Project X Next Generation Elite Soshu Kitae Laminated Custom Katana (MkIII)

Project X Next Generation Elite Soshu Kitae Laminated Custom Katana (MkIII)

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Master Smith Forged Custom Shinogi Zukuri 28" blade length (2 shaku, 3 sun, 4 bu nagasa) Katana - Large Number of Customization Options. Made to Order, Typically ships in 4-6 months. Our best quality custom Katana to date..

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An SBG exclusive, this is the pinnacle of the various custom katana projects we have been involved with since 2008 and have produced arguably some of the best quality Katana ever made outside of Japan..

The blades are hand forged by Certified Master Smiths in the Soshu Kitae tradition (seven panel steel). This school was developed by the legendary and all time greatest Japanese smith Masamune, and combines panels of hard, medium, and soft steels.



Soshu Kitae Lamination - far right. It is by far the most complex and desirable lamination technique.

The core of the blade is formed from softer, more malleable steel (1045 carbon steel) giving it the ability to withstand shocks and resist shattering. A layer of slightly harder steel (1060 carbon steel) is bonded to each side of the core to add support. The last layers are a very hard steel (1095 carbon steel) bonded to the top, bottom, and both sides of the core forming the ha (cutting edge) mune (back edge) and shinogi-ji (blade flats). This form of laminar construction provided for a sword that could be sharpened to a razor edge due to the hardened steed used for the ha, but was extremely resilient to battle damage due to its softer more flexible core.

As a by product of the process, the blade features not only a hamon, but also attractive lamination lines, resulting in a very active and attractive blade with interplay between the lamination lines and hamon. Like a fingerprint, each blade is unique and has its own distinctive patterning.

While the blades all have a standard length of 28" (2 shaku, 3 sun, 4 bu nagasa) measured from the munemachi (the back notch of the habaki/blade collar) and can be selected either with a traditionally hand shaped bo-hi or left as a solid bodied blade depending on your individual preference. From here you can design your custom sword from the ground up using our hand picked selection of only the best, top quality, highly durable fittings to make it your own unique, personalized design.

4-6 months later, it all comes together and we send you the tracking info as soon as it leaves the forge via email.

The blade alone is hands down the finest we have ever seen outside of high end Japanese Nihonto valued at many times the price we offer these swords for - the ability to customize it to suit your personal tastes, icing on the cake.


To truly make this sword your own, simply select one of the selections for each custom option in the dropdown menu as follows:

1) Select the fuller/blood grove. For the strongest blade possible (power cutter) select the solid bodied blade option. For the fastest, lightest blade possible select full bo-hi. For a mix between the two, select partial bo-hi.

2) Select the Koshirae (furniture) theme that best suits your style. Either a solid iron set with plain fuchigashira or complete work hardened copper set - it is up to you. All fittings are of the highest quality - a large selection of elite work hardened copper sets are available here for a small additional fee.

3) Select the color of the silk ito maki wrap (now made with hishigami on EVERY sword). "Bad Boy" Black leather ito wrap is also available here for a small additional fee.

4) Select the color of the rayskin under the ito maki wrap. 100% real rayskin is used in all cases, and can be left white or colored black or red. It is up to you. Additionally, you can select to upgrade from quality panel cuts to a full rayskin wrap by selecting the optional upgrade here (again, none of the optional upgrades are necessary to make a fine sword - but if you want to really refine it further, we allow you this opportunity).

5) Now select your choice of hard wearing, thick sageo to go on the saya. When in doubt, go with a simple color that closely compliments the ito maki wrap you have selected.

6) Finally, select the saya to give it that last personal touch. From simple monocolored lacquer to highly detailed mother of pearl. Basic saya are free, but the more advanced designs incur an additional cost to cover our expenses (and may occasionally add to the overall lead time, but as we try to keep them in stock this is rare). All saya come with a genuine buffalo horn koiguchi.

Then sit back and leave the rest to us!

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations, from the quality of the stunning blade to the amazing selection of fittings, this is as close as you are ever likely to get to owning your own heirloom quality personalized katana..


The basic free/included options are more than enough to make a stunningly beautiful sword - but if you want to add something even more special to your design, in addition to a large and varied selection of saya, there are currently three options that can be added to your design if so desired as follows:

UPGRADE OPTION 1: Elite Premium Quality Work Hardened Copper Fitting Sets with Gold and Silver Inlay

UPGRADE OPTION 2: Hard wearing leather ito wrap


UPGRADE OPTION 4: Custom Blade and Saya Length Option

Additionally, check this page of the SBG Sword Store Blog for more information on how these swords are made and high resolution images of all components. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, feel free to contact us and we are only to happy to help.

How to Use

Suitable for frequent backyard or dojo cutting. The most traditional blade possible - select your own fittings. Heirloom quality.
28" Blade measured from Munemachi to Kissaki. Handle length approx 10.5". Weight will vary depending on fittings but typically between 2-2.4lbs (0.9-1.1kg).

Materials and Construction

Differentially hardened, complex Soshu Kitae laminated (1095, 1060 and 1045 carbon steel laminate), fully sharpened Master Smith forged blade with real hamon and elite polish. Your choice of premium quality, traditional and durable tsuba/fittings. Silk ito hineri maki wrapped tsuka with hishigami in your selected color over authentic rayskin (available in 5 ito and 3 rayskin colors). Wooden lacquered saya with buffalo horn Koiguchi in your choice of color and style, including mother of pearl and other premium options at a an additional price.
FREE SHIPPING direct from the forge in Longquan, China via SF Express or UPS, typically within 4-6 months (though please allow for unexpected delays - the blades of these swords take a very long time to produce)..

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

Payments made on custom orders are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once work has commenced as they are made to order to YOUR personal tastes and the expenses incurred making it are non refundable to us as well. If there is a problem with your custom order we will work with you to provide a fair and satisfactory outcome, up to and including remaking the sword and in general going the extra mile to ensure that at the end of it all, you are pleased with your purchase. Click here for more info on our guarantees

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Absolutely perfect 05/20/2023
By Ron
I couldn't be happier with it.

When I started the creation process, I first went with a tsuba and fittings set that I really loved. After that, I went with the saya / scabbard I thought would match those fittings best. I then went to the handle combination I thought matched that saya and then the sageo that matched the handle. I couldn't be happier with my choices. I think this is the way to go.

I was unsure about the bo-hi. I did a lot of Googling and found a lot more people who got one and regretted it than I did people who wish they had gotten one. I took the chance on the bo-hi and love it. It was the right decision to make. If you're even remotely thinking about it, I'd get one or at least a partial one. It does a great job at allowing you to see the different steels used. I was worried that it would feel different with the weight shifted more towards the hands. I don't notice any shift in weight distribution and instead just notice a slightly lighter blade that makes a great swooshing noise when swung properly.

I upgraded to the work hardened copper fittings. I'm not sure you could reasonably ask for better quality. The fucchi is nice and stiff and there's no movement anywhere that there shouldn't be like at the habaki.

Couldn't ask for a better fit in the saya, either. It's far from stuck in there and yet won't fall off when you shake it by the handle upside down. I'd say the sword fits into the scabbard perfectly for now. I don't know if I'll think it's too loose after being pulled out and placed back in several hundred times. Maybe. That would probably be true for any sword.

I would like to see them get more saya options in the future. I keep my swords on display and not under the bed or in the closet. The actual appearance and different appearances is a plus. Limited saya choices means limited buying opportunities. If the right sword and sword buying opportunity arrived, I think I can come up with one, maybe two more custom swords with the current saya options.

Came in a very typical sword box with a plain black silk bag. Right about four months even from time of purchase to arrival. Keep an eye out in your spam folder for the notice it's shipped. That's where mine was. Almost worked out well that way. I stalked the UPS guy for less than 24 hours. LOL! I live in the US and UPS did the final delivery. If you have an account with them, you can get notifications that way. I did have to sign for it. I E-signed with my UPS account.

Closest thing I can come to a complaint was there was a couple hairs or something like that in / on the handle. I'm guessing it was a byproduct of the hishigami used to do the wrap. Took me about 5 minutes to get the little threads or whatever out. Nothing major. Just seemed kind of weird in a high end product that had this much time put into it. You spend all day making the perfect birthday cake and put one of the candles in crooked then decide to leave it that way? I don't know.

If you're on the fence about pulling the trigger, go for it. I don't regret it in the least. Just keep an eye out for a good sale. I ordered mine during the Chinese New Year sale. It started on my birthday and I viewed that as a any of us need a sign to order a sword?