Legacy Arms Restock!

Back in the day Legacy Arms was known as Generation 2 – and it was Gen 2 and Windlass Steelcrafts who dominated the market for affordable, fully functional replicas of medieval and European historical swords and weaponry.

I loved them – they were solid, dependable and hand hammered they were at least as resilient as the historical originals, if not more so.

The problem has been production schedules. The family forge where they are made in the Philippines is tiny, nothing even remotely close to Hanwei’s mega factory in Dailan or the big three forges in Longquan. So it takes them literally an age to make, forced to shut down for most of the rainy season – and you just never know when or if they will show up again..

Well, the good news is – they have. The bad news, we have no idea how long they will be in stock – especially the rarer and more popular models.

Amazing value, check them out while stocks last

Ryujin ELITE Choji Hamon Wakizashi FINAL CLOSEOUT SALE

You might remember from a blog post made on the 26th of April “A lucky Mistake For Some..” where we found out much to our distress that the Wakizashi we had been advertising to match the $229 T10 Custom Katana actually had elite Choji Hamon blades to match the $479.99 Choji Elite Custom Katana..

As such, we had to increase the price from $184.99 (which was fine for the standard level blade, but below cost on the Choji Elites) up to a very reasonable $284.99..

Unfortunately though, this killed off sales of this product entirely.

The only way forward for a Ryujin Custom Wakizashi then is to have them made using the basic hamon as was originally planned, not the high polish Choji Midare hamon – which clearly is not viable at the price it needs to sell for..

So with no sales forthcoming, and a production run of the basic entry level blades commencing soon, this Wakizashi needs to go. So we have marked it down to $179.99 for a final liquidation sale.

What more need we say?

Choji ELITE Wakizashi with Bo-hi

Choji ELITE Wakizashi no-hi (solid bodied blade)

20% OFF EVERY SWORD from Hanwei, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C.

Until the 31st of July and while stocks last, the distributor for 4 of the biggest, hottest sword brands including the Hanwei Forge, Kingston Arms, Dragon King and A.P.O.C. (among many others) is offering all their vendors a juicy discount to stimulate slow sales (as July is typically the slowest month of the year for the sword industry).

While many vendors will grab what they can and stock up – we are passing the discounts DIRECT TO YOU!

Popular swords are going to sell out VERY QUICKLY (both via our store, and from other sword sellers grabbing what they can) so have a look through what we have available for each of these brands and then use the coupon below to save 20%

You can also click the coupon image and the discount will automatically be applied to the relevant products in the stores shopping cart

We have done and will continue to do our best to keep the stock levels accurate, but in all honesty, the sooner you get your order in the better otherwise you may well miss out (and discounts like this happen once every blue moon).


After the 31st of July, the coupon code will no longer work – so get in while you can..!!

NOTE: We had less than 24 hours notice on this sale, and so this discount can ONLY be applied to new orders. Because the discount is coming from the distributor and we are passing it on to you, no extensions or rainchecks are possible.

P.S. Don’t forget, order 3 or more swords at the same time and get FREE SHIPPING on top of the 20% discount.

P.P.S. To get the discount you MUST use it at the time of purchase. We will not refund the discount to you after the fact as it damages our standing with our payment processors and requires a surprisingly large workload for our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

New Doomsday Line by Jason Woodard and Scorpion Swords

If you have been around SBG for any length of time you will surely be familiar with our friend and official sword tester, Jason Woodard. Here’s one of his most recent videos on YouTube where he put two of our latest SBG exclusive Scorpion Sword designs through the wringer to see how they held up..

But Jason is more than just a sword tester – his first design many years ago was the sword from the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’ – and in the years that followed, he has designed several swords for Darksword Armory – including the Vampire themed Carpathian Sword.

Jason’s Carpathian Sword

Needless to say, having tested so many swords of all types over the years, Jason has a very firm grasp on what makes a good sword and what to avoid. And now in this new collaboration with Scorpion Swords he has taken all these years of experience and distilling it into his own line of swords, the Doomsday Line..

The first in the series is known simply as Sword #01.

It starts off like all Scorpion Swords as thick sheet of 1095 carbon steel that is cut to shape.

From this sword blank, it is then painstakingly ground to shape by hand, heat treated and the wooden handle, in this case made from premium quality Walnut Wood, affixed in place with a series of internal pins, gorilla glue and three additional heavy pins to ensure that the handle will NEVER become even remotely loose no matter how hard you use and abuse it.

And the end result? A very powerful two handed blade weighing over 3lbs but with a point of balance just slightly over an inch from where the handle begins, the perfect combination of power, durability, speed and maneuverability.

Not to mention, grade A intimidation factor (and the ability to seriously damage any other standard blade that might get in its way).

Considering all the work that went into it and the fact that its hand made in the USA, the $279.99 price tag makes it an absolute steal..

Check it out for yourself here

Project X Katana – Delays

One of the reasons we ran a trial run of the Project X Katana rather than just offer it as a new custom sword available all year round is to make sure the customization process goes smoothly and to identify and bottlenecks or delays in production.

And indeed, it appears it was a wise choice, as to date only 50% of the orders placed in late May came in on time, the other 50% are now running a couple of weeks behind the original maximum quoted lead time..


Well, there are a couple of very good reasons.

The first is that laminated swords generally have a high failure rate. Its a complex procedure – made even harder because of all the various lamination methods, Soshu Kitae is by far the most complex..

To make one good sword, it usually takes 4-6 attempts. Many fail at the heat treat and hardening stages, for a when a dreaded ‘ping’ sound occurs, the blade has cracked and cannot be salvaged – the smiths need to start from the very beginning again.

However just because a sword survived the heat treat okay doesn’t mean that its out of the woods. Many flaws are only revealed during the polishing stage – sometimes after 4-5 hours of hard work has gone into the blade.. In these cases, either the lamination line or the hamon have run off the edge of the blade (fatal flaw) or there are some grind marks or scratches that occurred during the grinding phase before heat treatment that are too deep to completely polish out.

When this happens, there are two options – either abandon the blade and start again or keep going to try to get it as smooth as possible, as it is a non-fatal flaw.

Flaws like these are called ‘kizu’ and even high end Nihonto made in Japan may have ‘kizu’ that are deemed to be fatal (i.e. make the sword dangerous to use) or non-fatal (just not so pretty to look at). You can find an excellent list of the most common ‘kizu’ that will occur with a Katana here on Richard Stein’s excellent Japanese Sword Index.

For Project X Japanese, we subject our swords to a standard above and beyond even what is considered acceptable for a $10,000 Nihonto. None of these flaws are acceptable to us – but sadly there is a long line of eBay sellers and other local suppliers who are quite happy to snap up the rejects at bargain basement prices and flog them off as brand new, quality blades rather than scratch and dent them as they should.. Indeed, they even go so far as to sell swords that were failed heat treatment as functional cutters – and sadly as a rejected sword is no longer our property, there isn’t anything we can do about it..

Anyway, the point of this post is to explain why these swords take a bit longer than usual to make as its often the case that the flaws are not found until several days of hard work have already been applied – so moving forward we have revised the lead time from 4-6 weeks to 3-4 MONTHS with some coming in slightly earlier and others slightly later, but all in all considering just how much work goes into making them, even 3-4 months is something of a miracle..

Quality like this takes time..

Anyway, the swords that are awaiting completion will take another couple of weeks max before they are finished and we are ready to start a second trial run (along with a few new models including a Kogarasu) – so if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to the Project X Newsletter to be notified when the next opportunity to get these opens up..

As you might expect, demand is pretty high for these swords and its very easy to miss the boat – so when the time comes, the faster you can secure your order the better..

P.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, I hate to admit it but the flaws you see above were on a sword that was sent to one of our customers.. It should go without saying that we kicked up quite a fuss with the forge about this, saying it is totally unacceptable for this line, and the sword in question is being remade for the customer and the point has been driven home – nothing but the VERY best is acceptable for Project X, and even flaws that are acceptable on Nihonto will not be tolerated here..