Big Restock for Hanwei, Kingston Arms and Dragon King!

A rather large restock of popular swords and other blades just landed for the Hanwei Forge, Kingston Arms and Dragon King – to such an extent that as of this moment, the stock levels are even higher than they have ever been in the 2020s and even better than they were in the teens!

There has NEVER been such a wide selection of swords available to cater to almost any taste and budget from these three big names of the sword industry. Here are some of the most notable restocks..!

Hanwei Forge L6 Miao Dao

One heck of a big sword – and made from nearly indestructible L6 Bainite for under $700 is why it is not going to be in stock for very long. Grab it, because it’s likely to be the first item to sell out from the restock..

Hanwei Bushido Katana

It’s a stunning piece overall, and with a Swedish Powder Steel blade is one of Hanwei’s finest. A little on the expensive side, but a bargain when you consider what you actually end up getting.

Kingston Arms Renaissance Sidesword

Beautiful steel, beautiful sub $300 price – and no wonder it is never in stock for very long! Add it to your collection today, you will be glad you did..

Limited Edition Dragon King Kinryu Katana

Not the cheapest sword on the block, but with a mix of T10 and 9260 spring steel, Dragon horimono on the blade, gold with black wrattan wrapped saya and the attention to detail we have come to expect from Dragon King, the limited edition Kinryu is worth every penny..

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg – all three brands are literally bursting at the seams with new stock, so check out the long lists of what is available and grab your favorites at our everyday special prices to lock in the bargains while they last..

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