Two New Hot Specials from Dragon King

As we approach the much anticipated Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale period our friends at Dragon King have made two of their hottest items available at BELOW WHOLESALE pricing, so naturally we have passed the savings directly on to you guys.

The first item listed below wholesale is the original and very beautiful differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade of their ‘Bamboo Tanto’:

With wood carved to resemble a length of bamboo when sheathed, it secures a truly stunning differentially hardened blade with clear and lively hamon, complimented with silver habaki and classic Dragon King styling.

Normally sold for $199.99 on our site (MSRP is $275) you can pick it up below wholesale for just $164.99 and $5 shipping.

The second blade from Frenchie Jin’s team is a hard wearing, best of breed monotempered 5160 Spring Steel blade – the seasonal favorite Autumn Leaf Katana

With a 29.25″ long blade and 12.25″ handle, it’s a large and impressive blade – expertly tempered to bring the most out of 5160 Spring Steel’s impressive flex and durability. Great everyday value at $379.99 (MSRP is just shy of $500 at $495) you can practically steal it with the below wholesale price of only $269.99 while stocks last or until the end of the month, whichever comes first.

More deals and specials coming soon as we head closer to the ‘big day(s)’

Forge Direct Chinese: 25% off super sale now on!

Only ever discounted once or twice a year, the most astute buyers wait for this awesome opportunity – as the headline states, from now until midnight the 18th of November we have lowered our prices on the entire range of Forge Direct Chinese Swords by a whopping 25%!

With swords available from a few hundred to a few thousand dollar ‘movie star’ quality buys, it cannot be guaranteed that they will arrive in time for Christmas, but many will. And for the others, the deal alone is as good as all your Christmases come at once..!

Check out some of the stunning Master Smith made classics and grab yourself a bargain while you can:

New from Scorpion Swords: the Daab of Charn Chai

It has been a while since we have posted anything new, but with Christmas coming in 8 weeks time – the mothballed sword industry has been trying to wake up in time for the expected pick up in sales this season usually brings. Of course, these days nothing can be taken for granted, but it is great to see that our friend Chris Palmer has been busy in the lead up and has just released a brand new design – a low point of balance, super fast in the hand indestructible version of the classic Thai Daab fighting sword..

Used either one handed, but long enough in the handle to be used in two hands, or used with one in each hand, the Daab is a highly versatile sword with a long (around 4000 year) history and echoed in the sword designs of neighboring Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

A fitting tribute, Scorpions version is a little heftier than a traditional Daab but maintains the low polar point of balance these blades are famous for and can deliver full force blows with the arm or super fast cuts and hacks by simply rotating the wrist and letting the blades weight, speed and momentum to do all the work.

A real bargain at just $249.99 – the only caveat, due to the recent influx of people preparing for Christmas orders the lead time on all Scorpion Swords has blown out from 6-8 weeks to 8-10 weeks time, meaning that even if you ordered it now, it is not guaranteed to arrive in time for the big day.

Final Closeout Sale on 1045 carbon steel 3pc Daisho Sets

The writing may well be on the wall for affordable, bare bones entry level swords and sword sets. Runaway inflation, bulk shipping prices going through the roof and supply chain issues are making ‘cheap swords’ rather pricey – and our friends at Ryujin swords have a cool but very basic functional sword (available with black or red saya) set that has effectively priced itself out of the market..

We are talking about their 3pc, 1045 carbon steel sword set with stand – which before the pandemic was priced at $129.99 plus shipping. But with these recent wholesale price hikes, we would now need to sell at closer to $180 plus shipping – and to me at least (and probably you too), this is not great value and not in keeping with the principle of only stocking swords that we like at a fair price..

With a bunch of these blade sets in stock – Ryujin offered the last of the stock at cost with no margin to clear them out and make space in the warehouse, and while we may actually lose a little money moving them at this price (we are trying just to cover the cost), we don’t want to see them stuck with these sets any longer as prices are likely to get worse before they get better – so we are offering them for a truly ridiculous closeout price of just $99.99!

While the fittings are pretty basic, the monotempered blades are quite functional and well made – perfect for a gift, for display or as a project piece.

Available with either black saya:

And also available with a vibrant glossy red saya:

Quite a few hot specials to choose from now, but as always get them while they are still in stock and readily available – because for swords like these and their ilk, this will be one of the last chances..

Some bad news for Canadian Sword Lovers..

With recent restocks and sales you might be forgiven for thinking that all is well with the sword industry – but things are rarely as they seem..

In recent years shipping swords around the world has become increasingly difficult and complicated – and most recently CANADA seems to have singled out swords as ‘dangerous goods’ and have started returning our shipments sent from the US to Canada, even singling swords out with their own ‘dangerous goods’ checkbox along with air shocks, guns, ink cartridges, knives, liquids, swords and the dreaded ‘other’ category..

The merit of this spurious decision is a topic for another time, but least to say that lumping swords in with Airshocks, ink cartridges and liquids generally suggests that the perceived threat of shipping a sword is that it will somehow get out of its scabbard, out of the box and start flying around in the cockpit causing mayhem..

While this is patently ridiculous, and with swords both being legal to own across both sides of the North American border, the fact remains that swords have been once again singled out by brainless and fearful bureaucrats and, unable to sustain the shipping costs and losses at our end, we are left with no choice but to – effective immediately – halt all US->Canada sword shipments until further notice..

This has not cut off ALL our products from Canada – Darksword Armory, who are based in Quebec, can still ship for us and the cost remains entirely free. And for the time being, as they ship direct from the Forges in China, Project X, Forge Direct Japanese and Forge Direct Chinese are still able to ship to our Canadian customers..

But everything else is off the table, and so it would seem the only option remains to use the services of a third party shipping service such as Planet Express:

To say that this is yet another blow to our fragile industry is an understatement, but it is what it is and unless and until another economical shipping service surfaces, we are stuck with this very unpleasant situation..

More posts and some additional sales and specials still pending, but we needed to get this bad news out there and stem our losses before it gets out of hand..