4 brand new, greatly anticipated new swords still hot from the forge just landed..

Along with yesterdays rather large restock came not one but FOUR super cool ‘still hot from the forge’ swords that appeal to a fairly wide cross section of the sword collecting community. But anyone who appreciates quality, great value and loves swords in all shapes and sizes will be hard pressed not to pull the trigger on one or more of these beauties..

Some are not technically ‘new’ swords, but classic all time favorite designs that have been out of stock or impossible to source for one reason or another, but two are literally brand new.

Dragon King Modern Wakizashi completes the Modern Samurai collection…

First there was the Dragon King Modern Katana, a re-imagining of the traditional Japanese Katana whose design had remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years by using state of the art modern materials such as paracord for sageo, G10 ergonomic handle, modern crucible steel but still with the art and tradition (and ancient science) of claying and differentially hardening the edge..


Following hot on its heels was the practical Modern Tanto – made in the same style and following the same principles.


And now, we are delighted to offer you a complete 3 piece set with the Modern Wakizashi.


Once again, they create “a contemporary interpretation of what the renowned Samurai would look like in our time. Using the best of the latest technological materials, the low maintenance of this Wakizashi is perfect for the urban warrior of today.”

Could not agree more, and it’s available at the current bargain price of $244.95 right HERE at SBG:

Legacy Arms Halfling Sword

This little sword is a favorite of mine for many various reasons – and it was always very frustrating that over nearly two decades that the original forge was producing these blades, they never made enough and they were always sold out within a few weeks and unavailable for years at a time..

Well, that has all changed now with the current forge who makes them (with even better steel and crisper attention to detail) capable of keeping up with demand, so let’s see how many other collectors out there also appreciate this sturdy but fast and lightweight leaf bladed shortsword and elegant matching scabbard for just $199.95..

Kingston Arms Swept Hilt Rapier

This is one where when I first saw the photo I had a little trouble figuring out what was happening in the hilt. The blade was straightforward, and looked like a lovely length of spring tempered steel, but details of the hilt had me confused.

However, it quickly became clear when reading the official product description which stated “The Kingston Arms Rapier features improvements on the guard design where it joins the blade for more strength and reenforcement for the thrusts” and it all made so much more sense, and made me drool a little, when more photos emerged showing how that improved hilt all comes together and looks in the hand..

This will no doubt be THE most popular decently made budget rapier to emerge in 2024 because at the current SBG price of $274.99 (MSRP is $389).

Hanwei Taza Rapier

Not to be left behind, Hanwei brings back one of the designs lost in the factory fire of 2011 that has been years in the re-making, and if you are like many collectors developing a burgeoning interest in Renaissance era swords and have a few extra dollars to spend (not a huge amount more, but still not an insubstantial amount) the Hanwei Taza Rapier is worth the upgrade just for how nice it looks (and it packs one very lethal thrust).

For the asking price of $519 it looks like it is actually worth more, and for just $399.95 at SBG it’s definitely outstanding value for money..

It is definitely shaping up to be an interesting month so far, but stay tuned because we are only just getting started..

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