
Overall Length (with scabbard): 41 1/2", Overall (without scabbard): 40", Blade length: 28 1/4", Handle length: 11", Weight: 2.5 lbs, Point of balance (from Tsuba ): 5.5"

Materials and Construction

1060 Carbon Steel, Differentially Hardened (Choji Hamon Pattern) Sharpened Katana. Brown Rayon (Faux silk) Ito over real rayskin. Brass fittings, highly detailed, hand etched, heavy brass scabbard fit for a Daimyo. Includes Display Box and Cleaning Kit.
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Overall amazing purchase 02/13/2023
By Carston
First thing to mention, it is not a toy. So treat the blade with respect, as it should be. I found out the hard way just how sharp it was. The blade is indeed full tang, razor sharp. And has a perfect fit in the saya. The only complaint I have is that it didn't come with a sageo or obitori. So wearing it properly cannot be done without spending more money. But other than that, the blade glides through whatever you put it to within reason. It cleanly cuts through tatami mats, bamboo, and in my case my thumb. Overall I'm very happy with the Tachi, only wish it had a sageo to match it!