Forge Direct Optional Extras - Premium Matching Tsuba and Fitting Sets
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Forge Direct Optional Extras - Premium Matching Tsuba and Fitting Sets

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A special selection of full Koshirae sets made from work hardened copper with real gold and silver highlights. Includes tsuba, fuchi, kashira and menuki - all based on actual historical antiques.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can ONLY be applied to Forge Direct Japanese Swords and not sold separately


$29.00 $50.00 You Save $21.00
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The standard tsuba and iron fuchi kashira available are extremely strong and practical. But if you want a sword with a stronger theme or something that really stands out, then we have available a huge selection of premium quality work hardened copper Koshirae (sword furniture) sets available for a small additional fee that covers the extra expense at our end (these same sets are available online from $49 to $99 plus shipping depending on where purchased).

Each set is a complete theme - tsuba (hand guard), fuchi (blade collar), kashira (end cap) and menuki (handle ornament). Because they are not made in house but rather purchased by the forge specifically for your order, parts from one set cannot be mixed and matched with parts from another.

When selecting one of these tsuba, please select the 'custom upgrade option' in the dropdown menu when you order your sword.

To see even larger images and descriptions of every Forge Direct Component, please visit this dedicated page on the store blog.

While not as strong as iron, work hardened copper is the next best thing and there are no zinc alloy or other weak or inferior components used in any of these tsuba. Not sold separately.

How to Use

Simply purchase at the same time as you buy the sword you would like the set to be applied to. Please note: in some cases the more exotic or less popular sets may add additional time to your order.