Dragon King Miao Dao Giant Sabre

Dragon King Miao Dao Giant Sabre

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One of the largest Chinese Sabers ever made based on a famous and highly coveted blade used originally to fight off constant raids by the Wakou (Japanese pirates). 4' 9" total height but weights in at 3lbs 4oz and a point of balance around 3" from the guard resulting in amazing speed.. MSRP $709.00

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The Miao Dao, the "grain leaf" sabre, receives its name from the early 20th century despite its ancient origin.  Its history is a subject of debate among some scholars and sword enthusiasts but all agree about its reemergence in the mid-16th century by General Qi Jiguang who resurrected the sword to combat pirates raiding coastal cities. After the victory over the pirates the Miao Dao remained useful battling enemies of the Ming Empire which led to this famous general's men to be known as the "invincible Qi army". Highly coveted by the soldiers the swords didn't pass along this weapon easily, and neither will you when you wield your own Miao Dao by Dragon King.

Words like formidable and intimidating spring from your lips when you brandish this 4' 9" sword in your hands. The 18" handle is a leather wrapped wood core with brushed stainless steel guard and pommel. A dragon head blade collar contrasts the 34 ¾" forged 5160 high-carbon steel blade. The brown textured lacquered scabbard features a brushed steel belt ring for edge-up carry with stainless steel chape and throat.

About Dragon King

The famed artisans of Dalian have returned to show to the sword world what quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity can produce under the superlative leadership of a true avant-gardist. By the guidance of master designer, Frenchie Jin, the next generation of cutlery enthusiasts will taste the steel of the fabled golden age of swords. 

Ever the student of the arts, Frenchie Jin combined the processes of contemporary mechanical construction and modern science with the classic arts, ancient aesthetics and philosophical imagery to produce many of the legendary pieces known today. Having designed over 600 different cold weapons in his 20-year career, to say that he and his team have mastered and advanced their craft would be an understatement. 

The Dragon King brand does not represent a company that just manufactures products but embodies a group of artisans who have been adeptly trained to duplicate ancient skillsets that can't be automated by machines on an assembly line. Not every blade that is forged becomes a sword. Not every casting that is poured becomes a component of a greater piece. The goal for improvement and innovation starts every day under Frenchie's guidance. 

Not confining their talents to sword making alone, the Dragon King team plies their abilities also to the production of knives, jewelry and other high end art-crafts. And not just in steel alone, these artisans craft wood and leather among many other materials and alloys.  Our journey together has only begun, but the fruits of that labor are coming to bear.


How to Use

Designed as a frequent use, heavy duty backyard cutter and power cutter.
Overall: 57" Blade Length: 34 3/4" Handle Length: 18" POB 3 Weight out of scabbard 3lbs 4 ounces Weight in scabbard 4 lbs 15 ounces

Materials and Construction

5160 high-carbon steel sharpened blade, marquenched and monotempered to an edge hardness of 57HRC. Leather wrapped wood core handle. Brass dragon themed blade collar. Brown textured scabbard with belt ring and steel fittings.
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

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