5 New Swords by Master Michael Ye for Forge Direct Chinese

To replace the 5 designs from forge direct that we permanently retired last month, we are delighted to announce 5 new designs that take their place. Starting from the most basic and working our way up..

Four Beasts Jian

The best value for money sword in the new selection – it’s an awesome classic Jian with detailed brass fittings depicting the four beasts from Chinese mythology and legend – The Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix and Tortoise. Also available with a fittings upgrade with 24K gold and silver if you want to next level it.

Ghost-Banishing Sword

For over 2600 years, swords like this one were believed to banish bad luck and evil spirits. But as with all the Forge Direct blades, this is no mere ornament or lucky charm and is equally at home banishing home invaders or other bad guys as it is banishing evil spirits and bad luck. Complex folded steel octagonal blade geometry with lucky fittings. Upgraded version with darker fittings and 24k gold and silver plating available.

Dragon Tiger Jian

Another classic Qing Dynasty Jian with a folded and differentially hardended blade decked out with premium quality 24k gold and silver Dragon and Tiger themed fittings. Stunning and deadly.

Silver Dragon Sword

Unique Octagonal blade geometry with a prominent central ridge and curious star pattern in the folded steel that has to be seen to be believed. The design is perfected with premium quality 24k gold and silver Dragon themed fitting sets.

Fire Dragon Sword

Classic Tai Chi style folded and double sided differentially hardened blade with elite 24k gold and silver plated fittings with a rayskin handle and rayskin covered scabbard. Available in standard and green colored configurations – the pinnacle of the new Forge Direct selection.

Hope at least one of these new designs has your name on it! Check out our entire selection below:

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