Kingdom of Arms 17th Century Renaissance Rapier (Man at Arms Collection)

Kingdom of Arms 17th Century Renaissance Rapier (Man at Arms Collection)

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Ambidextrous C60 Carbon Steel blade from the Man at Arms Collection designed by Bruce Brookhart. Available with a matching Main Gauche as a discounted package deal for just $68.55 more (normally $144.00).

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Widely regarded as a civilian weapon the rapier was carried for over two hundred years in one form or another and you would simply feel undressed if you did not have one on your side. The blade lengths did vary but three feet was about the norm. When at the English court gentlemen began a “one up man ship” game on the length of their rapiers Queen Elizabeth ordered the palace guard to break off any blades longer than three feet saying “enough was enough.”

As the rapier began to be more prevalent a large number of Schools of Fence sprang up all across Europe. When stating the rapier was a civilian weapon that speeches to the fact that the blade was generally thin in width and too light to deliver a deadly cut even if the blade was sharp. This being the case the rapiers is regarded as a “point only” weapon and that was how the varying schools of use evolved. Even so the Rapier was deadly in the hands of a skilled user. All so the complex hilts that were developed were such good hand protection they came into wide use on military swords, the blade simply being wide and heavy enough to deliver a good cut.

This offering designed by Bruce Brookhart is symmetric in shape so it can be used with ether hand. The rapier comes with a high quality heavy, stiff black leather scabbard with steel throat and tip and is part of the 'Man at Arms' Collection made to specification in India.


A matching main gauche is available HERE for $144.00 if purchased alone, but select the option to include it as a set when you order the Rapier and you can get it for just $68.55 more!

About the designer, Bruce A. Brookhart

Hello my name is Bruce Allen Brookhart and I have actively been researching edged weapons for the last 50 years.

During that period I worked with Hank Reinhardt for over 17 years and consulted with Ewart Oakeshott for about 10 years until shortly before his passing. I am proud to be able to say that these two late, great gentlemen were my friends and I have gleaned, I felt, a lot of knowledge about the subject from this association and my own research.

For the past 30 years I have made literally hundreds of prototypes of edged weapons both exact replicas of museum pieces and pieces from private collections along with my own Fantasy designs. The weapons in this collection are all my own designs that are heavily related to weapons that were used in history but are all “of a type known” and not per say replicas of any certain weapon.

Bruce A. Brookhart


How to Use

Designed for ambidextrous use (either hand) with lethal tip.
Overall Length: 42", Blade Length 35 5/8", Blade Thickness: 3/16", Blade Width: 3/4", P.O.B. 4" inches below the cross piece, Weight: 1.78 lbs

Materials and Construction

Tempered C60 carbon steel. Steel fittings. Wooden handle, wood core scabbard with steel accents. Made in India.
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