New Limited Edition Forge Direct Jian – the SeaDragon

If you have ever wondered what exactly to expect in a high end Chinese Master Smith made sword but never had the funds to be able to justify buying one, this may be your golden (or as the case may be, brass) opportunity.

Working closely with Rank 1 Master Smith, Michael Ye, this new sword is a true limited edition release – once this special offer finishes on the 20th April 2019- it will be archived and no longer available to purchase.

But what makes this deal so special, other than the sword itself, is the price – normally if it was to join the existing Forge Direct line up, the price would be $1000 – but while it is available it is being sold at the highest discount level ever on any Forge Direct Sword – a whopping 40% discount..!

Now it is possible for nearly anyone who is serious to take their collecting to the next level – but at midnight on the 20th of April, this deal turns into a pumpkin and both the deal and the sword will no longer be available to purchase.

Check it out HERE and see what you think – in the meantime, here’s a high resolution image giving you the closest look possible short of having it in your hands..

Stunning Octogonal cross section, 1095 folded steel blade with beautiful hand cast and hand finished brass fittings.

Two Closeouts from the Legendary Swords line..

I guess it is the nature of a fantasy swords that some designs just don’t work out like they should.. But still, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the permanent early retirement of not one but two designs from the Legendary Swords Series..

Rather than repeat myself word for word, you can read about what happened and why here at the Legendary Swords blog – but to make a long story short, we simply are not in a position to sit on stock of slow moving items – and so have no choice but to forgo any possible profits and just try to recover the funds tied up in these sword designs..

It is a real shame, but also a great chance for bargain hunters to take advantage and grab a unique design that will never be seen again..

Hopefully the 3 BCI designed and made Legendary Swords that are due to land this week and be available next week will go better. The Legendary Swords site actually costs about 5 times as much to run as SBG and we are heavily investing in webcomics and cool software programs for it – all coming directly from our own pockets as almost every attempt to fund it as failed..

We tried..

The Seraph Aegis

Hogboblin Jintachi

New Addition to the 65MN Spring Steel Budget Line

You will find a brand new addition to our HOT SPECIALS sections selection of 65MN Steel Swords brought to the market by our good friends at Ryujin – but this time instead of a Chinese style sword, the newest addition is a cool looking, amazingly affordable Gladius loosely based on the historical Tiberius Sword.

While the fittings have been used on stainless steel blades for several years – Ryujin has shaken things up by adding in a sturdy 65MN Spring Steel blade – and the best part is, our price is the same as what many other companies are selling the stainless steel version for – just $129.99!

Simply great value, stock is limited so get in while the getting is good!

The 65MN Spring Steel Tiberius Mainz Gladius

New A.P.O.C. Swords NOW Available to Pre-Order

Finally Arriving This Week – NEW APOC SWORD PRE-SALE

They are perhaps the most anticipated swords of this Spring – and they are finally here. Well, almost..

The shipment is in Savannah at the time of this blog post and so only days away from being unloaded, NOW is the chance to secure one before they are all snatched up – for not only are they marked down in price at the SBG Sword Store, but shipping is FREE (though the downside is, we are only able to ship out the swords to US based addressed).

The first of the two new swords in the A.P.O.C. Tactical Series is the so called Survival Broadsword – Gus Trims take on a tactical double edged blade designed for close in quarters fighting.

Survival Broadsword – $179.99 with FREE SHIPPING

The second sword of the series is an updated version of the extremely utilitarian wasp waisted gladius – the aptly named Wasteland Gladius


With free shipping and limited opportunities to secure them before they are sold out, at our prices why not get both!?

Check out the current A.P.O.C. Line Up HERE

Phase 2 Megasale – Hanwei Medieval Overstock Sale!

This sale is rather unexpected, but with a new shipment of swords fresh from the forge due next month, the official distributor for Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge swords – Cas Iberia – are offering their vendors big discounts until the end of the month.

We weren’t expecting it, but the deals are so good we had to pass them on. So here it is, below wholesale special pricing on ALL the medieval swords we have in stock from Hanwei – 10 swords total, and with the discounts most are available for just under $200!

At these prices, the most popular swords are sure to sell out fast – and there are some real beauties in there. As you know, our every day prices are well below the MSRP, and with these discounts save you an additional 20% off!

Have a look and see what is on offer, you will be glad you did.