Tatsumaki Special: June 2024

The Tatsumaki Katana by Dragon King is one of the finest swords in their extensive mid to high end range production Katana catalog and is on special at the LOWEST price it has ever been offered before until the end of June 2024.

The Tastumaki – The Legend Unfolds

As twilight paints the sky, the dragon stirs. Clouds gather, and lightning dances across the horizon. The Tatsumaki—the whirlwind—awakens. Its spiral of wind and debris ascends, heralding both destruction and protection. This is no ordinary katana; it is a force of nature.

Craftsmanship and Aesthetics

  • Blade: Forged from T10 high-carbon steel, the 28-inch blade bears the gunome-midare hamon—a mesmerizing pattern that mirrors the storm’s fury. Its edge, honed to perfection.
  • Guard and Hilt: Silver tsuba, fuchi, and fuchi-kashira depict the dragon, clouds, and lightning. The handle wrap, brown sageo, and golden saya complete the ensemble.
  • Scabbard: Golden and adorned with black carved wood, buffalo horn kurikata, and kojiri, the scabbard cradles the Tatsumaki’s power.


  • Overall Length: 40 1/2 inches
  • Blade Length: 28 inches
  • Handle Length: 11 3/8 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz
  • Sori (Curvature): 7/8 inch
  • Blade Steel: T10

MSRP $1,385 – everyday low price $927.95:

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