Man at Arms Renaissance Sword and Main Gauche Package Deal from Kingdom of Arms!

I must admit to being a little skeptical of the Man at Arms series from Kingdom of Arms at first. While they were designed as budget blades made to the specifications of Bruce Brookhart made at one of the best forges in India, I kind of fobbed it off because one of the limitations of Indian forges is that they are prohibited to ship blades with sharpened edges, and that means not being able to just take it out of the box and use it straight away.

However, as interest in the elegant blades of the Renaissance era continues to increase in 2024 and Indian export law doesn’t say a darned thing about how pointy an export can be, Indian tempering expertise and affordability lends them to making a faithful and very lethal replica of thrusting blades such as rapiers, and that is exactly what the latest offering from Kingdom of Arms Man At Arms Series has brought to the table, a very attractive and affordable (and ambidextrous) 17th century Rapier along with a companion main gauche available as a discounted package deal!

The Rapier is available for $359 (discounted down from $389) HERE and the Main Gauche sold separately for a very reasonable $144 (marked down from $169) HERE, but if you order the rapier there is an option to have the Main Gauche included as a package deal for just $68.55 more..!

Definitely a bargain, and did we mention that no matter which way you want to swing it, it comes with FREE SHIPPING!?

Check them out in all their glory below:

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