Forge Direct and Project X Price Increase April 5th 2024..

Attention all sword enthusiasts and collectors! Our store is offering a limited-time opportunity to purchase master smith crafted swords at discounted prices. While the sale on Forge Direct and Project X has officially ended, we had managed to extend these discounts to our customers.

However, as we mentioned in this post from February 5th:

“We have taken all the data from the sale to arrive at the fairest and most sustainable price points for the entire project, the new sale prices are ALMOST unchanged – the Forge Direct Custom Katana only goes up from the sale price of $629.99 to an even $700 with almost all other prices remaining where they are for as long as we can sustain current sale levels..”

Unfortunately, these sales targets were not achieved as we had hoped for, and so without an economy of scale, prices on ALL Forge Direct and Project X swords will be raised by an average of 15-20% early next month. This is your final chance to acquire these exceptional swords at such affordable prices.

Visit our store today and browse through our exquisite selection of master smith crafted swords. Take advantage of this limited-time offer before prices increase next month. Secure your favorite sword now and add a touch of elegance and history to your collection.


Get in the Que early to minimize delay and maximize your value, because sadly this will certainly be the last time you see these blades available at this price..

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