APOC Tactical Kukri

APOC Tactical Kukri

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Ultra durable 9260 Spring Steel Tactical version of the powerful cutting blade of the Nepalese Gorkhas, the Kukri. Praised by Blade Magazine as 'One of the Four Best Kukri's You Can Buy'! MSRP $175.00

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It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth. On the day after Armageddon, you wonder if death would have been a better inheritance. Pestilence and hunger stalks you daily in your quest for survival. Knowing when to or not to draw blood is an acquired skill. But when it’s time you look no further than your hip to your APOC Kukri.

The 10 1/4” iconic recurved blade of the APOC Kukri tells you and your intended target everything you need to know about its capabilities. It’s 16 1/4” overall length belies its 1 lbs. and 7 oz weight allowing for quick and devastating cuts. The versatility in the 5 3/8” full tang grip provides for a tight handle for vicious blows. The black Kydex sheath is Molle compatible giving you the choice of concealment or making a statement of deterrent on your person.  

Listed and praised by the September Edition of Blade Magazine as one of the "4 of the Best Kukris You Can Buy"

How to Use

In case of Zombie Apocalypse, Break Glass.. Designed for frequent and abusive chopping and slicing.
Overall: 16 1/4" Blade Length: 10 1/4" Handle Length: 5 3/8" Weight: 1 lbs 7oz Thickness at Guard: 5.5mm

Materials and Construction

Monotempered 9260 Spring Steel sharpened blade with black oxide coating. Full tang, triple riveted G10 handle. Light fiberglass scabbard with Molle compatible platform.
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

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Fits in a Tenzing hunt pack. 12/14/2020
By Karimson Safehold
This will actually fit, fully concealed, in a Tenzing pack (the newer tall ones). These are civilian backpacks that have better weight loading for hunting, compared to military backpacks that are like rectangular bricks that use the strong back muscles of Army/Marine people. The Tenzing pack also has a bow/rifle holder that slings out on the external backside, which I can theoretically put a long sword like a katana in. Although it may need molle to secure it.

Okay this sword is FULLY BLACK coated except for a thin blade line. This is rather well balanced for a one handed sword. The surface cutting edge is kind of like a katana, but more for "in close" work. The curved blade is easier for cutting. Compared to an unpolished, un lightened 9260 Cheness wakizashi, the fittings are more than worth the cost. A sheathe that functions like a holster. A band holds the hilt in, when unfastened, the blade comes out very easily. Just don't put your other hand near the open slit of the sheathe, because it is not designed to be carried by hand. The back side faces the open slit, so it is safer. For those used to one sided blades like katana, it is easy to get used to. The back side is not sharpened nor jagged. This is very useful for breaking targets and eliminating them, without using the lethal blade cut techniques. A more penetrating "batter type" beating.

I love how this is silicon steel as well since it is more useful for my "esoteric purposes". Western term for that might be "athame". Or think Gandalf's side arm. Silicon is one of the key components in quartz crystal grids. Without actually fitting quartz crystals into a hilt and blade (djedi), the silicon steel still allows for some flexibility over carbon.

I almost wanted to get a second one of these, but I was running out of places to mount my collection in my room.

I checked some Indian pictures of Seric steel made using the Nepalese kukri design and this design looks like a fitting and suitable version.

The balance feels quite authentic. These Indian or Polynesian blades tend to be balanced well for my limited arm strength. Like the Banshee.

Con: there is no significant hand guard, and the metal that covers your index finger is rather small but can be used as a brass knuckle finisher close up. It is the size of a finger however, so not much damage except to the face/temple. I would prefer a slightly longer or larger guard to use for close quarters hitting, providing even more blunt attack options. This one is just enough to stop your hand from slipping forward. It does not have the notches for breaking blades or catching melee attacks, but those can be added if you know a smith. The entire thing is like a one piece of metal almost. I would not recommend this for using against large numbers of targets that are trying to melee you. I would prefer a more robust guard as I am not wearing hand protection most of the time.

The blade is machine sharpened, and there is some jagged ness in the steel as a result. Likely because the silicon steel is just too tough. It is sharp enough to cut paper checks relatively easy, but sharpening blades is not one of my strong suits. The finish and polish lines are not as clean like the Cheness blades or Ryujin T10. 9260 spring steel is tougher than nails but that also makes them hard to repair. Not sure these can be "polished sharpened" by hand.

For people preparing for some type of Chinese/UN/Apocalypse, I recommend this if you are getting one blade only. When people saw me carry the naked blade around, the first comment they said is "that is scary". Sighs. It is easy to hide. The other option I recommend is Hanwei's Banshee, as the handle looks like a baseball bat... now that I think of it. About 33% of the handle juts up out of the top of my pack, but it does still kinda look like a baseball bat if you don't reveal the sheathe.

The outline of the kukri has been historically "sinister", probably because a lot of humans have passed the ancestral knowledge and fear of getting hit with one of these. A more modern and infamous example is that of one of retired Gurkha using it on a train and pushed off an entire enemy group. This kukri length is great for close quarters fighting and it has superior cutting leverage similar to a Japanese wakizashi. The recurve blade allows use of a simple "pull" technique to cut wrist tendons or achilles. Or the viking/kendo "wrist snap" strike. The balance is far better, due to the shorter length. For a one handed short sword, this is the design I want to use. Whereas the Banshee's Ko Katana design, would be better for clearing a wide field of jungle. Replace jungle with preferred target.

The overall quality of the blade and edge retention, can be seen in the SBG reviews. I use a blunt 1045 Musashi steel sword to test cut through things like cardboard and cans. Yes, it does create a cut (short gash), even though resistance causes it to get blown away before getting sliced fully through. If I can do that with a blunt sword... this super sharp stuff is plenty good.