Legacy Arms 12th Century Dagger - Discontinued Model

Legacy Arms 12th Century Dagger - Discontinued Model

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Original Line, Made in the Philippines - Final Closeout Sale

Rarely stocked classics made by Legacy Arms (formerly known as Generation 2/Gen2). 

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The Generation 2/Legacy Arms 12th Century Dagger is the companion to the 12th Century Sword and has many of the same features. Historically, this blade is based on the emergence of the so called 'Knightly Daggers' of the 12th century onwards - properly referred to as quillion daggers due to the sword like cross guard.

In combat, the dagger was often used in conjunction with wrestling - and was highly effective against armored opponents, able to punch through maille and stab into the gaps of the enemies helmets visor and were often used with a downwards 'icepick' style attack to defeat the opponents armor and penetrate deep into the vital organs.

It features a hardwood handle wrapped in leather. The cross guard and pommel (Oakeshott Type i1) are solid steel, polished and fitted onto a full tang that is peened at top of the pommel for strength and durability in the same fashion as most original swords - and indeed in many respects are essentially a miniature sword and were in quite common usage throughout all levels of medieval society.

The scabbard is made from wood then wrapped in leather.

Legacy Arms, formerly known as Generation 2, still leads the way in the affordable sword market creating tough, well made items for the Medieval Sword enthusiast. All blades are selectively tempered 5160 steel with a robust apple-seed edge. The tempering is designed to provide a harder edge and softer, shock resistant core so that the sword will bend or deform rather than break in the heat of combat and is faithful to many historical examples.
The hilt construction is typically in steel (passing the magnet test) unless otherwise noted and the grips are leather over wood. The tangs are peened over the pommel the traditional way for maximum overall strength. The fit and finish of these swords from Legacy Arms is quite impressive, and would be at twice the price! Made with pride in the Philippines using anvil, fire and good old muscle power.

How to Use

Suitable for backyard cutting and/or as a display piece.
Overall: 19.5" Blade Length: 12.5" Handle Length: 7" Weight: 1 lbs 8 oz Point of Balance: At Cross guard

Materials and Construction

5160 Spring Steel Hand hammered, selectively tempered (not spring tempered) appleseed sharpened blade. All fittings hand carved from steel and peened the traditional way for maximum handle strength. Leather wrapped wood scabbard w/steel accents
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

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