BoJ Katana #009: Shinsakuto by Kanehisa 084841

BoJ Katana #009: Shinsakuto by Kanehisa 084841

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Shinsakuto (recently made) Nihonto by Kanemisa of Noshuju Kanehisa Sakukore. Made in 1992 and being sold off at a previously impossible price. Almost as new condition - normally would cost over $10K to commission it from new.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Shipped Directly From Japan and includes all relevant certificates of authenticity.

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Made from Tamahagane steel in 1992 (Heisei Year of the Monkey on a "good luck day") this Shinsakuto (modern era sword) was hand made by contemporary nationally recognized Masters of Japanese Cultural Arts and Master Japanese Swordsmith Kanehisa, Noshuju Kanehisa Sakukore.

The blade has a clearly tempered Suguha hamon temper line and bo-hi, and is a fast and responsive Shinken for serious martial arts applications and discerning collectors. Despite being nearly 30 years old, it has been very well preserved and cared for and is in exceptional overall condition.

The blade is complimented by custom made koshirae consisting of an iron Kiku (chrysanthemum) themed tsuba with brass Fuchigashira, habaki and seppa, copper and gold carp (fighting spirit) themed menuki, black ito over white full rayskin wrap - and is completed with a black glossy saya (though does not include sageo cord).

It is very rare that you could even pick up a bare blade in Shirasaya for this price, never mind a sword that has been fully mounted up in new custom made Koshirae. To commission such a sword now would easily cost $10,000+ (usually a Shinsakuto is more expensive to commission than buying a comparable antique) - but such is the state of the Japanese economy that it is a buyers market, and this sword is now available for pennies on the dollar of what it's real value is.

Only a standard Juho-token-tui-torokosho is included with this sword as it is not an antique and the smith is still active. Truly amazing value for money - a recently made premium quality Japanese Shinken at a lower price than most antiques - this one is certain to be snapped up fast..!

How to Use

This is a recently made, genuine Japanese Nihonto and you become it's new custodian.
Blade Length (Nagasa): 28.5" (72.5CM), Sori: 0.7" (1.8CM), Motohaba: 33mm, Sakihaba: 22.5mm

Materials and Construction

Genuine Japanese Tamahagane blade made in 1992 (Length: 2 shaku, 3 sun, 8bu). Mounted in custom made Koshirae including black cotton ito over a full black rayskin wrap. Iron tsuba with copper Fuchigashira set. Brass menuki, habaki and seppa. Glossy black saya (no sageo).
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Shipped directly to you by the current owner in Japan.