2020/2021 Holiday Schedule

From Sunday the 20th of December to Monday the 11th of January 2021 the SBG Sword Store will be officially on vacation.

By officially on vacation, what this really means is that we will still have a skeleton crew working and I will also be checking in every few days to make sure nothing too urgent has popped up – otherwise I will be using the time for working on other aspects of the site (there is always so much needed to be done at SBG, there really is no time for a totally ‘unplugged’ holiday – not that I mind that much. I love what I do!).

Anyway, as we get closer to Christmas we are already seeing an increase in shipping damage and rough handling, so if you have not got your Christmas sword shopping sorted yet – time is up, you need do something about it now before it is too late..

As we get closer to the official store holiday period I may dig up a few specials specifically designed to ship fast in time for Christmas for anyone who has indeed left it to the last minute.

Anyway, hope you have some holidays coming to you soon – here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year than this one.. (would not be hard!).

Seasons Greetings,

  • Paul Southren

Shipping delay hiccups

“It must be 2020” so I have heard many times when describing something that goes totally awry.. And that very much applies to the aftermath of orders from over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period..

For a start, all of the warehouses we depend upon for shipping are short staffed due to Covid restrictions. At the same time, with many new orders to process, a critical piece of software we use decided to add to the chaos by crashing (and remains crashed as techs work on it).

And to make it a ‘perfect storm’ and top it all off in a way that is ‘so very 2020’, a key staff member who processes new orders was suddenly struck down with a virus (not Covid, thankfully – but it took her out of commission at the worst possible time and she is only now getting back in the saddle).

Add all of these factors together, and you have quite a bottleneck – especially after so many people took advantage of the huge savings on offer over the sales event weekend.

To this end, we are all doing everything humanly possible to get any and all outstanding and unshipped orders out without too much of a delay – but please be aware that due to the fantastic run of bad luck we have just had, delays ARE to be expected. But please rest assured, we are on the case and everything should be caught up by early next week at the latest..

Thanks for bearing with us!

Two new HOT SPECIALS in time for Christmas

When it comes to buying swords online for Christmas, it’s really important to get your orders in as soon as possible.

We explain the whys and wherefores of this tactic in some detail over on this article on the main site ‘Christmas Sword Buying Guide 2020’

In a nutshell, you really don’t want an item that could be damaged by excessively rough handling that tends to increase the risk of your order being smashed to pieces every day we get closer to ‘the big day’ – but also, you want to allow time for any possible exchanges and returns – and trying to order at the last second is a tried and tested recipe for disaster..

NOW is the time to get your Christmas shopping sorted – and so here are two awesome new specials that should suit almost every collector.

The first is a simple and very practical Katana by Dragon King, the Warfire Katana

With a hard wearing differentially hardened 65MN steel blade, it is differentially hardened in the traditional manner to create an edge with HRC of 60 and a spine of 40, pretty much the ideal for a traditional Katana.

The iron fittings depict ancient Japanese battles, the silver menuki, a riderless horse, the black iron tsuba – Kumamoto castle in flames on one side and a proud mounted Samurai on the other. The saya is complete with buffalo horn inserts, and all in all, it is a very well made sword at a extremely reasonable price..

However, with this special – it’s a total bargain – the MSRP on this one is $499, our everyday low price just $359.98 But from now until the 20th of December you can get it for only $274.99!!

The second sword on special for December is a super tough steel sparring sword by Kingston Arms – and one of their most popular and cool looking designs, the blunt tourney hand and a half Knightly sword.

Based on a 14th/15th century Oakeshott Type XVIIIa.4, it is a classic example of a Knightly Longsword and using 9260 Spring Steel and their patented ‘King Peen’ system, creates one of the most solid steel beaters around..

Price wise, it is a true bargain at the MSRP of $259, and a great deal at our everyday low price of $189.98.. But until the 20th, you can grab it for a mere $144.99!!

10% Discount on EVERYTHING – Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mega Sale Now On!

At the SBG Sword Store, we don’t usually use coupons or other ‘gimmicky’ things. Instead we believe in offering EVERYONE the best prices possible all the time.

Indeed, for the most part, our swords are priced so low that we have very little ‘wiggle room’ to offer any kind of additional discount. But every now and again, we are willing to risk making little to no money to dig deep and offer you the very best discount we can muster – across the board and applicable to EVERY product in the store.

So here it is:

To take advantage of this limited opportunity to save big – simply enter the coupon code BLACK10 (no spaces, upper case ‘BLACK’) or click here to automatically apply the discount to your cart once you have decided on what it is you would like to order.

Don’t miss out, this special discount offer ends midnight EST on CyberMonday the 30th of November..

Ryujin WWII Gunto Back in Stock

UPDATE: This is pretty amazing, but it was sold out within a month of the new stock landing! Looks like aficionados know a bargain when they see one – buy makes it hard to keep in stock!

Updated mid December, 2020

It is one of Ryuin’s most popular swords – and is an extremely faithful recreation of a Japanese NCO blade from the second world war – not just in appearance, but also in its handling and statistics.

Below is a comparison to an antique (top).

And a recent review on the SBG forum has the following summary:

“To summarize, this is probably the very best modern Type 98 shin gunto reproduction currently available as a production sword, is equal to the originals in usability, and very nearly in quality and appearance. It’s a great cutter as well.  It’s also probably priced as low as something of this quality possibly can be.  For what you get, it’s a genuine bargain.  WW II military re-enactors take note.”

– treeslicer, SBG Forum Review

And if all that wasn’t good enough, the price is insane at just $199.99