Medieval Sword Sale all April 2024

While the deals may seem too good to be true, this is NOT an April Fools prank..

All this month and while stocks last, we have obtained discounted pricing on four of our already best value for money medieval sword replicas from Kingston Arms and the Tinker line by Hanwei.


In the late Dark ages and early to middle medieval period, sword and shield were the defining weapons of the battlefield – and Kingston Arms does not disappoint with two Angus Trim designed monotempered 9260 spring steel blades that an early medieval Knight would have given his left arm to own – fully leveraging the strength and quality of modern spring steels in a way that would have seemed quite magical.

Type XIV Arming Sword

Based on an early 13th century design, the Oakeshott Type XIV Arming sword is a classic Kingston Arms blade optimized for the cut, the MSRP on this beauty is $500, but you can pick it up at the current sale price of just $299.99.

Type XVIII Arming Sword

With armor piercing capabilities, this later period medieval blade in the Oakeshott Type XVIII typology was and remains a very versatile and fast single handed blade that was no slouch in the cutting department either. Also on sale for just $299.99.


As armor improved, new sword types and fighting styles evolved in an ongoing arms race – doing away with the shield and gripping the handle with two hands for extra control, speed and power. Here are two of the best around, discounted as low as they can possibly go!

Type XIIIa War Sword

If you are looking for a true bargain, this powerful workhorse of a war sword is also on sale for just $299.99! 9260 Spring Steel blade, Angus Trim design and Kingston Arms quality – you can’t go wrong with this beautiful fully functional replica.

Tinker Bastard Sword

And if you prefer something more elegant and precise, the hand and a half ‘Bastard’ sword designed by world renowned artisan Michael ‘Tinker’ Pearce and brought to life by the good people at the Hanwei Forge is an absolute MUST HAVE at the current sale price of just $213.92!!!

So grab one of these HOT SPECIALS while you can, because at these prices the best ones will sell out fast..

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