Project X Japanese: the Last Call for 2020 is NOW!

To be honest, we just went over a maximum intended limit. But the forge said they are confident to take on a few more orders – however we can and will pull the offer if too many last minute orders come in at once, after all – this is the first and last batch for 2020 – but only until midnight EST on the 27th at the ABSOLUTE LATEST!

There will be a brief period where we check to make sure everyone is happy with their designs and do not want to make any last minute changes, and then we lock them in and work begins on them in earnest next week.

To those who ordered already, I’ll be in touch again shortly!

Project X NOW Taking Orders!

Yes, the clock has finally counted down to zero and the time has come. The LONG anticipated re-release of Project X Japanese (2.0/custom options) is finally here and the opportunity to pre-order has just begun!

Already, early-bird subscribers are getting in on the action. Here is where we are up to now – even though we only just opened (just one of the many reasons why you should subscribe to the Project X Newsletter, but I digress as it is a bit too late – the issue for 2020 has already gone out hours ago).

So if you have been watching along, there isn’t much more to say. You can find out more about Project X in general right here on this special page on our blog.

And while the promotion is running, you can also get a free 5 page guide and behind the scenes PDF explanation with every link imaginable for free (just click below, link opens in a new window).

It’s an exciting project, and we will keep you posted of any milestones, including the ‘last boarding call’.

Nearly time for the hammer to hit anvil, in the meantime I leave you with a few random Project X ‘sword porn’ glamor shots, new pics and blasts from the past..


Remember, this project has been delayed over 6 months due to the current Pandemic and may take slightly longer to complete due to unforseen circumstances. But as things stand right now, the forge is fired up and ready to go!

Don’t miss out and keep checking back here for updates.

Sunday 23rd August, 2020

Originally planned for release in February 2020 – the pandemic has pushed the date back 6 months. But we are finally ready – a date has been set, and Project X Japanese will start a new batch in..

At 7:00AM US Eastern Standard Time, Project X Japanese opens for the first and the last time in 2020.

While you wait, we recommend two things.

Firstly, take a look at the Project X Japanese explanation pages right here on this blog. There are many great high resolution pictures of the blades, available fittings and pretty everything you need to know.

For example, click on the pic of the ‘Torakami’ style set below for ultra high resolution pic (click the magnify button and there is no detail you CANNOT see clearly – click the ‘back’ button when you are done as its actually opened in a new page).

But the second step is perhaps one of the most important

if you want to beat the rush, secure your order and get special deals and VIP treatment, sign up to the Project X Newsletter on this page here and then check out all the designs and options by clicking the link below.


P.S. Remember, you cannot place your order yet. We are only making 20 swords, and available pre-order slots fill up faster than – well, something that fills up really fast (sorry, I am terrible at examples sometimes).

We will let you know with a series of ‘progress bars’ that show how far along we are before the batch is filled up. So it will start off like this,

From the feedback I am getting, in the first few hours, could end up looking like this:

And when you see this one..

You might just have left it too late..

P.P.S. New selection of Elite Mother of Pearl Saya in our optional extras section (though please note, these are almost exclusively for Katana only – check the description here for more info

P.P.P.S. I really can’t stress how much of a good idea it is to sign up to the Project X newsletter. Seriously, trust me on this one: SIGN UP HERE

Playing Catch Up: Forge Direct and Project X orders on temporary but indefinite hold..

Sometimes, things just keeping getting harder and harder.

First there was the Chinese New Year shut down, then the Covid-19 worldwide lockdown that resulted in the forges sitting idling for months longer than we ever expected..

Eventually, the forges began to re-open, but component supplies were and still are behind production schedules and international shipping ground to a halt (for a short time, it looked ok, but then all the orders bounced back at customs)..

FINALLY, things are starting to look more ‘normal’ and the forges are running at maximum capacity and slowly we are catching up on the extended backlog (though shipping costs have increased dramatically, literally sucking most of the humble profits out of all this years orders).

However, the backlog is still too large for my liking. Some component makers are STILL playing catch up, and so to ensure the forges focus their full attention on completing all the outstanding orders, we have no choice but to temporarily halt taking any and ALL new orders until we are properly caught up again.

Unfortunately, this also means that Project X Japanese has been pushed back yet another month or two – from a planned round of orders in February now looking likely to begin – well, who really knows right now..

Halting new orders is going to hurt both our and the forges bottom line – but at the end of the day, existing customers come first – and personally I just can’t keep taking orders until we have the backlog properly under control..

We will keep you updated as the backlog begins to look more manageable – in the meantime, our apologies for the inconvenience.