Ryujin 5000 grit whetstone

Ryujin 5000 grit whetstone

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5000 grit whetstone for honing and re-sharpening any blade.

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Brought to you by Ryujin, this 5000 grit whetstone is mined in China from Blue Stone (grit rating is approximate only, as each stone is a natural item, grit and level of perfection will vary, but becomes a finer slurry with each use).

5000 grit can be classified as a 'finishing stone' and when splashed with some water are perfect to refine a less than perfect edge or touch up the edge of a frequently used cutting sword.

After use, please allow the stone time to dry before returning to the box to avoid molding and a potential decrease in effectiveness.


How to Use

Splash water (do not soak). For full instructions on many different ways to use a polishing stone, click here
5000 Grit Natural Blue Sharpening Polishing Stone. Mined in China.
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