Ryujin WWII Gunto Back in Stock

UPDATE: This is pretty amazing, but it was sold out within a month of the new stock landing! Looks like aficionados know a bargain when they see one – buy makes it hard to keep in stock!

Updated mid December, 2020

It is one of Ryuin’s most popular swords – and is an extremely faithful recreation of a Japanese NCO blade from the second world war – not just in appearance, but also in its handling and statistics.

Below is a comparison to an antique (top).

And a recent review on the SBG forum has the following summary:

“To summarize, this is probably the very best modern Type 98 shin gunto reproduction currently available as a production sword, is equal to the originals in usability, and very nearly in quality and appearance. It’s a great cutter as well.  It’s also probably priced as low as something of this quality possibly can be.  For what you get, it’s a genuine bargain.  WW II military re-enactors take note.”

– treeslicer, SBG Forum Review

And if all that wasn’t good enough, the price is insane at just $199.99

Project X Japanese – Update

Despite the pandemic, the batch of orders for Project X Japanese taken in late August this year have been quietly taking shape and are not just on schedule for completion and shipping next month, but are (at least at the time of writing this post) slightly AHEAD of schedule..!

This means that the next planned batch in February 2020 is almost certainly to go ahead as we had hoped – but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the forge showing where we are up to! Hope you enjoy this sneak – behind the scenes peek.


New from the Scorpion Swords Doomsday Line: the Daywalker

The fourth sword in the Doomsday line has just been released – a fully functional replica of the sword used by ‘Blade’ (Wesley Snipes) in his Daywalker franchise, with an amended design by Jason Woodard.

Here are a few pictures that Jason took of the sword with a suitable ‘Doomsday’ background..

Like all Scorpion Swords, the blade is cut to shape from a sheet of 1095 carbon steel.

It is then ground to shape, heat treated and holes cut out for the multitude of minor pins that give it such a good overall durability rating.

The end result?

One extremely durable, hand made in the US version of the Daywalker. Check out Jasons’ testing results below:

Price is only $279.99 plus shipping, click the button below for all the details

Forge Direct Chinese – The Baojian Forge FLASH Sale

Longquan’s Baojian (Treasured Sword) Forge has a reputation for working fast, working hard and producing some of the finest historical replicas of Chinese Swords around.

Unfortunately, as part of Forge Direct, despite the fact that they were able to process ALL their outstanding orders many months ago – we have had their orders on hold since June 2020..

But with Christmas around the corner, and the fact that while Forge Direct Japanese is causing the project to remain mothballed until the backlog of orders is 100% clear – Baojian have been twiddling their fingers this whole time..



Yes, that is correct – from TODAY until midnight Sunday the 15th EST you can get a these swords within 4-6 weeks (almost certainly JUST scraping in for Christmas) and with a WHOPPING 25% DISCOUNT!

Check out what is on offer below – from high end swords purchased by Chinese celebrities to affordable martial arts grade Dao and high end Jian, Baojian has it all.

Remember, this is a FLASH sale – and expires VERY soon, so grab what you can while you can..


Save over $100 on the Hanwei Sword of St Maurice

It;s been on special before, but this has to be the best price EVER on this stunning, fully functional and historically accurate replica of the Sword of St Maurice.

The blade is a classic Oakeshott Type XI with an extra long blade optimized for the cut. These swords were primarily used by the rising Knight class, delivering shearing blows from horseback, and this replica would have been right at home in 12th or 13th century medieval Europe or in the hands of a Templar – for it is also a deeply religious blade, bearing the inscription ‘CHRISTUS VINCIT, CHRISTUS REGNAT, CHRISTUS IMPERAT.’ (Christ Conquers, Christ Reigns, Christ Rules).

At the MSRP of $499 it is reasonable – at our everyday low price of $362.98 it is a bargain. But at the current sale price of just $249.99 until the end of the month, it is an absolute STEAL (or should I say, STEEL!).

Check it out below: