Dragon King Hana T10 Katana on Special at $269.99 with FREE SHIPPING

The ‘Hana’ Katana by Dragon King is for the sword collector who likes clean, simple lines, traditional fittings without any of the ‘bling’ and a well balanced sword with nothing that really stands out, but rather keeps it all as simple and practical as possible.

That said, it does have several stand out features such as the silver colored menuki, habaki and buffalo horn kurikata as well as a textured saya that hides fingerprints and minimizes the appearance of any scratches or bumps that may occur during its lifetime.

And the genuine hamon of the classic T10 blade is very clearly defined – making for a very traditional looking classic Katana.

The MSRP on this sword is $519 – which is what I would call ‘reasonable’ but at that price, there are better choices. At our everyday low price of $329.99 – its great value for money and well worth a serious look.

But from now until the end of the month and while stocks last you can pick it up for just $269.99 with FREE SHIPPING and well, if it wasn’t on your radar before it certainly should be now..!

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One heck of a good deal on some new training accessories..


As you know (or should know!) one of the things that make SBG different than other sword sellers out there is we only sell real swords. This means we don’t sell anywhere near as many swords as other vendors who stack their shelves with mostly wallhangers or wallhangers being falsely marketed as functional swords..

So when we were offered an exceptional deal on some really high quality polypropylene Bokken (training swords, usually made of wood as Bokken literally means ‘wood sword’) we had to pass on the savings to you guys by offering them in our accessories section – after all – there is no way anyone could confuse a heavy truncheon like sword for a steel blade (at least I hope not.. I am sure I will get at least one email asking how to draw the blade out! Lol).

Each Bokken (one a full length Katana, and the other a shorter Ko Katana) has a high level of attention to detail, with simulated ito wrap (and even menuki for a realistic grip) and comes with two interchangeable tsuba fixed in place with a tight fitted habaki (so you can also take them off entirely if you like).

But from now until the 10th of June, when you buy one you get another one FREE – either two Katana, two Ko Katana or one of each, the choice is yours!

To get started, simply select the sword of your choice, add it to the cart, click the green rewards button to select your second free sword and your done!

A couple of common questions

Question: Are these swords suitable for sparring?

Answer: Yes, but unless you want to get knocked out or break some bones, it is recommended to use minimal force and lots of control.

Question: Are they truly indestructible?

Answer: Side by side tests reveal that they take minimal to no damage on hard tests that crack or severely deform wooden bokken. However, their one weakness is that a well made Katana can slice them in half with a perfectly timed blow, while it usually takes 3-4 strikes against a wooden one.

Tactical Ginunting Closeout Special

It sold fairly well the first time around, but for whatever reason our best price on the hard wearing Tactical Ginunting as used by the Filipino marines is no longer moving, so we are liquidating all the stock we have at below our cost price and will not be restocking it – so this is a final closeout sale on this beautifully hand crafted blade.

Tough and hard wearing 5160 Spring Steel Blade

Priced originally at $349.99 this last chance offer sees it closing out once and for all at $274.99.

Check it out here

A New L6 Bainite Sword in the Hanwei Line Up

L6 Bainite steel is almost the stuff of urban legends..

When properly heat treated it exhibits remarkable tensile strength and almost the holy grail of hardness and flexibility – but the trick is that less than half a dozen sword smiths have been able to master the demanding heat treat process.

And one of them works for Hanwei – and this is their latest addition to the other L6 Bainite Swords they offer – the stunning Celestial Katana.

With a straight suguha hamon to represent placidity the sword represents the ultimate goal of the warrior – to harmonize and become one with the universe itself so that they flow with it rather than against it – and effortlessly defeat their opponents flowing like water, so deeply serene even in the face of death.

With a MSRP of $1,900 we are offering it for just $1,249.99 here – though as stock is limited and the first restock not scheduled for some time, get it now at the best price possible before its too late.

Hanwei L6 Bainite Celestial Katana

Two New Tactical Designs by Scorpion Swords

While the sword as a weapon on the battlefield experienced its last days during WWII in the hands of the Japanese (and earlier in WWI when it was still being used by horse mounted cavalry) tactical sword designs improve on and evolve ancient sword design concepts and bring them screaming into the 21st century.

With the strength, purity and quality of modern steel so much better than anything ever seen during the times when the sword was still a true weapon of war, Tactical sword designs may be a mere curiosity in the age of the gun, but they sure are fun!

So with that in mind, here are two new cool SBG exclusive Tactical Sword designs – the first, a companion to our popular Tactical Ko Katana – the Tactical Wakizashi..

Tactical Wakizashi – $249.99

With enough weight behind it to cut and a viciously sharp tip for piercing, its a very intimidating and utilitarian design – and when combined with and dual wielded with the Ko Katana Miyamoto Musashi style, truly quite terrifying..

As with all Scorpion Swords it is hand cut, ground and shaped from a 3/16″ thick plate of 1095 carbon steel to create a solid one piece construction with an extra thick beefy tang.

The basic shape is cut out from a piece of 1095 carbon steel
Hand ground to shape by Chris (100% made in the USA)
It is then heat treated, blued and prepared for final assembly – note the 6 pins which connect it the handle scales to the full tang which are also permanently affixed in place with gorilla glue to ensure no matter how hard you use it, it will NEVER come apart..
6 pins, gorilla glue and two brass rivets – the handle is now truly a part of the blade

The second new Tactical sword is actually one of the oldest sword designs around – with variations of it used by the ancient Greeks, Spartans and Celts – the classic leaf blade.

Tactical Leaf Blade – $269.99

Made first from bronze and later iron, this modern take on this ancient design is made almost indestructible with expertly tempered 1095 carbon steel and one piece tang construction just like all the others in the series.

The wide blade concentrates its force for devastating chops and cuts, while the tip is designed to pop and then open up a hideously large wound – and well balanced – its both fast and extremely intimidating.

Both Swords are available right at the top of the Scorpion Swords page Tactical Series Page HERE and considering that they are hand crafted in the USA and yet still under $300 represent exceptional value for money.