Project X now potentially available all year round!

In past years, perhaps because the economy was in better shape generally and because the price was around $600 less than it is now (and also perhaps because took 2-4 months less to make) – everytime we opened up to take new orders of Project X Japanese we would always receive more orders than the forge could possibly handle and so usually after about a week (sometimes a short as 2-3 days however!) we would close off on new orders and only open them again once the batch was complete..

This meant that to be able to actually get in on one of these swords, it was necessary to be on ‘stand by’ for the notification that we were taking new orders, and so demand would build up and quickly overwhelm us within a few days of opening up again..

It looked like we were on the same treadmill with the relaunch of Project X – the next generation swords, but after I posted we were about 50% of the way to the forges maximum capacity, the orders stopped coming in for the first time since we launched Project X 10 years ago – and have seemingly reached a point where we are optimally balanced between demand for these swords and the forges ability to supply them.

As such, unless we receive a sudden influx of orders that threatens our ability to make the swords in a timely manner – like it’s offshoot forge direct, Project X Japanese will be available all year round..!

We will keep you informed if we get close to being forced back into the position of ‘batching’ the orders again – but for now, the rush and the pressure to get an order in before the opportunity snaps shut again is off and you can take your time designing your perfect high end custom laminated Katana or Wakizashi..

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